War changes people. (Lawkheart and angelkitten)

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It had been two years since her twin had gone to war and she had lost the only person left in the family. Right now she was sitting down on one of the benches her legs crossed and listening to some music. Ear buds were in her ears and she was waiting in the bus terminal for his bus to arrive. When he first left for war there were letters every week and then it became fewer and fewer right now she got once every three months or so. It made her worry becaues she had no idea if he was ok or not and she wished he sent more letters. She was so happy now that her brother was coming back and when she got the mail she cried. That was a month ago and now she was waiting nervously at the bus station.

Soon, a bus came into the terminal and other silicate were existing the large steel box. Lewis was the last to get off. His hair, which was long due to his insistence, was straightened an pulled back into a low ponytail. He looked around, a cold glare in his eyes. He was in the marines, chosen to be in a squad that handled in frontline attacks with the enemy. At first the smell of death the filled his nose made him vomit, but after a few minutes, he welcomed the smell. He wasn't the same as before, the goofy look in his eyes was crushed and replaced by emptiness and rage. He was taught rage was his fuel to get things done and it's what kept him sane. He looked around slinging his duffel bag over his shoulder as he walked onto the concrete platform. He waited, his height a few inches higher now, since he was 21. He had grown tall, strong and lost himself in the pits of death and gun fire... and it seemed like he didn't care anymore.
When the bus came up she noticed people getting off and she wondered if he missed the bus. Mail was few and far between maybe he was not able to tell her that he couldn't show up. At the last moment did the sargent need him and he couldn't come home? When she finally saw him get off the bus she tried to wave him down but couldn't quite get her hands over the crowd of people so she stood up on the bench. "Lewis over here." Her voice boomed excitedly over the crowd and everyone looked at her but she didn't care. Instantly she noticed that he had grown and she had stayed the same. The look in his eyes was different and she knew instantly this was not her brother that left two years ago.
Lewis heard his sister yell for him and he went towards her. He offered her a soft smile before setting his duffel bag down and hugging her gently. He had missed her but he could only bring himself to hug her for a few moments. "How you been sis?" he asked softly lifting the bag up once more. He was still a bit in shock that they disbanded the squad just because they had killed a few civilians. He didn't care though. He severed his country and that's all that mattered to him. He even had a few medals for saving soldiers and taking out snipers. He was good at what he was trained to do but he had no idea what he would do now.
A smile appeared on her lips as she saw him come towards her and jumped down. Now Lewis towered over her head and she did not like that. When he left he was not much taller then she was. When she hugged him she stayed in his arms for as long as she could his chest was tight and hard not like before. "I've been pretty good got a car so I could drive you home." She said after he pulled awa from her and she wanted to hug him again. "Did you want to get some food on the way home?" She was always perky and this time was no different soon she was heading towards her car with him not far behined.
He nodded his head and followed after her. "Mind if we go to the Milly's to grab a burger?" he asked his voice deeper and manly. He didn't pay any mind to the familiar girls that looked at him. He was a different man and wouldn't stoop as low as the whores at their school. The only one who was pure in his eyes was his sister. "So sis, how's Nickolas? He been treating you well?" he asked her about the guy she had gone a date with. She had told him about it and in most of the letters after that. He hoped that this Nickolas guy wasn't some asshole trying to take advantage of his sister, cause if he was, Lewis would end that... permanently.
"Sure I don't mind." Milly's was a place they used to go to before they went it was noe of their favorite places to go for food. A smile appeared on her lips as she stopped in front a car. "We have been good so far he's on vacation right now and will be coming home in two days." She did not want Nick to go on vacation because they kind of just started seeing each other and she was glad he had been reading the letters. Right now she missed Nick and wanted him back.
Lewis nodded his head. "Okay then," he said waiting for her to open the door. He put the bag in the back and then got into the passenger seat. He adjusted it a bit so he was more comfortable. He then put his seat belt on. "How's the house?" he asked, looking over at her. He had strained the matter of the house, that she couldn't sell it while he was gone. He wanted to be the place he grew up in a bit longer. He looked around the car. Pretty clean to his standards. He enjoyed keeping things in order, and spot less, a requirement to be a marines sniper.
When she got in the car she put her seat belt on and put the key in the ignition. "So far so good. Hard to keep up with it on my own." She said as she backed out of the parking spot that she was in. Yes he had told her many times in letters to to keep the house and she did even though it was hard to her to work and keep the house clean but she did. Maybe since he was home he would be able to help her with all those things. Even with his money it was not enough to keep the house so she had to get a job as well.
"It's fine, I'll get a few jobs to help maintain it," he said looking ahead of him. He sat up straight, his broad shoulders, were solid against the car seat. He only had his military clothes, so he'd have to go get some shirts and jeans. "Is Milly's still by the mall?" he asked after a few moments of driving in silence. He didn't make a sound, didn't move. He was thinking of things he needed to do. He had to get a shooting license and a drivers license. He had been given his Beretta M9 semiautomatic pistol. He had it in his duffel bag, along with a few clothes and all the letters he had been sent and all the ones he had meant to send but never did. He didn't have his medals since he was told he would get them after a few weeks.
"Take some time and relax first." She said starting to head towards where Mily's was. "Yes Mily's is still near the mall." The mall was not far from their house at all. She wished he didn't have his military clothes on it made her feel weird around him. The moments of silence were awkward with her and they stopped non stop before he left. Thing were different now and she would have to learn to accept that. After a few moments of driving in silence she pulled into Mily's her stomach growled and she wanted food now.
Lewis nodded his head. He got out putting his duffel bag wear no one could see as he took his camp jacket off and folded it neatly. The dull green shirt he wore was tigh, showing off his muscular upper body. He was stronger faster and could kill anyone he wanted with his bare hands. He didnt act it though, he acted like a robot. He followed after his sister, keeping his hands in his pocket as he walked ignoring the stares. He was a handsome young man, but he didn't pay anything any mind as he followed his sister to their favorite dinner.
When she got out of the car she noticed him take off the shirt and noticed he had put on a lot of muscle. "I can't believe your home." She said excitedly placing an arm into his arm like she always did she had not changed much but she noticed he did. Her stomach growled loudly this time and she laughed. "I guess I am hungry." She smiled at him as she opened the door for them when the walked up to the restaurant.
Lewis made no move to return his usual gesture just followed after her to the restaurant. He walked in after his sister and waited for her to pick a seat. He smiled mentally as he heard her stomach growl. He missed being with his sister, and he was glad she hadn't changed from the quirky outgoing person that she was. She reminded him of their father. He was exactly like her and gave all of them (their mother and the both of them) so much love.
"Usual spot?" She said pointing towards the back corner and of course the table was always empty. Now that she was inside and going to order she took out her ear plugs and put them inside her shirt. They always sat there and for some reason it was always empty. Looking up towards her brother she smiled knowing he would probably like her holding on to his arm for support like she always did. Even when they were in school she did not care the guys noticed they were twins and close.
He nodded his head walking towards the table and sitting down where he always sat. He looked around, trying to remember how this place looked. He smiled softly now, relaxing a little. He was hungry and he remembered having his parents bring him here often when they were young. He smiled at the memories not having thought of them in the past two years. His smile faded though as he thought of war and what he had done often during those two years... Killing people.
"Lewis?" She asked when he didn't answer her the first time she asked a question. "I asked are you ready to order?" It had been a few minutes since they sat down and she was looking through the menu. She had no time to come here when he was gone so the menu changed a bit and so did the docor. "Are you alright?" Seeing the look on his face told her something was wrong and now she was worried about him. What was going on his mind she wished she could read his mind again.
"Hmm...? I'm fine, and I'm just gonna have a burger with cheese and fries," he said softly. He didn't want to talk about what he was thinking. He never wanted her to see what he had seen so he kept her out , knowing she could read his mind, with a touch of their hands. He always kept it in mind when he was here, with her. He looked at the menu and didn't say anything but set it down in a corner. He was ready to order.
Moments later a waitress came over to their table and took their orders before leaving again. She did remember she had to touch his hand to read his thoughts but she didn't. When the waitress left she looked back at him. "Lewis what's wrong? Don't you lie to me and tell me nothing is wrong." She cross her arms in front of her body and made a pouty face like she always did when she was trying to get something out of him, usually it worked.
He shook his head and just offered her a simple smile, nothing like his usual smile. "Nothings wrong Betty, I'm fine," he said softly keeping his hands folded on his lap and his posture was straight, nothing how he'd be. He was the same, not feeling the thing he used to feel or caving to people he always used to cave in to. He was too different, yet similar at the same time.