War for Gods and Races

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  1. A world of Gods and their peoples.
    Leading their lives as best they want, their lands their own.
    Until something attacks, make border-towns dissappear overnight.
    Word gets to leaders, to gods. And blame is cast, old rivalries remembered, hungry eyes cast.
    War will fall...

    Regarding the RP:
    This is a nationesq RP, and in a normal nation-RP you control whole nations instead of individual characters.
    In this RP however, you will be a god and its race, struggling for glory among others.
    Depending on the poll and any suggestions I will run this a bit differently, mostly regarding how much time is gone between each post, and in what order we are to post.

    Some Rules:
    1. I want everyone to be able to understand and enjoy everyone elses posts, so I ask you to write in some grammatical sense, and to please dont leave whole walls of text without any paragrafs.
    2. Respect your fellow players, if you are in disagreement about something, talk with me unless you are able to solve it yourself.
    3. Dont powerplay someone elses character (in this case god/race) unless you have agreed upon it.
    4. If you are unsure of something regarding the way the world works, bring it up in the ooc or talk with me instead of posting it in wait of respons.
    5. Do not post OOC in the IC.
    6. Be reasonable, a weak soldier cant survive alone against endless hordes of highly trained knights. In the same way as a man on a horse cant travel thousands of miles in a week.
    7. Listen to the GM, as my goal is for this to turn into as nice a story as I can make it, I will try to help the players in any way I can. And when I say something happens in the story, it does. (though if I start claiming it rains ice-cream... question my sanity).
    8. Lastly, be a great victor, and a great defeated. All shall have fun!

    The World:
    the world (open)

    background (open)

    Eons past, a group of wandering gods came across an empty universe far out in the voids, a world forgotten. Wary as they were an agreement came to pass, they would reside in the empty universe and fill it with their own creations. Around a sleeping lump of power they built a planet, shaping it to their liking and taking parts of it for their own, making their individual races spring forth under their gaze.
    But it wasnt before long that the gods crossed in their first falling out, not at terms with how they should proceed, how they should decide... Which one of them should lead!

    Few, if any race knows what transpired during those times as they were all but wiped out, but the world still bears signs, uncountable years later.
    With some gods gone, and some lost forever, the world gained stability once again, and new gods emerged, from the powers weilded by their elders, as sons and daughters of the older gods, and some from the world itself. New races were formed, and more of the lands were taken by them, held dear as their chosen lands. And eons went. The time of new races is past, the world is spinning by itself, and new gods simply emerge to continue where others left off, though even gods may die they do so more of choice.

    some basic information (open)

    The world is of the simplest kind, time moves in one direction, and there are no parallell versions of it. Nor any twin-worlds beside it.

    Magic is governed by a simple set of rules, sentience births it (though stating that it comes from life is only partly wrong, for example, the planet at hand does have its own flow of magic, as it was made that way.), a conciousness results in magic, though if the conciousness in question can weild it is a different matter. Using magic will tire the mind of the user, and if the user is using his own vitality as a way to use it, it will tire his body as well. With enough magic almost anything is possible, but the one small problem is that "enough" may not be reachable. While not everyone is capable of using magic, the act of believing in something is akin to the use of directing magic, as to why gods without followers lose much of their power. Also because your creations growth will grow you as well.

    While there doesnt seem to be anything like "Death" or grim reapers in this world, the concept of death is governed by something. A plane different from the living, where all dead souls travel upon their parting. Unless something makes them stay. Some races also have a different destination thanks to their gods meddling. Travel between the two planes is seemingly against the natural order, living and dead should stay apart. And while some may reincarnate either as a blank slate or with traces of their old self, the cycle of death and rebirth seems to happen through each separate race.

    Even if gods may have a heaven and a hell of their own, to fall or ascend into the real planes of the world means you did something really special, to be noticed by something more than mere gods.

    The world, as of now (scale is approximately eight (not two) times the size of earth):
    map (open)

    for the war.png
    Light Blue: Silvir/Necrons
    Light Green: Leo/Leonin
    Fire Orange:
    Yellow: Reno Lam/
    Grey Blue: Drougar/TDO
    Purple: Crystal Tear/Cha'ak
    Blue: Dedtoo/Lizardkin
    Middle Island:
    Green: Nocturne997/Driders
    Grey: Windstormugly/Parosuln


    God (open)


    Occupation: What is your god governing over more than his race? Perhaps friday-parties?

    Age: (was your god among those who created the world, was he among those that were born upon the lands to fill it with more races or is she a young god born after her race was formed?)

    Appearance/appearances: (preferably either a picture or a satisfactionary description.) (does your god have one definitive form, or does he have a multidude of appearances ?)

    Real body: (Does your god have one single body that all her power is stored in, or has she split up into pieces corresponding to... maybe the aspects of herself or her power?)

    State of existence:
    1. Is your god but an etheral conciousness that flies across the whole world, seeing all, even the heart of the other gods power. But also only capable of speaking to your race in visions or through signs?
    2. Is your god able to see all that happens within his own realm, to the farthest reaches of your races expansion, but not past the boundaries of the other gods territories. And speaking to your people through chosen apostles, twisting your words to suit their bidding.
    3. You walk among your subjects with your holy grace in plain sight, calling your people to follow you into battle, but shining like a beacon for the other gods.
    4. Unseen even for your race, you thread the lands like a ghost, none noticing but those that understand to see past the facade, your slumbering wrath.

    Personality: how is your god as a person... is she a pearson ?

    Responsibility: what is your gods feelings for their race, their children ?

    Backstory: what has your god been doing all this time ?

    Connections: what other gods are aquainted with your god ?

    Relics: have your god placed objects blessed with grace upon the mortal soil ?

    Powers: How does your god show her wrath and love ? Can your subjects channel parts of your power ?

    Children: if there are any close children of your god, what are they like ?

    Realm: what happens to other gods when they step unto your lands, does something happen to other races ? And does your god have a realm separate from this world, where he can judge others supreme ?

    Race (open)

    Name: does your race have a name? if there are different social classes do they have different names ?

    Appearances: What multitude of different ways does your race come in? (pictures/descriptions)

    Physiology: how does your people work, are they strong, made of glass and able to fly ? How long are they able to live, what kind of climate are they most comfortable in ? Do they have any diseases that we should know of ?

    Reproduction: How does your race reproduce ? how often are they able to do so, and how many children does every birth give ?

    Culture: How does your race live ? What amount of technology do they have, in what way do they treat eachother, and outsiders ? Do they have a leader, a king, a senate ?

    Dresscode: do your people wear clothes ?

    Religion: what is your peoples view of their god, how do they think the world was created ? How do they think of other gods ?

    Infrastructure: What kind of buildings and transportation does your people use ? what do they eat and trade with ? Do they have pets and working animals ? Slaves ?

    Ways of transportation: How does your race travel. By carriage, boats, flying carpets or maybe lumbering elks?

    Magic: are your people capable of wielding magic, how usual is magical affinity in your race, what kind of magic is used ? Is it trained in schools or learnt in secret ?

    Army: What kind of armies exist in your race ? Footsoldiers, Cavalry, Artillery, Siege-weapons, War-beasts, Mages, special troops ? Titans ? (A single or a few enormous and ridiculously powerfull creatures/constructs)

    Background: what have your race been doing since they appeared on the face of the world ?

    Relations: are your people trading with someone else ? maybe having regular meetings or festivals ?

    Legends/Myths: What kind of stories does your people tell around the campfires ?

    The Lands: Is your land full of mountains, forests, rivers, caves ? What kind of animals live there, what kind of plants ? Are there any special objects, ruins or artifacts scattered around ? Is it dangerous out at night thanks to bandits or other creepers ?

    Notable beasts: Are there any great beasts loitering around or hiding in your lands, maybe huge serpents or even dragons... huge mechas?

    Location: where is your land?
    Is it a regular piece of land, with borders an whatnot ?
    is it located on the sea, or under the sea?
    is it in a giant cave underneath someone elses land, does it fly in the sky ?
    are you fugitives in someone elses land (do you even have a god?) ?
    or is your race living on the top of a giant walking turtle ?
    maybe even in the land of dreams ?

    Why: what is the reason for your god and his people to go to war against the other races ? or isnt that what you are doing ?

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  2. Accepted Gods and Races:

    windstormugly (open)

    Lothn (open)

    Name: Lothn

    Occupation: Lothn is in this world known as god of the swarm.

    Age: Lothn was among those that spun the world into being, though few know him but for rumors.

    Lothn: A lonely human-looking wanderer of weathered appearance, grey starting to paint his hair. He stands tired at 7 feet, hands made for war and scars to tell his past. Dark brown eyes look out of a face that has forgotten what it means to be truly alive. His clothes are old and worn, tattered by the elements. While he gives of not the aura of a practitioner, nor that of a divine being, he may inspire the primal fear of the dark in others, the sense of being watched by myriads of hungry eyes.

    The Swarm: A storm of different suln, cowering the sky, the land and the sea once unleashed. Those that dare thread inside the living torrent may be lucky to be devoured.

    The Tower: The realm of the Parosulns, a city made of their bodies, every brick and beam made of suln and paros. Its citizen no longer among the living.

    The Beast: A leviathan of destruction, the pinnacle of the Sulns power. You will think the world turned against you, as wherever it wakes the land is ravaged, and everyone consumed. Unless you are worthy to be cursed.

    The Dark Swarm: For the Parosulns, nightmares are real, and they see you. Things are out in the dark, and if you are not prepared. Fear will devour you.

    Real body:
    Long ago, Lothn split himself into 5 parts. Hunger, Thirst, Fatigue, Pain and Fear. Now each part holds what define him, what define his Swarm.

    State of existence:
    Lothn: 4
    Swarm: 3/4
    Tower: 2
    Beast: 3/4
    Dark swarm: 2/4
    Show Spoiler

    1. Is your god but an etheral conciousness that flies across the whole world, seeing all, even the heart of the other gods power. But also only capable of speaking to your race in visions or through signs?
    2. Is your god able to see all that happens within his own realm, to the farthest reaches of your races expansion, but not past the boundaries of the other gods territories. And speaking to your people through chosen apostles, twisting your words to suit their bidding.
    3. You walk among your subjects with your holy grace in plain sight, calling your people to follow you into battle, but shining like a beacon for the other gods.
    4. Unseen even for your race, you thread the lands like a ghost, none noticing but those that understand to see past the facade, your slumbering wrath.

    Lothn is an observer, watching the mortals go about their lives, learning their struggles, their joy. While he prefers the company of none, he will curse those that are worthy.

    The Parosulns are a part of his swarm, and he gave them freedom for their sake. While it may seem that he cares nothing for them, he is always watching.

    Together with his fellow gods he once shaped the world into a place for their rest, and filled it with life. But the first god-war proved to him the height of their ignorance.
    Since then he wanders across the world, observing, waiting for what he knows will come.

    The old gods knew him and understand his goal, as well as the futility in trying to stand against him.
    Though he have met many of the newer gods directly, not many of them have realized his true nature. Or how and why he got there.

    Show Spoiler

    Lothn has through the eons granted his people the crafting of objects both hideous and beautiful in nature. Some more dangerous and more abundant than others.

    Shards of the Swarm: Pieces of a ring meant to control the Swarm, though the bone-white shards only call it forth once drenched in blood, making the ornate Sulns on them glisten and seemingly coming to life. There are fewer than a hundred of them.

    Eyes of the Swarm: Dark stones in the vague shape of Meshak eyes. Able to keep one safe from the forces of the wild. If you lost your former eye, there is always the option of crafting a new.

    Suln of the Swarm: Finely sculpted statues and figures of different Sulns... Did one of them just move? Skilled artisans are known to disappear while working on pieces of their own.

    Gift of the Paros: A plant that grows in strange places, once consumed it will either make you capable of controlling the Suln like never before... Or it might make you go insane form the side-effects.

    Eggs of the Swarm: Heart-sized spheres with rough texture like spiked carapace shimmering as a rainbow. A mere touch could infect and make you a walking nest, waiting to erupt. There are rumors that these aren't relics but actual eggs laid by strange Suln.

    Rest of the Swarm: Sacred places of worship, portals to the Realm of the Swarm, to the Tower. Aggressors have found them protected, guarded. Believe in the Swarm and the Swarm will share your hunger.

    Blades of Meshak: Blades of widely different forms, many of whom are not meant for the hands of mortals. The smiths of the Parosuln seek to craft as powerful and grand weapons, and sometimes they almost succeed. One
    sure way to prove a blade true however, all blades of Meshak devour.

    Spears of Aldin: Made to be used in all situations, with all purposes. The spears are both weapon and shield. There are myths telling how one may shape a spear of their own, some less true than others.
    And the real ones change both themselves and their weilders, sometimes forever.

    Bows of Ryfhol: A single arrow launched from a bow of Ryfhol may become a myriad, or it might move to the archers will. Many are the bow makers and hunters that crave the company of such a bow.
    But those that keep them always fear the day themselves will become the arrow.

    Crystals of Wahjin: A single crystal can draw, hold or unleash enough power to obliterate a god, if one can tame the living stone. Artisans and mages experiment with these crystals as their goal, yearning for their beauty.
    For the crystals of Wahjin are sentient, and they choose their masters.

    Armour of the Swarm: Created to be worn by Lothns champions, parts of the Beast infused with the Dark
    Swarm. May its wearers be riddled with arrows, crushed like grapes and torn apart, it will make them whole again, until they are devoured.

    Bait of the Swarm: A big urn filled with a sweet-scented liquid, dark green and filled with black strands. When opened, it will call upon the Leviathan, the Beast.

    Lothn shows the aspects of the Swarm, how it absorbs the surroundings into itself to grow, changes to adapt to the environment, separates itself to claim the lands and the way it devour any opposition.
    The Parosulns can channel the aspects of the Swarm:

    Through the ages, some mortals have conceived Lothns children, immortals and demigods that have lived their mortal lives and gone to stand at their fathers side, watching their people.

    Those that tread the lands of Lothn are watched, the Swarm sees all, and is not always a happy host. When you get sick here, burn the bodies. And if you manage to reach his tower, walk along its streets without malice, or you will know that walls can speak.

    Parosulns (open)

    Paros: host, acolyte, lords
    Sulns: aldin meshak ryfhol wahjin. lesser < lower < modest < higher < greater

    A rough estimate of the Parosuln populace rounds up at about (currently counting) living in the Paln empire.

    Sulns (open)

    In their simples forms, the Aldin are small spiderlike creatures, four legs and four eyes on a rounded body. They have an often hard carapace, a moldable exoskeleton adapting to new situations. Tearing away pieces of their prey with tiny mandibles.

    These little mixes between worms and snakes have a single big eye covering their entire face, until they open their mouth, running almost the whole way around their eye. They swim as well in their victims body as in water or waste. Devouring all they can swallow.

    Faceted wings and two grid eyes on a little pearl of a body, walking not on legs but their front and smaller tail-wings. Using their long tongue-like mouth to pierce and suck the fluids of their food. If there is one there will soon be more, swarming and multiplying rapidly.

    Wisps drifting about in search of energies to absorb, their feelers grazing along the soft incorporeal substances around them. The seemingly leering face vanishing as they phase into a different state of being.

    Paros (open)

    Simple humanoid beings, two legs, two arms, a body and a head. They generally grows to be around 6 feet, able to blend in with most other humanoid races. Due to their Family and Sulns some aspects are adopted;
    Aldins tend to have coarser skin and thicker hair, and sometimes double eye-balls in each socket, or small mandibles inside their mouths.
    Meshak have oily skin and constantly wet hair, bigger and wider mouths adorned with many more teeth as well as huge eyes.
    Ryfhol are often more lithe, with long tongues and slightly grid-covered eyes, and hair that flies about them.
    Wahjin have small crystalline growths on their body, shining eyes and moving transparency of their skin with a constant half-transparency to their hair.

    Humanoids further influenced by their Family and Sulns, often become a bit above 8 feet. A specific body-part is vividly different due to it consisting mostly of Sulns. The Acolytes also have one personal Suln that is bigger and more intelligent than their others.

    While they are still humanoid, it is only barely, and they are in most cases more Suln than humanoid, their size also varies greatly. The Lords are however capable of reining in their many Sulns to appear entirely humanoid, or let them loose entirely, leaving their Paros the naked centerpiece.

    While the Parosuln may seem to be two different races living in symbiosis, they are actually the same. A specialized cell-tissue has brought about this strange evolution into what they are. Their nerves are capable of acting autonomous and in bigger parts disconnect themselves as a drone for the main-body, what has evolved into the Suln. Instead of blood-types the Parosuln have nerve-types, that cause more problems than they would rather think about.

    Show Spoiler

    The Host Paros house within their body a few Sulns, inherited due to their parents Family. These Sulns are able to help their Paros body in small ways, and maybe move out into the outer world and be a friend for them.
    Occasionally the Parosulns contract diseases either in their Paros or their Sulns, mostly having to do with the connection between them not being in balance and instead causing stress on both bodies. A cold-like disease is often spreading among the young, giving them rashes and sometimes forcing them to forcefully take out the Sulns from their body until the symptoms have gone.
    The Hosts live around 100 years and are fully grown at 20, usually not becoming much weaker or less clear of mind until they die thanks to their Sulns.

    The Acolyte Paros have a larger amount of Sulns living in their body, as well as one bodypart that is made up almost exclusively of Sulns, often with a stronger Suln acting as its centerpiece.
    If an Acolyte were to sustain a life-threatening injury, the Suln inside would keep the Paros alive until the damage has been healed. In the same way they are able to utilize their Sulns as weapons. Acolytes are able to control Suln in their immediate surroundings to a certain extent, and may control some at further distances.
    If the Parosulns are unlucky, they might have to deal with Sulns that try to go against their body, feeding of it or leaving it. This often results in the Parosuln loosing weight, energy and depression until they have either the old Sulns back or have aquired new Sulns. Though some instead choose to live without Sulns. Another problem is Parosulns that lose their control and reason, turning into more beast than man. Sometimes it is the symptom of a disease, but sometimes it is not, and then the chance of them regaining their sanity as well as their old selves is slim.
    The Acolytes are fully grown at 30, and live up to and in some cases longer than 200 years, though they tend to get crazy in some way during their second century.

    The Lord Paros are filled with Sulns, in some cases they make up more of the Lords body than the Paros centerpiece. Though in other cases there are only a few. The reason is the Lords innate ability to let their body shift between Paros and Suln, making the tissue itself turn into Sulns as well as have the Suln become a real part of their Paros. The Lords also hold all but complete control over the Sulns in their surroundings, as well as their own at longer distances. A Lord wont truly die until all his Sulns are destroyed.
    A rare condition that seldom appear in any other Parosulns than the Lords, is a disease or otherwise inflicted case of Suln-attraction, meaning that wild Sulns and sometimes even other Paros Sulns try and succed in entering their body. Feeding of their food and making nests inside them, resulting in painful growths filled with new Suln. While diseases that make the Parosulns Suln start growing uncontrollable may not be much of a problem for a Host, as they can simply remove the Suln. For a Lord the issue can get far bigger, mostly because the act of removing the infected Suln is painful. And if there are more than a hundred of them... The Lord might go mad from the pain.
    The Lords live an average of 500 years, but most choose to either hibernate or live long periods through their Sulns, and while they are fully grown at 100 most Lords continue to grow and change of their own volition. Those old Lords that doesnt along the way decide to let themselves sleep forever are monsters in truth, often strange in both appearance and behavior.

    The Sulns come in many shapes and sizes, as well as in varying measures of intellect. There is no sure way about how long they are able to live, but generally the bigger they are the longer they live. Those that are joined to a Paros tend to live increased amounts of time, as well as gain a higher intellect. The higher the rank of the Suln, the more of its abilities surface.

    Aldins are stronger and heavier than their fellow Suln families, more sturdy and able to slowly regrow parts of their body as well as mold materials into new structures. They tend to prefer forests and caves with a dry and temperate climate.

    Meshak are agile and flexible, able to eat and feed of more or less anything and also capable of secreting toxins and substances, along with their sensory-strands enabling them to control other beings. They prefer water and damp places with a humid climate, neither heat nor cold get them.

    Ryfhol are fast and light, able to stay hovering in the air while asleep and capable of living through the roughest winds. Something with their sparkling wings make them able to mesmerize their victims. And their uncanny way of ripping themselves apart doesn't help. Wide tundras and high mountains with a hot and dry climate are good nesting spots.

    Wahjin are partly incorporeal, capable of storing and releasing magic energies as well as feed on them. If there is an abundance of magical energies, they are bound to gather in large numbers, but thanks to their ability of changing themselves into an astral existence you may not see them. Not caring much for either the environment or the climate.

    Show Spoiler

    All Parosulns are able to reproduce sexually with each other, while the Lords are also capable of having children by themselves.

    Hosts are carried for 6 months and reach the age of 12 before they are able to have children of their own, every birth may give between 1 to 4 Host children. They are sometimes fertile until the age of 80.

    Acolytes are carried for 12 months and are able to have children at the age of 20, every birth may give between 1 to 3 Acolyte children. They are in rare cases fertile until they are 160.

    Lords are carried for up to 24 months and are able to have children at the age of 50, every birth may give at most 1 Lord child. They are often fertile until the age of 420, as well as when they hibernate.

    Sulns are able to reproduce sexually, asexually and they are in some cases able to split of parts of themselves as something akin to a clone. Their broods are varied in both numbers and time carried, and they are often fertile until they die.

    For Parosulns, the biggest question when having a child isn't always if its going to be a boy or a girl, whether they are a Host, Acolyte or a Lord is just as important, if not more.
    It is rare for two Host to have anything other than a Host child, though it is possible if they have someone up their ancestry. Same for Acolytes and Lords.

    A Host and an Acolyte more often get Host children, though a Host and a Lord usually have Acolyte children.
    There is a practice of forcing a birth, to have a specific kind of child rather than another. Though it is rare.
    The Family of the child is due to the strength of its parents Families. A strong Aldin with a Meshak/Ryfhol will likely have an Aldin child, possibly with slight signs of Meshak and Ryfhol in regards to the nerve-type. The child will have its first Sulns from its mother while she is pregnant, and after birth it is customary for it to recieve one from its father as well.

    Show Spoiler

    The Parosulns live with the wild at their doorstep as well as in their home. Whether you live in a small village on the wide tundra, or in one of the biggest cities, The Sulns are a part of your life, and there are things in the dark, things that would just as quickly devour you without a trace as leave you alone for your neighbor.
    All but every household has a Suln-nest of their own, keeping their house safe, a guard against the wild around them.
    Much of their mundane interests and pleasures are deeply interwoven with the Suln and the wild. More obvious than otherwise during their Festivals celebrating the changing of the seasons. When outsiders might be tricked into partaking of the Parosulns addiction for Suln-crystals.

    The Parosuln generally want to be buried together with their family, which includes their Sulns. Another usual tradition is to offer their flesh to the Swarm. A ritual performed by their Family's "Dead-Suln", a special breed of Parosulns that hold a connection with the Swarm through consuming their kin. Superstition and suspicion surround these Family-branches whose chosen work falls somewhere between that of a priest and a mage.
    While some Paros are able to become parents at an early age, the Parosuln supposedly regard everyone equally depending on their age. Until their 15th birthday they are considered children, and are generally their parents responsibility. Until they are considered adults at the age of 20 they are young, and have some of an adults possibilities in the Parosuln society.

    While some of their artisans are skilled clockmakers, and some scholars know how to make and utilize gunpowder. Their higher technology mainly consists of magic and the utilization of Sulns. Their best smiths are however skilled in the making of steel, and their ship-builders ensure their sailors survival even on the roughest seas.

    The populace is grossly divided between their chosen professions, farmer, worker, builder, hunter, trader, soldier, artisan, mage, priest, scholar and governor. There is unity as well as competition within the same kind of trade, and they always have some kind of contempt for the others. But above all, what Family you belong to is more important, both regarding Paros and Sulns. Sometimes whole towns consist of one Family, and those from another are more often treated worse than the same. Outsiders are due to their lack of Sulns often treated solely based on their profession, though some shun them for their lack of relation with the Swarm. And the Parosulns enjoy messing with outsiders using their Sulns.

    Every village or town is governed by a mayor, and every region by a duke. They are tasked with managing the safety, law and order as well as keep a regional army ready for the nations use, all professions in a region answer to the duke for their activity. Exceptions are the scholars in charge of the crystal-gardens.

    The nation itself is ruled by a high-senate consisting of one representative from each Family. But the dukes get their orders from the lower senate, thanks to the often monstrous nature of the four. The lower senate consists of representatives from every region as well as the fours personal attendants. All ruling governors are advised by someone from the church, the high-priests of Lothn.
    Exceptions from the ordinary ruling system of the Parosulns are the children of Lothn, that are considered to be both a senator and a priest, and generally command the same authority as the high-senate.

    While some professions have clothes of their trade, the general population wear a mix of worked animal hides, leather or cloth made of aldin-silk and plant-fibers. Most clothing are loose and comfortable, as tight clothes restrict the Sulns possibilities of moving in and out of them. A kind of braided robe that have flaps where the Suln can rest unnoticed are customary for more formal situations.

    Show Spoiler

    The Parosulns view of their god is strongly divided. It is rare for anyone but the priests to continuously pray to Lothn himself, as the other aspects of his power are a more responsive part of their culture. Some believe him to be nothing more than a myth, a fabrication to explain the Swarms behavior and the nightmarish wild around them. There are those that see him as a judge for their sins, a calamity waiting to befall them. Others think that they are all a part of him, as he is the center of the Swarm. And many don't see how they need a god at all, the swarm need no watcher.

    The church of the Parosulns, the Sulns-faith, are an order dedicated to the stability of the Parosulns, founded during the first god-war they were to act as guides for those that channeled Lothns powers, the aspects of the swarm. Now they help and guide the Parosulns in their belief, helping them understand themselves and the world. They spend much of their days studying their scriptures and praying for their fellow people. But they are not to be confused with a purely aloof order disconnected from reality and its harshness. Those entering into the faith seek to keep the nightmares of the wilderness at bay and to guide their warriors in the art of praying for Lothns blessings, to partake of the swarms inherit madness. Monks of the faith are specialists in suppressing rampaging Sulns and practice a martial art known as the Nerve-form, utilizing the special disposition the Parosuln have in their nerve-system. The Nerve-form is loosely taught to all soldiers in the Paln army.

    Their scriptures tell of the world and of the Sulns, the Paros and of the lands.
    It tells how Lothn made the world by letting the Suln flow forth in the cold dark void. Guiding them to become the mountains, the seas. And how he made the Paros to walk the lands, to live in his garden. The scriptures tells of other gods, seeking refuge on his creation, his great kindness to allow them with his chosen. And how they wanted the lands for themselves, turning against him. The first god-war forced the Parosulns to war, a war where they made the lands red and the sky echo with their enemies screams. But the war was too dark for them to be remain sane, and they went mad with power. Thus Lothn split himself to lessen their burden so the Paros could live, and still continues to watch over them unseen.

    There are gods that fought alongside Lothn and there are gods who came after. All deserve the respect their people shows towards Lothn and the Parosulns, but his allies more so.

    Show Spoiler

    Whether in a small town or in a big city, the buildings are made of either wood or stone, and sometimes Suln-molded or magically enhanced materials, often for the more special buildings.

    Their towns are usually built in circles around the town-center and the townhall, where most governor buildings are located. With places of worship located on the outskirts along with the any local army and mage-buildings. Farmers live in the nearby surroundings of the town, their farmlands sometimes continuing for miles. Even more scarcely spread are the hunters, placing their homes where they are close to the wild.

    Port-towns are more or less the same, with the difference of the port and the many boats and vessels replacing the farmlands.

    The cystal-gardens are wide stretches of land, sky and sea surrounded by a high wall, guarded day and night against the wild as well as the wicked. Apart from Suln-crystals, herbs and plants, beasts and monsters are all grown and cultivated by the gardeners. Every garden spread out within the sight of a single tower, an obelisk carved from thousands of crystals.

    Every soldier in the empire of Paln belong to one of its army-forts in times of war and during their initial training, unless they spend their lives as soldiers in which case it becomes their home. The fortresses are made to outlast sieges, the keep themselves the size of small towns, capable of keeping things out as well as in, some serving as prisons for the worst criminals in Paln. The surrounding area are made up of districts catering to the forts needs, while possibly not the soldiers supposed work.

    Mage-academies are wonders of architecture, towers and spires winding about one another in their reaching for the skies. Tunnels and pathways connecting them in ways that beggars the imagination. Halls and auditoriums capable of housing the many students and the magical energies flowing through them.
    A great tower home to the high-mages and practicers stands at the center of the academy, with slightly smaller spires for the teachers and their servants, as well as their private studies.
    The halls for lessons and training blossom out from the teachers spires, and the towers making up most of the academies bulk house the students living quarters and the caretakers of the academy. A smaller town usually encircle the towering homes of the mages, profiting from the deal in supplies and magical trinkets.

    Church-cities are different from usual cities in their abundance in chapels, churches, cathedrals, shrines and other buildings catering to the faith. Relics of Lothn and grand Suln-sculptures are commonplace. They are also quite obviously the home to the priests of the faith, and even the ordinary citizens tend to be more religious in their approach on their lives.

    Every settlement of Parosuln, whether it be a village or a city, has dungeons and tunnel-systems coursing below them, making the town above ground the tip of the iceberg. Even the inhabitants are often unsure of how far these tunnels reach, with many of them feeling just at home digging deeper still.
    The Parosuln grow, breed and cultivate most eatable things in their lands, though the devouring of humanoids is criminal in most regions.
    Suln-molded materials and magical trinkets are among their usual exported wares, but weapons and transportation are also things they profit selling to other races.
    While they keep beasts of burden along with other animals, slavery is not legal, servants and field-workers are however common.

    Ways of transportation:
    Carriages, boats, beasts able to walk the lands, swim the seas and soar through the skies. Some of Lothns relics also offers pathways through the Tower, enabling travel across the lands in mere fractions of the usual time. Those using the blessings of Lothn are never in a loss of ways to travel, not to mention those using magic.

    Show Spoiler

    Among the Parosuln, the affinity for magic is greatly influenced by their Family ancestry. The wahjin being the most fluent, approximately one in ten capable of wielding magic. They are also seldom restricted regarding what kind of magic they use. The other three Families have about one sixteenth of that chance to be born with the prospect of a mage, the magic they use more telling of their heritage. More intelligent Suln sometimes show affinity for the arts of magic, often when they come from a family where the Paros are mages. While many might have what it takes to become masters of the arcane, half of them are thought to realize their gift, and only a portion become true masters. There are however techniques for either forcing the innate magical skills to surface, or even make non-practitioners capable of the arts.

    The skill and fluency with the arts (whether arcane or divine) are grossly measured as that of a novice, apprentice, practicer, adept, master and sage.

    There are varied kinds of magic wielded by the Parosuln, though mostly ritualistic and rune-based magic. In the Mage-academies there are however cases of elemental, summonings, curses and many other magic arts being practiced.

    Apart from magic the Parosuln practice another form of powers, the blessings of the swarm, the channeling of Lothn's powers. While mages pry into the arcane matters of the world, the priests teach the arts of the divine. And these blessings are easier acquired, as every Parosuln with a connection to the Tower is able to pray for the aspects of the Suln-swarm. The art of praying for blessings regarding different aspects is something every soldier has a mundane understanding of, usually praying for the blessing affiliated with their Family:

    Aldin=Change Meshak=Hunger Ryfhol=Separation Wahjin=Siphoning
    Growth being an aspect both considered part of the Suln-swarm as a whole, but also a higher aspect.

    A user of aspects may channel their blessings for a limited time, during which the burden upon the body from the Sulns abilites and possible swarm-powers are lifted. But they instead take a heavy toll on the mind of both Paros and Sulns, and extensive use will cause them to lose their sanity. A normal soldier is probably only able to use a single blessing of weak power during a very limited time. But the high priests and other masters of the aspects are in some cases capable of multiple simultaneous blessings of grand power for prolonged periods of time. The aftereffects are however considered to be worse than death.

    Show Spoiler

    The Paln regional armies all stand under the command of a chosen leader, in case of a nation-wide rousing of their troops. Each consisting of the regions army-forts and directed by one of their commanders.
    Every army-fort divides their troops into divisions due to their place and use on the battlefield:

    Front-divisions, generally host paros using the blessing of change, fighting their opponents with melee weapons to enable the Middle-divisions with their ranged weapons to decimate the enemy ranks.

    Messenger-divisions, mostly acolyte paros using the blessings of separation, making sure that information as well as individuals and special supplies get where they are needed.

    Rider-divisions, also known as the beast-divisions due to the kind of creatures they use as their mounts. Their charges on the battlefield meant to sow confusion among the enemy. Even a few humanoid beasts of the lands are part of these divisions.

    Support-divisions, those tasked with maintaining the armies, repairing both weapons, armors and setting up the camps.

    Spy-divisions, using the blessings of hunger they reach deep behind the enemy lines to gain information and remove potential issues.

    Healer-divisions, paros using blessings of growth to enable their injured a second chance against their enemies.

    Mage-divisions, paros walking the battlefield with the blessings of siphoning, unleashing their arcane wrath with destruction in their wake.

    Priest-divisions, the voice of Lothn and the suln-swarm, calming or fueling the parosulns madness in the face of carnage.

    Order-divisions, five separate divisions belonging to the five different aspects of the swarm.
    The change Faceless. The hunger Feeders. The separation Shadows. The siphoning Lights. The growth Breeders.

    Tactic-divisions, mostly lord paros overseeing the armies and planning the best strategy for every encounter, basically the ones in actual command of the armies.

    Suln-divisions, numerous suln following the orders of a few paros, a miniature swarm crushing their prey under a mass of moving bodies. Leaving no trace.

    Monster-divisions, Lord paros channeling the undiluted power Lothn and the suln-swarm, transforming themselves into leviathans of the Parosuln. There are only a select few of them at any given time, the succession of their curse a ritual to make the tower accept them as one worthy.

    Through their priests and leaders guidance, since the first god-war, the Parosulns have simply survived in their lands, kept sharp by the wild and readying themselves for what they know will come.

    As the Parosulns have tried to uphold peace with their surroundings, they have traded as well as fostered relationships with those seeking theirs. Merchant ships sail between them and most parts of the world, many of their soldiers also try their luck as mercenaries in the central areas of the world. The unrest in those godless lands resonating with their inherit crave for battle.

    The stories the Parosuln tell each other originate from the wild around them, along with the Suln with whom they are one part of a whole.

    The Lands:
    All habitats preferred by the different suln families can be found in the Paln empire. And even while there are millions of Paros living in the lands, there is still more wilderness than civilization, with beasts, wild sulns and outlaws ready to make unwary travelers disappear. Not to mention the nightmares in the dark.

    Notable beasts:
    Apart from the wild sulns there are various beasts having adapted to the often hostile environment of the two Paln islands. Among the most dangerous a few kinds of humanoids likely having originated from Parosulns becoming a part of the wild.
    In the mainland forests are the territories of humanoid beasts known as Forest-giants (Am'ghar), unconcerned until you hunt on their mountains, sometimes mistaken for parts of them.
    The marches and swamps on the south-east island are home to beings passing themselves off as lone travelers, wearing their victims clothes. The man-eating things are known as Baiters (Mnhol), due to them luring their prey out into the deep swamps.
    Among the high peaks and deep ravines of Paln you might be swept away by the talons of its most skilled avian hunter, the flying humanoids are known as Wind-catchers (Renihz), moving at impossible speeds even when on the ground.
    On empty stretches of tundra, where life seems to have no place, or in underground caves, where only fungi light your way. These are places you might have the privilege of catching a glimpse of a Lightsprout (Wquei), magical beings appearing and reappearing without seeming to care for your presence. Though there are darker rumors and stories about them you don't tell children.
    While Paln is home to many creatures and beasts that are generally known to be at the top of their habitual food-chain, Curse-tails (Lehv'on) are the undisputed apex predators of the land. These deceivingly feline beings grow to be the size of small villages, and hunt for the toughest prey there is, dragons and unknown monsters played with and ripped to shreds.

    Location: where is your land?
    The Grey lands.

    @Reno Lam

    @Crystal Tear


    @El Presidente




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  3. The Gods!

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    Name: Khorne, Tzeentch, Slaneesh and Nurgle.

    Occupation: Khorne is the god of war, of honor, and is also known as the blood god.
    Tzeentch is the god of knowledge, hope and magic, also known as the changer of ways.
    Slaneesh is the goddess of love, desire and indulgence, also known as the princess of excess.
    Nurgle is the god of nature, of health and sickness, and of atrophy, also known as Grandfather Nurgle.

    Age: Some say they were what happened when a old god did something he regretted, and tore himself apart in sorrow. Some say that they were there all along, watching and learning from the wrongdoings of the old gods. Some say that they simply appeared one day. Only Tzeentch knows, and he isn't telling.

    Khorne is a large, Lizardkin with blood-red scales when taking a mortal form. He seems to be in peak physical shape, brimming with muscles. He has two rows of sharp, thick horns going along the top of his head, as well as spines covering most of the underside of his maw, with quite a few on the top as well. His eyes are red, and seems to be burning with anger. He also bears the scars of thousands of battles, none of which seems to be holding him back. He usually is seen in a large set of blood-red armor.
    Tzeentch is quite average looking for a blue-scale, had it not been for the fact that his eyes seems to eternally be covered in blue flames, and the scales of his face seem to be ever-shifting, subtly changing his features. He usually wears a blue robe that makes him blurry to those standing more than a few feet away from him.
    Slaneesh has the most deliciously purple scales ever seen, with curves that could make even the most prudish go crazy with lust. She changes slightly depending on who sees her, to appeal more to each person. Unusually for a non-albino, she has pink eyes, filled with lust, and rather inviting to most onlookers. Unless the person watching her has something against light clothing, she is usually seen in a rather skimpy, form-fitting dress.
    Nurgle is a large, obese, green-scaled Lizardkin, almost always with a smile on his maw, and his yellow eyes filled of joy. He seems to have several diseases at times, yet none ever seem to be affecting him much, nor does he make any attempt to do anything about them. He usually wears green robes, seemingly made of plants and grass, and something always seems to be moving in it's pockets.

    State of existence: The gods are beings of pure energy, which do not truly have a form, which allows them to know most of what is going on in their lands, and even affect it slightly, more so closer to their temples. They can take mortal forms that are quite powerful compared to most mortals, and are far harder to destroy than most mortals, yet in the end, they are still mortal forms, which can be killed. This does not kill the gods themselves, but it wastes some of their energy as it returns to their true form.
    To even create their mortal forms, they have to focus most of their energies in one spot, meaning that their attention is focused there, and that they cannot do much anywhere else, other than things that are already happening on their own with their energy.

    Personality: Khorne always seem angry, and is always lusting for battle, and to spill blood, yet he fights with honor, not attacking someone who is defenseless.
    Tzeentch enjoys playing mind-games with people, and you can never tell if he lies or tells the truth. He is playful, and often seems to enjoy the chase more than the catch.
    Slaneesh is always teasing and flirting with others, and hardly ever says no when offered something.
    Nurgle is always cheerful, trying to see the positives, and making other smile.

    Responsibility: Nurgle loves all his children, yet occasionally his followers gets gifts of diseases.
    Slaneesh looks at every one of her children as an extension of herself, every one of them experiencing the world for her.
    Tzeentch looks at his children as his favored playthings, paws in his eternal plan. Yet it is poor player who wastes his pawns.
    Khorne sees his children as champions waiting to come into their right, on the road to become the greatest warrior. Yet for every one that does not, his anger grows.

    Backstory: Only Tzeentch knows, and he seems adamant about sharing this snippet.

    Connections: None, at the moment. (I'll take this when I see more of the other gods :P)

    Relics: In the temple of Slaneesh, a set of tail-rings, said to be the first used for the first marriage rests, said to be able to make those who wear them fall in love.
    In the temple of Tzeentch, the Book of Tzeentch rests, filled with extensive knowledge on a specific topic, which changes at random times.
    In the temple of Khorne, a pair of axes, Gorecfather and Gorechild rests, said to have been found worthy to be used in battle by the Blood god himself!
    In the temple of Nurgle, a bag of seeds rests, growing back when used. The seeds grow into the Hisp trees, the gigantic trees the Lizardkin build their homes in.

    All the relics can only be used, and even lifted, by someone found worthy by the specific god.

    Powers: Khorne grants those he favors great strength and bravery, while those who angers him become weak cowards.
    Nurgle makes his favored healthy, long lived and seeming indestructibility, while those who angers him gets riddled with sickness and disease. Occasionally he gives his favored the gift of sickness as well.
    Slaneesh grants those she enjoys enchanted senses, allowing them to experience the world better than before, and enhances their skills in whatever they devote themselves to. Those who anger the princess gets their senses dulled, making the world a far more boring one.
    Tzeentch often grants his favorite playthings knowledge, or something to further their role in the great game, or gives them something they will need in the future. Those who annoy him however, seem to get bad luck, in life-ruining amounts. It is actually all a part of Tzeentch's plan, however.

    Children: It is said that the first Lizardkin were hatched from eggs laid by Slaneesh, with all the three others as the fathers. No other known familial relations.

    Realm: Their realm is the Swamps of Zeran'He, a gigantic swampland, filled with the equally gigantic hist-trees, in the branches of which the Lizardkin build their homes.


    The people!

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    Name: The Zar'Che, or Lizardkin, among most who lacks forked tongues.

    Appearances: The Lizardkin are tall, and generally with low levels of fat, due to their reptilian nature, with very lizard-like maws, filled with sharp teeth. Muscle levels can vary quite a lot, though red scaled ones tend to be the strongest, and the blue scaled ones tend to be the weakest. They have scales covering their bodies, not thick enough to be of much use in combat, yet harder than skin, which comes in many shades of green, blue, red and purple. They all have strong tails, almost as long as they are, used for balance, and a extra limb, which regrows with time if lost. Their eyes are slitted, and almost always in shades of yellow or orange. They are hairless, though most have horns and spines growing on their heads and face. They can shorten and remove horns/spines, though most prefer to have some.

    Physiology: The Lizardkin live about 300 years, give or take, unless someone does something about it. They are cold-blooded, and thus they hardly function in the coldest of climates without something to warm them, yet they hardly need to eat in warm climates. They are quite enduring in any environment though. The Lizardkin are mostly free of diseases, having lived for so many generations in the swamps, and with Grandfather Nurgle's help.

    Reproduction: Males and females mate quite frequently, though females are only able to lay eggs once every other year, though they lay about 3-12 eggs with every laying. The females carry the eggs for about two months before laying them. When they lay eggs, they must mature for a few weeks before hatching. The newly-hatched can crawl and eat as soon as they hatch, and learn to walk and talk properly within months, at which point they get taught to read, write and other important things.
    Once they reach the age of 12, they are fully mature, and considered adults, and are expected to carry their weight.
    The sap of the Hist trees can be distilled to a tonic that prevents the female from getting pregnant for a few days. With how much the Zar'Che enjoys sex, such a tonic truly helps preventing unwanted broods.

    Culture: The Zar'Che lives in silk-walled houses on the branches of Hisp trees. Most of them do not bother too much with newer technology, finding the old ways to hold up nicely, though occasionally someone comes up with something many will adopt, like iron. They are generally a friendly people, both to themselves and others, though if angered, can be quite vicious.
    They are ruled by the council of the Four, having one of each scale-color, chosen by their patron god.
    Family is important for the Lizardkin, though with such large families, they almost tend to make smaller groups in each that they bond with, usually parents and the siblings hatched at the same time. Other siblings are a close second, while other relatives, like cousins are less important. In large families, cousins barely know each other, as it'd simply be too many to remember.
    Full family gatherings are almost non-existent, with village, town or citywide gatherings being a thing instead, as there tends to be plenty of relatives there anyway.
    Most Zar'Che lives in cities, towns or villages in gatherings of Hisp-trees, in the depths of the swamps. Some decide to live alone, away from villages to get solidarity, some gather in small villages on the forest floor at the edge, wanting to see other things than the depth of the swamps, and some, mostly blue-scales, even leave the swamps to see other lands, to learn their ways and such, in the never ending pursuit for knowledge.
    To the Zar'Che, the swamps are a gift from Grandfather Nurgle himself, and while they aren't against letting others live there among them, they will fight claw and fang to defend their homes, and if they do lose part of it to their enemies, retaking it is seen as being of the greatest importance.

    Dresscode: Most Lizardkin wear clothes, though not all bother. There is little to no social stigma about nudity, depending on where you are. Spider-silk is the most common cloth used in their clothes, though what clothing they wear other than that varies greatly, though they prefer lighter garments.

    Religion: They see their gods as the summary of everything the Lizardkin stands for, and they find them to be well worth following! They know others have other gods, but they do not care. Softskins can have their own gods and refuse to worship the Four, just like a Zar'Che would never worship a softskinned god.

    Infrastructure: The Zar'Che builds what they need, when they need it. Need more storage for the town food supply? Gather a few friends, and get it up! Want to open a store? Gather and build!
    One of the most favored animals of the Lizardkin are giant spiders they share their swamps with. They use these as companions, mounts and beasts of burden. They also use their silk for clothing and rope-making.

    Ways of transportation: Moving about the swamps is not usually considered a hard task, be it by walking and climbing, running and leaping from tree to tree, or swimming through the many rivers going just about everywhere. Or you can ride one of the many tame spiders, be it your very own, or a larger one, for traveling between settlements for those without one.

    Magic: Magic is not uncommon among the Lizardkin, as anyone who has a affinity for it can be trained at the temples of Tzeentch. Not all have this affinity though, as it manifests mostly in blue-scales. It appears in about 80% of blues, 35% of purples, 45% of greens and 10% of reds. (Khorne dislikes magic)
    They can learn most kinds of magic, though most tend to go for healing magic, though destructive magic tends to flourish in times of war.

    Army: The Lizardkin prefer not to wage war in foreign lands, as they see little of value outside their swamps. In their territory they mostly rely on guerrilla warfare, using the swamp to stay hidden and picking off their enemies when they arent looking.
    When they have to have proper battles though, the redscales make up the bulk of the forces, dressed in heavy armor and wielding large weapons. Spider-riders aren't unseen in battles either, as cavalry attacks from above tends to be rather destructive.
    Occasionally Khorne himself will appear on battlefields, if the fighting gets intense enough, slaughtering anything getting in his way.

    Background: The Lizardkin has been mostly keeping to themselves, not really bothering much with outsiders. They have lived in relative peace, with an occasional war, simply enjoying life, and trading some silk to others.

    Relations: Zeran'He spider-silk is known to be one of the finest and lightest of fabrics in all the world, yet Lizardkin are rather picky in who they trade with. (No relations thus far)

    Legends/Myths: The Herald of Nurgle is a being believed to be a wandering figure, who appears in populated areas a few days before sickness strikes. The sickness can be for small things, or up to plagues, so when the Herald is seen, dread fills the locals, knowing that something is coming.

    It is said that anyone who gathers a hundred skulls of his enemies who are not of his kin, stacks them in a pile and bathes it in the blood of the final enemy will be granted a second chance from Khorne, allowing him or her to rise once more, unharmed after being slain, as long as the body isn't completely destroyed.

    Zharex and Xerahz are a pair of twin souls, forged by Tzeentch himself, to travel the world and report whatever they see to their lord. They look exactly alike, except that they're mirrored of each other. Some even claim that they are seen somewhere Tzeentch is about to play one of his plans. But as he is said to have plans everywhere, involving everyone, many do not believe that.

    Slaneesh is oftentimes claimed to have visited lonely people's dreams, but as her appearance changes depending on the viewer, that could simply be someone having a dream of what they believe to be what their minds sees as the perfect mate.

    The Lands: The lands of the Lizardkin is the Zaran'He, a great swampland, stretching far longer than anyone would expect. In it's depths, the gigantic Hips-trees stands, thick and towering, blocking out most of the sunlight of the undergrowth. Yet the Hisps grow mostly in the depths of the swamps, the further out you go, the smaller the trees become. None knows why the Hips does not grow in the outskirts, as many have tried to plant them there, having no luck.
    Bugs are aplenty, as are snakes and many small creatures of no threat. Many plants and animals are poisonous, and diseases are widespread among the beasts there. And there, the Lizardkin thrive!

    Notable beasts: Spiders! They come in many breeds and sizes, and are be used for a great many tasks. Some are your average sized spiders, no bigger than one's hand, though they can range up to giants, large enough to carry a great many people, or a large amount of supplies, with many sizes in between.
    They've been selectively bred for a great many purposes, from pets and companions, to small assassins or huge, armored war-beasts!

    (The dark blue lands, please :P )
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  4. GOD! (open)

    Name: He has no name, but is known as the sleeping one by the ones who worship him.

    Age: He is an existance that has been since before the creation of the world and its creators, some within his faith belives the world was made for him to slumber within.

    Appearance/appearances: Deep within the dark caves, under the grand mountain, there is a giant glowing star, while this is his slumbering form, he can take what ever form he pleases. or so atleast his followers say. (will provide a picture if i feel like he is going to take a form)

    State of existence: As he sleeps he gains knowlage of all that happens around him throu the minds of mortal beings, even thou that is the case, he mostly cares little of what happens around him. (would be a slight mix betwen 1-2-3) (nr 3 well he as never done it but could if he feelt like it) (nr 2 he does see throu the minds of all mortals, thou some gods are protected against his powers) (nr 1 he does give signs to people, maybe not always his own people)

    Personality: He is a dormant god, who has sleept throu the enons, thou his mind is harmonic and seemingly friendly being, and sometime shows his grace to anything. (yes he once gave a rock life because it wanted to be alive, it quickly learned it was wrong)

    Parenthood: As he has been asleep throu ages his dreams have given life to countless of beings, not that he thinks much of it as he does not know about most of them, and is almost not aware that he is being worshiped by an entire race/races.

    Backstory: He has been asleep for aslong as there has been time, hardly aware of the things happening around him, he did not even know there was an entire planet around him before he almost broke it waking up. wondering why it was so little space move, and then he went back to sleeping, thou not as deep this time.
    Connections: Most gods would be suprised if they learned that there was a god laying dormant inside their world, exept for the god that created the world, most of the gods, think that the entire species worshiping him were created by a god with a hungover.

    Relics: Not intentionaly, there are things that sort of just ended up there, like the magical crystal lake, or the tree that grows diffrent fruit every day, but there is one that is the sole reason he is worshiped in the first place, a grand crystal wall that shows the thougts and dreams of the God himself.

    Powers: Since he has been asleep not much is known of his power, exept that he creates things in his dreams, and sometimes destroying, or so atleast a really convinced husband seem to think how ells did all his wifes priced plate collection break while she was out.

    Children: There are many but since he dreamt them into existance he knows nothing of them, thou they are aware of him and guides his people the right way.
    Realm: His realm would be the chamber where he sleeps, and since every thing seems to fear getting to close to it, noone knows what would happen if they were to enter. The lands around his crib is coverd in magical residue, and does great things for the mind and body, wich seems to apply to both gods and mortals alike.

    Race (open)

    Name: They refer to them selfs as The Dreamt Ones, mainly because there are so many diffrent

    Appearances: The Dreamt Ones come in many shapes and forms
    * The Sentinels is a mystical race, they appeared in the early days of TDO civilasation, They stand an avrage of 5 meters tall, and comes with diffrent traits
    Sky sentinels are born with wings, while War Sentinels are born with great combat skills, and make for great warriors, and lastly Wise Sentinels, They are born with the gift of magic, they are highly skilled with the arcane arts.
    * The Feir are tiny creatures, humanoid but rairly more than 1 meter tall, they are all gifted with magic, they have a born love for gems, and show it by wasting their lifes finding and crafting various trinkets out of them.
    *The Dreamers, are the center stone of the TDO civilasation, They are an average humanoid race, 2 meters in average length and have few magic users, thou they are known for their great scollars and architecture.
    * The last race are known as lunitics, they once tried to sitt down and decide upon a name, but decided, it would be a better idea to burn down the facility they were in. this race is well hidious to say the least, they are about as tall as dwarfs, and almost as greedy, their appearance is that of a tiny dragon, but sadly none of a dragons nobility.

    What multitude of different ways does your race come in? See above one

    Physiology: All the diffrent races have long lives, well maybe not the Lunitics since none of them have had the brains not to blow them self to pieces. They live anywere aslong as there is a good supply of spirit,
    *The Sentinels can become up to 400 years old, and The Wise Sentinels grow in power till the day they die, and The Sky Sentinels have wings so they can fly.
    *The Dreamers, get around 130 years old, but arent much of company at that age.
    *The Feir can get to 200 years old, this time that most of them spend on gems, they prefere to live in forests, but spend most of their time in workshops or in caves.
    Thou the are all diffrent in looks they are bonded by the common trait of their glowing blood.

    *Sentinels can give birth to the age of 300, thou they can be pregnant up to 3 years and tend not to get more than 3 children.
    *The lunitics, well they reproduce like rats, 2 times a year and up 4 children at the time,
    *The Dreamers, usualy get 2 children, and then spoil them rotten.
    *The Feir, well they are complicated, the chance that one gets their mind of gems long enough to find a partner, even then they rairly takes their time to raise the child, and more offen than not they hand their children of to the sentinels to be raised.

    *The Sentinels live a spartan life dedicated to their people, and is ruled by a high council,
    *The Dreamers, live life to the fullest, as they spend their life creating and enjoying their life, they have a representive in the council.
    *The Feir, well they live for gems, and do anything for gems. They don't have anyone in the council because noone wanted to spend to much time away from their gems.
    *And finnaly the Lunatics, well they are born then they die soner or later, usualy soner. They are keept in check by the Sentinels, and the other races mostly thinks someone must have made a mistake when they thought they shared the same creator. But even thou that they are almost as religious as the Sentinels are.

    *The sentinels are clad in long cloaks and armor most of their lifes,
    *The dreamers they wear normal cloths, aside for their weird celibratory clothing.
    *The Feir are more naked than clad, but they were special suits powerd throu magic, that protects them from most harm.
    *and the lunatics, they wear nothing since they are coverd in scales, and tend not to wear cloths because of their habit of breaking out in flames.

    Religion: The Dreamt Ones belives their god to be the highest of orders, their teory is that the world was crated as a sleeping place for their god. They also belive that their god will awaken one day, and do something, they are not in agreement on what exacly.

    Infrastructure: Their cities are built using the magic inbued stone from the great mountain, and their capital that is located at the mountain top, is built in many levels, one for each race. then each race have their own main city spread around the mountain. After many years of The Dreamers complaints of having to walk, or even ride the carts up the mountain, they developed a magic device that could teleport anyone to any location, efter a while these machines were placed in every city, allowing people to travel anywere in the nation almost instantly, admittedly there have been a few misshapps throu the years, but still better than walking, even if you might end up with someother persons skin. Aside from The 5 main cities, there are smaller towns, and a few fortreses spread out around the island. The main harbour of the island, i located on the western shore and is one of the few places you can get near with ships, due to the many reefs around the island.

    *The Dreamers city is an advanced city just west of the mountain, with railways and other transportation systems, powerd by magic. They also have several Acadamies dedicated to diffrent studies. What marks the city is its many Spires, that reaches far into the sky.
    *The sentinels have a Great city to fit their size and i located at the southern foot of the mountain. Their city is a huge fort, shaped like 3 rings crossing eachother, and a grand castle in the middle.
    *The Feir have inhabited the deep forests north of the mountain, their city is filled with factories and workshops, mines that lead deep underground, and then the Huge tree that is located in the middle of their city, that can be seen from miles away.
    *And the Lunatics, They used to have a city located to the east of the mountain, now well, its more of a set of walls and a bunch of temples, not much can be said about this place, it used to be a great city, untill the day a huge earthquake happend. The city was fine, just that it opend up a few natural gas pockets, that the Lunatics imagined would burn just fine. And they were right, after that only the walls remained and the few survivors only rebuilt the tempels.

    Magic: The diffrent races uses magic diffrently,
    *The Sentinels are well adept with magic, and the oldest of The Wise Sentinels could almost challenge some gods in strenght, even thou most of their magic is focused on combat, they also have the power to create things. (Something thought limited to the gods) even if they are not as strong with this power,
    *The Feir have stong magic, but few uses it on things non gem related, the most common use for their magic is to located gems, or creating magical artifacts using gems.
    *The Dreamers were never gifted with strong magical powers, but they found away around that, and discoverd magical enginering, allowing them to create machines that did the magic for them.
    *The Lunitics seems to be devoided of all magical capabilities, they do throw fire balls around or combust themself on ocation, but thats hardly magical, thou the intressting thing about these hidious little fiends, is the natural resistance to magic, it is easier to kill the little horrors by leaving it alone with some explosives, than trying to kill them with magic" quoted by the arch Wise Sentinel at the time.

    Army: Their armies are mighty thanks to the Sentinels.
    *The main army consists mainly of the War Sentinels, and the Sky Sentinels.
    The Lunitics would then be the footsoldiers, footsoldiers.
    The cavalry consists out of fast moving magical machines,
    For siege-weaponary they use the magical constructs of The Dreamers, mainly magical cannons,
    * Special army stuff
    The mages force consists out of The Wise Sentinels, a few Feir, and magical machines from The Dreamers,
    The Gods Guard is a special force consisting of the most elite of The Sentinels, Warriors that can wield magic and fly, clad in the rare metal found near the gods chamber,
    The Dreamers once had an ambition to create a flying city, they succeeded, thou it could only fly abit above the treelines, and so the reconstructed it to be a flying fort. This is all its glory the pride of their people, it also equiped with the biggest magical cannon they could build, sadly they have never had the chance to test it, but in theory it could destroy an entire city.

    Background: At first there was nothing living around the mountain, no creature dared to live due to the magical power that the mountain emited, but after time there was a people called the Dreamers, appeared and started building towns, and later the Sentinels joined them, seemingly out of nowhere. as time passed the Feir joined as well and lastly the Lunatics. Throu the many years, they fought of invading armies lead by young gods wanting the land for them selfs, The Dreamt Ones stayed near their mountain guarding it, while waiting for their god to awaken.

    Relations: The Feir and the Dreamers are renowned for their craftsmanship and sell to many corners of the world.

    Legends/Myths: The stories of their god are few, the most famous one is how the world was created, their god tired after creating everything, feel asleep to regain his powers, as he sleept other gods came and created the world around him to keep him safe while he sleept, but because they made it to small, the god woke up and almost destroyed the world when he hit his head, thusly creating the mountain, and then the god feel asleep again, but not as deep this time, throu the cracks in the mountain, the gods dreams seept throu and came to life, and so creating the 4 races known as The Dreamt Ones.

    The Lands: The land is just a huge mountain, and then plains and forests around it, few animals live near the mountain, and the ones that does are dangerous and sometimes wield magic, there are few artifacts from the god, one is the crystal lake, it is made out of liquid crystals (not recomended to drink from). but on the upside there is close to no crime in the land, becuse of the Sentinels, the plantlife is filled with magical herbs and flowers, talking trees are included.

    Location: The mountain is located on a big island in the center of the map. The mountain is big enough to be seen from the mainland.

    Why: The Dreamt Ones do not go to war, they only protect their gods restingplace.
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  5. @Dedtoo
    Your gods seem nice, I presume that when they take mortal form they focus their awareness, making them incapable if seeing the whole of their lands?
    A reason for a race to reproduce frequently is often their "short" lifespan, or the fact that they get few offspring. If they live "long" lives, they dont reproduce as much, or they dont become able to reproduce as fast, and the pregnancy of the "females" is often longer.
    How does a family among the lizardkin work? A family-reunion at the grandparents age of 200 could have more than 7 * 2 * 150 children, and thats not to talk about the amount of grand/greatgrand and greatgreatgrand-children...
    How have they not managed to overpopulate their lands until now? Do they get eaten by beasts in the swamps, or do they have have "tribal/family"-wars that result in tens of thousands of dead?
    How is the life of the young lizardkin?
    I guess they are very religious if they let 4 lizards rule them?
    You have no myths and legends !?
    Where on the map would you like to be?
    Why would your race go to war/how would they react to the breaching of their borders?
    Also, regarding the amount of lizardkin living outside the depth of their swamps... are there any? And how much of their lands are covered in these trees?

    Are there "normal" villages and towns at other places on the island, or are the lands empty ?
    And I must say that I think the lunitics have a collateral way of managing their numbers...


    Oh, and start talking amongst eachother, those relations wont make themselves ^^
  6. Alright! I've added some bits and pieces about what you mentioned. And I call dibs on the dark-blue lands, as I believe I've already mentioned in the interest check.
    Yes, they are, but having a council lead them isn't too odd anyway, is it? That each member of the council embodies each of the gods makes it a bit more religious, yes, but it also makes it more balanced, no?
  7. @Dedtoo
    I like it, and Ill mark the dark-blue lands as taken, cant wait to see who becomes your neighbors ^^
    I was pointing to the fact of their possible enormous numbers, which you have splendidly dealt with. The system as such is as you say well balanced, just wait until you see my Parosulns ruling system, there is something unbalanced.
  8. @Windstormugly
    One very tyrannical leader? :P
    And, of course: Thank you :)

    Oh, and also: Positions for trade partners are open! Selling high-quality spider-silk! :D
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  9. @Dedtoo
    Oh, no no. Its just that the leading council are outright monsters...
    I would trade with you, only question is if the one who takes up residence in the pink land will allow it xD
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    for the war.png

    Im the grey one btw, the little blu/grey thingy by the mainland is @Drougar and the blue bird/skull is someone who hasnt said hello yet.
  10. @Windstormugly
    Yeah, the pink guy has to let you past. OR, you could just sail east. Because that is the whole world, a round planet, I can only assume, which means that the east edge of the map is also the west edge of the map, no?
  11. @Dedtoo
    I dont know whatever you mean...
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    for the war (other side.png

    Maybe there is a reason I havent put up this part of the map, hehe.
    Sail that way and youll see ^^

    Fine Ill fix the map...
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  12. Good! Now I just have to figure out what kinda ships the lizzies use...
  13. Show Spoiler

    for the war.png

    Somehow, I want to do this... but no. it would be weird xD
  14. Yeah, that would be weird. Especially if the planet is supposed to be on the scale of earth. It'd be... What's the word... More like an American football than a normal football in shape. And it'd be weird.
  15. Well, the map is fixed, and whoever wants to sail around it is free to do so. Maybe there are see monsters O_O
    Oh, and remember that the world is roughly twice the size of earth.
  16. Well then. If it's twice the size of earth, then we've all probably got a whole friggin lot of people to throw into the grindstones of war! And sailing those distances will take friggin ages. If the winds are favorable. I have a feeling that most of the groupings will barely bother each other, as taking any land would be near impossible, as reinforcements would be half a year away, at least.

    Unless sailing goes really fast for some reason, at least ;)
  17. Hopefully yes, but they wont be nearly enough in the end :D

    And regarding the travelling, we will hopefully have all kinds of races, and all kinds of transportation. Magic is one example, great flying/swimming/walking beasts are another. And some races will probably have mechanical constructs that will help them greatly.
    And sailing has always been one of the fastest ways of travel. Rule the seas = rule the world.
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    A world where multiple different races live couldnt be too small, or they would have eradicated eachother already.
  18. O_O!
    I have great beasts! I'm surprised I haven't mentioned them! Should I put down a bit of it in culture, or should they be kept secret until some poor sap comes face to face with one? :o
  19. Hehe, well, it would certainly be a fun meeting. But no, I prefer to have such information public, not for the sake of everyone knowing, but for the sake of consistency and fair play.
    Ill add both a "notable beasts" and a "transportation" part to the CS.
  20. My current draft of my app. I will be claiming the yellow land at the middle of the map. :p

    Deity (open)

    Race (open)
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