War in Greece (Group Wanted)

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  1. To start off, I didn't know where to put this plot request or what prefix to use. So if it's moved or corrected that's totally fine.

    Let me say before the plot that this is a fixed, alternate timeline of events in history.

    The Plot:

    The year is 500 B.C and peace was all but present in the land of Greece. Though hidden to all lay a feud between Athens and Sparta. A test of might between the Kings some muttered. The mutters turned into widespread rumors until those rumors were marked fact, when an Athenian group of soldiers attacked a small camp of Spartans not far from the main city. When the King of Sparta heard of the action, war was all assured. The other city states chose not to get involved, for it was only time before these powerhouses of cities butted heads.

    Both sides trained faster, harder for the upcoming days of slaughter. Sparta had better troops, well trained and brutal. Though this did not stop Athens's pride. They were larger in numbers, more joining the cause every day. Men, women, and girls and boys just hitting the peak of teenage years.

    So now war is at hand that could shake the foundation of Greece. Who would reside on top, no one knew. It was just a waiting game.

    My idea with this:

    I am still working out how exactly to go about this. I haven't done a group role play in a long time, and don't want too many people, even with a plot like this.

    Along with this, I don't know where our characters should be placed. It would be cool to have characters on both sides, but having a joined effort on either or wouldn't be bad either. Will some of us be commanders, and others soldiers? Or will we all be just soldiers?

    I ask these questions to anyone interested in joining! I'd love input. All genders are welcome!

    Another thing, if you couldn't already tell, I'm a simple guy. I don't put flashy titles or pictures. I just like a good plot and some people to join me in creating a new story. Of course we will have profiles, but they too will be basic.

    So come on in, let me know if you want to join, and help me work these kinks out! =D
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.