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  1. - WELC0ME T0 ECH0US - ]It was well into the future, the year 3405 AC to be exact, broke out within the large continent Echous between the three major sectors Ithadous, Palathy, and Mongursis. Even to this day in the year 3430, the war still rages on with no end in site. Millions of lives have already been slashed away on earth and more are yet to be taken. What sector will you fight for? Will you be one of the few to help in the war? Will you join the list of the lives taken?



    [- THE SECTORS -]
    Ithadous (IF-Ah-DOS): The largest out of all of the major sectors. There is hardly any open land and building tower way above the clouds.
    -MAIN LANGUAGES: English (Thick Southern American accents), German, Japanese (Most of the minor languages have died out by now.)
    -CLIMATE: The weather from the surface is constantly rainy. However, parts of buildings that are above clouds experience constant warm, sunny weather.
    -LOCATION: The land that was once the Great Plains of the United States. Most of the edges of North America have been submerged underwater due to rising sea levels

    Palathy (PAL-AH-THY): Famous for being the most advance with technology, Palathy is an opponent to fear. Cyborgs as well as robots are the most common form of fighters, however recently citizen (Female, Male, and others) have been drafted to serve in battle.
    -MAIN LANGUAGES: English (Mainly British accents, but some American ones). Since citizens have a translator installed into their throats after being born, they can speak any language and the person they are speaking to will be able to understand their words.
    -CLIMATE: Very humid and sunny. An invisible shield covers the city to protect them from the hurricanes and tropical storms that tend to form from time to time. A special device converts carbon dioxide into oxygen and allows a cleaner air that seems to make the sector very open and clean.
    -LOCATION: Along the rims of the Western side of Echous and on a huge man-made section. Although it isn't as big as Mongursis, it is much bigger than Ithadous.

    Mongursis (MON-GUR-SIS): Highly advance with technology, but super advance in medical and military fields. This is the largest and most aggressive sector that was also responsible for starting the war. As of now the sector has been setting its hungry eyes on Ithados and minor sectors all over and around Echous. Many strong races live here and dream about being famous fighters and leaders. This sector also is famous for creating many mutants in hopes of over powering the other sectors faster.
    -MAIN LANGUAGES: English (Thick Southern and "Yankee" accents), German, Russian (Used by minor citizens and is quickly dying away.), and even Latin (Recently renewed as a language)
    -CLIMATE: Hot in the southern regions and freezing cold up north. People tend to migrate during Summer and Winter because of the different climates.
    -LOCATION(S): Mainly on the Earthern coast and inland, but recently has been taking over other parts of Echous. A large sector rests between Ithados and Palathy that acts as a powerful military base and second biggest military training area.

    Minor Sectors: Several smaller sectors rest all over and on man-made islands around Echous. They usually only have one main city with several homes around the city. The ones scattered on what was once called Greenland are imfamous for large prisons where hell is always rioting. To be sent there is said to be worse than death.

    NON-Sectors: Areas of land that no sectors have claimed as their own. Most areas are either over grown forest land with undocumented species and even failure mutants or wastelands of old cities and towns. Whatever the type is, NON-Sectors are highly dangerous to travel through alone since not only do dangerous creatures roam around freely, but traps, set up by sectors as they traveled around, are thrown everywhere.
    - - MAP OF ECH0US - -
    (You may have to copy it on to another webpage to see the full size!)

    [- RULES 0F WAR -]

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