War Love

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  1. This story is of a Man ( Me ) And a female ( Anyone ) who fell in love at war, He was out in the field. When on a mission he was on, She was a field medic and was shot in mid fire fight. That is were this story will take off from.

    Michael...Michael Wraith was his name, top gunmen was his game or at least that's what he was told. He was on this recent mission in Afghanistan when they were to go and support the Field medics at work with Civilians harmed during a recent fire fight. But it turned out being a ambush, He was brought in through helicopter. When he got out he was to provide sniper support about 2 klicks away. he was firing on the Enemy troops, sand filling past his scope. He wiped some of it off and his sight being moved a bit, He noticed a women injured. She was beautiful... more than that she wasn't being rescued. He grabbed his sniper as he heard the call to retreat, he flung his sniper over his shoulder and walked to the helicopter. He spoke to the helicopter pilot shook his head no, He spoke his ear again and he began to take off towards the women. The helicopter came down slowly about 0.4 miles from the women. He jumped out when they were close to the ground and began running through. He was being shot at and dust kicked up everywhere, He slid behind cover as a spray of bullets came his way. He reached his hand out and shouted at the downed women " Dont move! im here to help! " He crawled over towards her and put his hand under her arms and then under her knees lifting her up off the floor and began running. He found cover in a run down building, He set her against the wall and looked out a small hole and whispered to her " Whats your name? "
  2. Elizabeth had been doing fine until she got shot. She'd been going to help a civilian who'd just been taken down, when it happened. It was almost like slow motion. She had turned, and seen the gunman pull the trigger. She'd seen the bullet slowly spiral toward her. And then she had been hit. Her only thought: "Ouch". And then she had gone down. She hadn't passed out or anything - she'd still seen the rage of battle and the sky while she was laying on her back. But it all seemed fuzzy. Unreal. Like she was watching everything through a fogged-up pair of glasses.

    And then she had seen the man.

    He had picked her up and carried her to safety, after screaming at her not to move. Ha. Like she was going anywhere. She was having trouble even staying concious, much less getting up and moving.

    "What's your name?" he whispered, and Elizabeth paused for a moment. What was her name? A slight fear rushed throughout her - but then she remembered. Elizabeth. Her name was Elizabeth.

    "Elizabeth," she whispered.
  3. " Elizabeth what a beautiful name " He had set his sniper up through the small hole he was looking through, He took a deep breath and said " sorry about this " He fired the sniper off and it whizzed through the hole and hit a man dead center in the chest causing him to fling back and fall. The sniper had not been silenced so it was pretty loud when he shot it. He then set the gun down and knelt down next to her " Alright Elizabeth since you are a medic and i am not im going to need you to help me help you since you injured. He pulled off his scar and wrapped it around the bullet wound entry since thats the most he knew to do right now, he applied pressure Since it was commonsense to do that. He looked back through the hole and saw the ambushers scattering and making there way back to there trucks, He then looked back at her and smiled saying " I think were safe "
  4. She flinched slightly at the sound of the gunshot, but she was used to it by now, so she mostly just stayed still. It was obvious she needed medical attention, and fast. Her face had been flushed of all color, so it was sickly pale. Her brow was beaded with sweat, a few strands of her dark brown hair sticking to her face. Her blue eyes were glossy and vacant, and her breathing was thick and ragged. She was obviously in great pain. But she didn't complain once.

    "Safe?" she breathes, and sighs. "Good."
  5. He slid his back down the wall and took a deep needed breath, he heard a few trucks rolling away. but what caught his ear was the sound of metal clanging and a truck driving closer and closer. His eyes widened and he slowly moved over towards Elizabeth and said " Do you have a med pack out there? " He was more worried about taking care of her more than the incoming truck.
  6. "Yeah," she mutters. "It should be where I was last... where you found me." She attempts to take in a deep breath, obviously struggling to breathe.
  7. " Alright...uhm... dont move... " he noticed her struggling to breath and tried his best to loosen any clothing that was strangling her without making her feel to uncomfortable. He then looked through the hole and heard nothing and saw nothing, He then went to the entrance and pied the corner. He saw nothing so he made a quick run out towards were he picked her up. He slid down to his knees and picked up the med pack looking around when he heard the sound of metal clanging and then a sound of bullets clanging into a clip. He looked back and saw a truck backing out from an alley way with a mounted MG, His jaw dropped and he said " Shit.. " He began running away from his spot full speed as the bullets began whizzing at him. He lept into the alleyway were the entrance to the building they were in was, He was taking shallow breaths as he got up from the floor and rushed inside. He shouted at Elizabeth " GET DOWN! " He put his body over hers but not pressing down on her since she is injured. The bullet flying through the wall and scattering holes of light into the room. The gun spinning down and going silent as the sound of faint talking was heard.
  8. By the time the man got back, (she would have to remember to get his name if she survived), Elizabeth had passed out. She had desperatley tried to stay concious, knowing he would be back soon, but she just couldn't. She was in too much pain and had lost too much blood. In her last few awake seconds, she had heard the unmistakeable sound of bullet-fire. And then blackness consumed her and she sank into unconciousness.
  9. He saw her pass out underneath him and he began to panic he couldn't let her die on his watch, Then the sounds of large bullets hitting the floor and then metal. Then a large boom and the sounds of screams, A helicopter? It landed slowly and he could hear the scatter talk over his radio. He spoke into it but the words would be like faint whispers to her being unconscious and all, A quick flush of black and then sunlight behind them. It was the rescue sqaud..or atleast thats what he liked to call them, He stood up and was greeted by a friend and he was pointing and talking to him about Elizabeth. Who was being picked up by two medics, They rushed her to the helicopter and put her inside. He patted her leg and was walking towards a Humvee that arrived a bit later, He hopped in the Humvee and the helicopter took off taking her to the base for immediate care. Which she was being provided as much care as they could give her on the helicopter as trained professionals.
  10. When Elizabeth woke up, the first thing she thought was that she was dead. Then, she heard the chopping of helicopter blades and felt the pain in her stomach, and she knew she was still alive. She could hear people walking around and yelling, and she could feel other medics taking care of her. She couldn't really see anything - everything was a big, blobby blur. "Uhrgh?" she says. Somebody comes and stands by Elizabeth's side. "It's going to be alright," they soothe, and inject a needle into her arm. It was obviously a sedative, because Elizabeth becomes immensly drowsy and drifts into sleep.
  11. As they arrived to the base she had to be taken to the medical tent right away, But he was directed to his officers office. He entered and sat down looking at him with his hands on his lap " Sir...im sorry " He chuckled and said " You are a fucking idiot! YOU COULD OF DIED! FOR HER?! " Michael laughed and said " Sir with all do respect i thought our motto was Leave no soldier behind " The officer had a mean look on his face and said " Your right... but that doesnt excuse you for taking matters into your own hands you understand me? " " Yes sir yes i do understand you " the officer nodded and waved his hand for him to leave. Michael was headed straight for the tent, He opened it and looked around for Elizabeth.
  12. Having arrived at the medical tent, Elizabeth was in good care. She'd been given an oxygen mask, painkillers, and had an IV attached to her arm. The sedative had worn off, so she was looking around her surroundings. She looked a lot better, but she still needed the bullet taken out of her stomach, so she would be entering surgery in a few hours.

    "Blood type?" A nurse asks, walking up to her bedside.
    "O negative." Elizabeth responds, and the nurse nods, walking away and scribbling something onto a clipboard.
  13. He walked right up to her bedside and looked at her, his face now being shown since she could probably see him better. His hair cut short but still a bit long and styled straight, his Amber eyes would just look at her and then he smiled saying " Your looking better " Running his hands through his hair and then wipping some sweat from his brow. He was still wearing his combat outfit and his gear, he had came over here as soon as he could.
  14. She chuckled slightly. "Surprising, considering the fact I've nearly died twice today, and I feel as if I just got run over by a jumbo jet. Oh, and apparently, I have a rare blood type, so the medics are having trouble finding enough blood for me to make it through surgery without bleeding to death." She gives him a big smile like she just gave him great news. "Oh, and thank you greatly for saving me. I don't believe I caught your name..?" She had a slight southern accent, barely noticeable but at the same time completely obvious.
  15. " My name is Michael Wraith...and rare blood? You mean like O negative or something? " He thought about it and was wondering who he knew that had O negative blood. He smirked and said " My friend... Anthony he has O negative maybe i can convince him to help you out " He grabbed his radio and began talking into it, He mumbled them out so she really couldn't hear him but the radio came back loud saying " Yeah man anything after what you did for me " He looked at her and smiled saying " i don't know how much blood you need but... he will most likely help "
  16. Elizabeth smiles. "Thanks. And, yeah, it's O negative." She winces, but then slaps the smile right back on her face. "I don't know how much blood I need either, but that medic-" she points to the female medic that has been attending her, "-should know. If not, the surgeon will."
  17. " Alright, ill go ask dont pass out on me again " He chuckled and walked towards the nurse and was talking to her. He nodded and walked back over to Elizabeth and said " So there probably going to transport blood here and the blood from my friend, they say, Should be enough " He put his hand into his pockets looking around the area.
  18. She nods. "Thanks. Did they say when they're going to operate?" Elizabeth tries to keep a straight face, but a hint of nervousness flickers across her eyes, but quickly disappears.
  19. " i suppose they would...i really didn't ask, but i mean... i guess it determines how deep the bullet is, but your going to be fine " he heard someone shouting over the radio. He looked at her and smiled saying " Well i have to be off...ill uhm..be back? to check on you..of course " He turned around and walked off awkwardly.
  20. "Alright. See ya," she says, her right hand twitching slightly when a wave of pain ripples through her body.