War Games: Gladiators of the 21st century

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  1. This is the in character page. See plot here
  2. Jason lounged as much as he could on the helicopter ride into the base camp. He was one of twenty men inside the chopper providing fresh reinforcements to the zone. Everyone around him seemed so on edge as the guns, and rockets, and grenades exploded underneath them. Why are you all so nervous? he thought to himself. It's not like we've been training our entire lives for this or anything. The chaos below seemed to subside a bit as they approached the camp. Fighting was always less intense the closer you got to a base. He was one of the first off the chopper and took his place in formation just outside the landing pad to recieve his assignment.
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  3. Standing outside a small tent, Nathaniel watched the helicopter touch down. He had just returned from a recon assignment and had been told he would be placed in a unit that would soon arrive. Nodding to himself, Nathaniel shouldered his rifle and covered his eyes as he approached one of the men, Jason, who had been deposited onto the ground. Straightening his posture as best as possible, he lifted a crisp salute to the man, "Sir, I believe I'm to be attached to your unit."
  4. "I have a unit?" Jason asked, shocked to say the least. He had stepped off the chopper hoping to make the rank of Private First Class.

    "That's right," Samson, a two year veteran of War Games and youngest Base Commander in this zone called out from behind him. "Jason I presume? Command has given me permission to set up a special task force and I want you to be in charge. This is Nathaniel Pike, best scout we've seen in a while. The other man.. Samuel I believe, should be around here somewhere.

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  5. Samuel stepped out of the helicopter and stumbled as his feet hit solid ground, squinting in the bright sunlight. "Good to be back on the ground," he said as he regained his balance. "I never did like helicopters." He turned to Jason. "So when's our first mission? I'm itching to get out there and start shooting."
  6. "I see Command left you in the dark about our mission as well, Sir. Probably just so they could boost the ratings again," Nathaniel noted, having gotten used to the backdoor network politics involved in the war. He grimaced at the sight of Samuel's rifle, "I see we're bringing on a sharpshooter on a .50 caliber power-trip. I'm guessing our mission will require nasty surprises for the enemy."
  7. "Okay let's not get ahead of ourselves here I only just got here," Jason said quickly.

    "This is war Captain," Samuel countered, placing emphasis on the recruit's new rank. "If you can't keep up don't step up you'll just die."

    Jason grimaced but nodded quickly, standing at attention. "Sir, thank you sir. May I request you promote Pike to the rank of first lieutenant under my command."

    Samson, frowned slightly but nodded. "Permission granted. I want you all unpacked and ready for briefing in the command tent in 0700 hours." With that the commander walked away as more important things required his attention.
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  8. Nathaniel quickly snapped to attention and saluted the Commander, "Sir, yes, Sir, and thank you for the promotion, Sir!" Dropping his salute, he turned to Jason, "What are your orders for now, Sir?"
  9. "First order, cut the "sir" crap. If you want to be politically correct call me Captain," Jason said with an annoyed voice, nodding towards Samuel to acknowledge the man's presence. "Secondly, explain to me why you're not in charge. The commander just said you're one of the best scouts he's seen and you've been here much longer than me and Samuel over here."
  10. Nathaniel seemed completely unfazed by the order to disregard protocol, "Yes, Captain. The answer to your question is apparent in your statement of my skills as a scout, Captain. Due to being out of contact at times, a scout is not a optimal unit member for commanding others. As my skills have proved more useful as a scout instead of a commander, I would put the team at risk as a commander. That is why you are in charge of my actions, Captain."
  11. Jason couldn't help but smile. He was hard, and honest, a bit more for protocol and correct terminology then he would have liked but he had a feeling he wouldn't regret promoting him to second in command. "Alright, we're all here, and as we've all been handpicked we should probably feel lucky. I'm a scout sniper, capable of providing tactical support from a distance. Pike your skills as a scout have already been vouched for by our commander.." he paused and turned towards the other new recruit. "You, Private Samuel. What's your skills?"
  12. "I guess it's my turn now." Samuel smirked. "So you're a sniper? I'm the exact opposite. I like to get up close and personal with the enemy. If you ever need to wipe out some enemy units or sabotage some enemy equipment, I'm your man."
  13. Jason smiled again. "Perfect. Private Samuel I am placing you in charge of this unit's tactical assault team," he said with a hint of sarcasm as the "assault team" consisted of just him. "Lieutenant Pike as you know of this unit's formation and have spent a bit more time here than us I assume you know where our beds are. Take us there please."
  14. "Yes, Captain, follow me," With that, Nathan began to march away, not checking to see if his unit followed along. Weaving his way through a few groups of allied soldiers, he stopped outside a large tent and lifted the flap covering the entrance. Inside, there were several coverless beds with the exception of one which was set closest to the tent's opening and had a locked footlocker at the foot of it. Nathan gestured around the tent as he explained, "Command had me reassigned to these quarters two days ago in preparations for your arrival, Captain. It seems they had planned for a bigger unit, but for now, it's just us three," Nathan headed inside and sat down on the covered bed, "First pick belonged to me, Captain."

    His explanation completed, Nathan began to look over his rifle, checking for any apparent defects.
  15. Jason was pretty happy with the accommodations. He wouldn't be stuck in a creaky bunk bed, and he had a bit of space to himself, plus his own foot locker. "Okay then. I'm giving everyone leave to go about the camp as you will. I expect you all at the command tent for briefing in 0700 hours. If not.." Jason paused there. As Captain of this unit he would have to recommend disciplinary actions if one of the men misbehaved. Technically the head of the camp had the duty but they rarely went against a captain's word. "Your punishment will get worse for every minute that you delay. Dismissed." With that he turned and walked to the back corner, sitting down facing the wall. I need to get better at this stuff he thought to himself.
  16. "Yes, Captain," Nathaniel affirmed in a monotone voice. His mind was concentrated on his rifle and how much maintenance could preformed on it within the available time. I have roughly two hours before the scheduled meeting. If I begin now, I can fully wipe my gun and adjust the sights to their proper placement in forty-five minutes. That will give me an hour to eat a meal before leaving me with fifteen minutes to arrive at Command. A well-tuned rifle, a full stomach, and right on time for a mission.

    His goals set, Nathaniel got to work and pulled a toolkit from his footlocker before beginning to dismantle and clean his rifle.
  17. Jason spent about twenty minutes looking over his Barret. He had requested to take it with him from training and had it fully serviced by the armory before riding over. I might be dead in four hours he thought to himself, chuckling lightly. He imagined a regular person would be trying to desert right now. Fleeing the battlefield hoping to not get caught, for the punishment for desertion was firing squad and all record of your existence erased. However "the children of war" as his instructor liked to call them weren't ordinary. They had been trained and conditioned for this since they were old enough to talk and almost no one ever tried to leave. I'm gonna go find something to do he thought, standing up and heading for the exit.
  18. At the Captain's dismissal, Samuel immediately headed for the bed farthest from the tent entrance. The farther from that "Pike" guy the better, he thought. He pulled off his backpack and tossed it on the bed. He glanced at his black wristwatch. 5:07, it read. I guess that means I've got about an hour and a half. "I don't know about you guys, but I'm starving. I'll be at the mess hall if anything comes up." With that, Samuel opened the flap and walked out of the tent.
  19. Via clicked her neck as she took step onto the camp, narrowing her eyes a little as her combat boots kicked up a little dust at her feet. Finally off the helicopter, and onto the camp which she felt comfortable in, although the presence of superiors made her aggrivatedly snort, before she started to make her way towards the tents. She'd been assigned to some captain, accordingly, and although she wasn't sure if she'd like it or not, she monetheless approached the man as described: the captain, Jason. Her F2000 swung limply from her side, magazines of ammunition strapped to the side of her khaki jacket. She stopped in front of the captain, saluting as respectfully as she could muster.
    "Captain. Sergeant Tyhaun: reporting in for duty. I have been assigned to work under the orders of you, starting from now by command. I will serve as a part of your close-quarters-combat team, and from this moment I will go by your command." Via says, almost impressed at herself for the respectfulness she managed in her tone. In truth, she despised being told what to do... especially by men.
  20. Jason had barely taken two steps when the woman stepped up, carrying a very nice F2000 at her hip. "Impressive speech," he muttered. "I hereby recognize that you are under my command and order you to unpack inside," he said formally, immediately slouching a bit. "Welcome. Take any bed that isn't already claimed, and then you have leave to explore the camp. Report at the command tent for mission briefing at 0700."