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  1. Earth is now a battle ground between futuristic armies and magically empowered Elves, wizards and dragons. The Techno faction seeks to harvest the resources of the Fantasy worlds after they accidentally released a powerful danger that nearly destroyed everyone in the universe. As a result, the Techno faction declared war on the Fantasy faction thinking they had released the monster on purpose.

    Everything from Aliens from AvP to wizards with pointed hats and magical staves are allowed. Nothing more powerful than a demi god or lesser god is allowed. (Like Kaiju from Godzilla).

    "I'd like to join your role play. The only problem is. . . I am an illegal alien."
    "I'm so ashamed, but as a single mother I needed someway to feed my ten thousand children, I had to come to America for a job".
    "We love Mexican! Also Chinese, Italian, French, Indian and German!"
    "Hell, we love Humans in general! They taste so ethnic!!"

    On the Hat Fields And McCoys:
    "The Hatfields had better give up!"
    "They better sit down and shut up. If they don't, me and my kids are gonna eat them alive!"

    Name: The Mother Queen
    Race: The Mother Queen of Alien Queens
    Age: Unknown, presumably centuries at least.
    Job: She's just a single mother, raising many millions if not billions of xenomorph aliens on her home planet, until the war brought her here.
    Gender: Female
    Appearance/Back Story:
    The Mother Queen is thirty five feet high, a blackish/dark blue colored, bug like monster with an incredibly durable exo-skeleton capable of resisting extremely powerful weapons, both modern and magically enchanted archaic ones, like arrows that could normally compete with heavy futuristic ammo. The Mother Queen is driven more by instinct and the purpose to nurture and propagate her young. An army of Futuristic mercenaries and soldiers made an assault on her young and managed to kill half a dozen Queens, which The Mother Queen views as some of her older daughters.
    Certain revenge driven warriors from their enemies tracked the mercenaries and futuristic soldiers to the Queen's world, and they also invoked the wrath of the Queen Mother when they ended up slaughtering many of her young in their escape. Ironically, the Mother Queen is bound to run into The Brood Mother, a Spider Matriarch from the Fantasy faction. Recently the two factions of the Mother Queen and Brood Mother have taken up residence in Canada. It won't be long until the rest of North America is next. On the other hand, there are the Futuristic Soldiers and the Wizards, Elves and others embroiled in their own war with each other, so BroodMother and Mother Queen will be distracted enough for an exodus of Humans to take place, at least for now.


    "Mother Queen McCoy's got it comin!'
    "Them aliens just not natural!"
    'Them beady little eyes, them double jaws!"
    "Even ther tongues have tongues I tell ya!"
    "That's just not right!

    Name: Brood Mother
    Race: Giant Spider
    Age: Unknown
    Job: A giant spider mother, she provides for her children.
    Gender: Female
    Appearance/Back Story: The Brood Mother is, true to form, a giant spider. She is the size of an Elephant, with six blood red eyes.
    The Brood Mother was in a vast underground city, once ruled by Dwarves. Eventually the Drow Elves took up residence after many years of war. Finally, the Drow were wiped out by numerous raids, and finally an assault by surface Elves, aided by Dwarven clans to retake the city, but everyone on all sides were wiped out completely. The Brood Mother moved in with her vast hordes of spider children and enjoyed the quiet and peace. For her spider children life was a playground provided for them to be nurtured, until they grew into large, vicious predators. The entrances to the city were closed off, with only a few openings to the surface available, which was just as well to the Broodmother since the world was frought with so many dangers, like adventurers, magicians harvesting poison glands, taking parts from spiders for their potions and spells, wild animals and such things. One day however, the Brood Mother discovered that thousands of her little ones had been slaughtered by men in armor fighting each other. Some were firing laser weapons, others were simply fighting the more traditional way, with sword and shield with back up from their sorcerers. The Brood Mother drove them out
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