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  1. Main Plot: Characters are soldiers in a tv show called "War Games". Hundreds upon thousands of people are grown in test tubes with accelerated aging so they reach the age of eighteenish in months instead of years. During these months they're trained in war by ex elite soldiers: Russian Spetznaz, American Green Berets, Iranian Quds Force, you name it. Trained in military tactics including firearms, hand to hand combat, and basic first aid. Once they're ready they're deployed into a giant warzone with certain objectives. Capture this location, take out enemy units, defend this position etc. Outside the warzone "War Games" is the most watched show on air, with 24/7 live footage. Fortunes are won and lost, betting on armies and certain squads.
    Details: Characters are all part of the same unit (that way we don't have to kill each other) and might spend most of the time at head quarters. They'll be given certain missions by high command (I'm planning to make polls to vote on missions)
    Now I haven't figured out much besides that, I need ideas for "the warzone" they're in. There's still a bit to discuss and input is asked for. If you like the idea sign up. We'll start playing soon.
    Just a couple rules:
    1. Obviously it's a war zone so blood and violence will be everywhere but don't go all Quentin Tarentino with excess blood and gore
    2. If you find yourself in the situation, kissing and cuddling is fine but no sex scenes okay
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  2. Here's a character template
    Character Name: Name
    Gender: Gender
    General Appearance: Recommend a picture, not required. They're teenagers and young adults
    General Personality: Attitude and any likes and dislikes
    Specialty: We all have basic military knowledge but what are they best at.
    Prefered weapon: Once again we all have basic military knowledge but what's their prefered weapon? Take your pick at any 21st century firearm, any make and model.
  3. Name: Jason
    Gender: Male
    General Appearance:
    General Personality: Usually very calm and calculating. Never loses his head even in high stress situations and is known for the average joke here and there
    Specialty: He's an excellent marksman and can hit a man at a mile away with the right gun. He's trained as a scout sniper.
    Preferred weapon: Considering his skills with a rifle. A 50. caliber barret sniper rifle
  4. Character Name: Samuel
    Gender: Male
    General Appearance: Short black hair, 6'4", slightly muscular
    General Personality: Samuel loves a good thrill. He likes charging headlong into situations and solving all problems by force. Despite his tendency to act before thinking, he is by no means an unintelligent person and can formulate a good plan if need be.
    Specialty: Samuel specializes in assault operations and close quarters combat.
    Prefered weapon: M4 Carbine
  5. Hey penguin. What do you think the environment in the war zone should be?
  6. I'm leaning more towards urban ruins but I don't know
  7. Do you want to just start now? I know there's only two of us but I bet more will join once we start doing stuff

  8. Character Name: Nathaniel Pike
    Gender: Male
    General Appearance: [​IMG]
    General Personality: Cold and abrasive, Nathaniel is focused completely on his unit's mission and survival. Follows his commander's orders to the letter unless they damage the odds of his team surviving. He loves dogs that are really fluffy.
    Specialty: Acts as a scout, quickly and quietly slipping into an enemy position and reporting their disposition (I.e. Equipment, morale, numbers) back to his commander.
    Prefered weapon: FN FAL, nothing else (Unless you're American, then you know our government intentionally made a mistake due to politics.) [​IMG]
  9. Welcome. Honestly I'm a bit anxious to start it if you haven't noticed by my multiple posts xD now that we have three I figured we'd start if you'd like
  10. Cool. I started
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