INTEREST CHECK Wanting to see if anyone's interested to rp this particular plot :D

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  1. [rainbow]Hi there! :D~♥ [/rainbow]

    If you clicked this thread, it means you got curious. Thank you for stopping by. So here's the info.

    The universe is set to modern...or modern-ish as possible. It's a bit sci-fi but it isn't that heavy. The background goes like this. Years ago, there was a popular online game. This game wasn't open to the public. To play it, you needed to get an invitaion. So it's an exclusive invitaion-only game. But it was popular because mostly, it was mostly heresay. Then, all of a sudden it was shut down. The reason? People started trying to hack into it just to try and play the game without an invitation and the police were becoming suspicious. To prevent unwanted back attention, they cancelled the game.

    Three years later, you get a text alert wanting to know if you want to play this game except . . . it's no longer online. It became true to life. When you answer yes, you get to play as a "seeker". If no, you still play but think of yourself as a damself in distress, "The Hidden". Agenda, I'm sure you realize it.

    It's Hide and Seek. "The Maker" has taken something--note: person-- away and HIDDEN it. You get to find clues and locations, you have obstacles and riddles and you have enemies.

    But get this, other Seekers may also take a Hidden for their own until they find theirs. They can do what they want to them. If you aren't able to reach the "Finish Line" with your correct Hidden, they are lost forever. If your Hidden dies, both of you are gone. So another Seeker can sabotage another by killing the Hidden that's not their own. Or they can team up to find their hidden together. The prize? Getting back to civilization like nothing ever happened.

    ...hmmm, it's like a Battle Royal/Gantz/.//hack sort of thing. This is my original plot (from my own original fiction actually), but I'd like to see other peoples take on this. :P

    ...or does it sound unrp-able? I'd like to hear your thoughts.

    And yes, that includes you too @Lorchenne. Can't wait to hear from you guys! Feel free to reply and ask questions. :D //super excited, yeah~

    For new comers, I've made the OOC Page for the sign ups. And am still accepting. The page also has a clearer detail on the world itself. Feel free to click.

    [rainbow]Agepoyo~~ :bananaman: ♥ [/rainbow]
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  2. I would love to be a hidden : 3

    I am very interested.
  3. I would join if it becomes a group Rp~
  4. i hope it is a group rp
  5. Same what the two above me said c:
  6. I haven't heard something so..original, in a long time. I would be humbled if you would consider letting me rp this out with the rest of you. I'm very excited about this! I don't usually rp anything sci-fi related, but this sounds very cool. I assume there will be lots of combat, yes? I really like the psychological aspect of this plot-line on potential characters. Can I join, please please please?!
  7. It's this! Meguuuuu! Totes! Open!!! I started my one like this, the one I told you, I started it here but I didn't have enough material for world building alone.
    You seem to have it down so yey!
  8. Ohmai~ I didn't expect to see so many interested. But I'm super glad! :D

    Let's wait a couple more days and I'll create the thread and I'll link it here. I'll try to fine tune the last minute details so I can smoothen the road for rp-ing. But thanks so much guys for putting in your input. :DDDD

    And put your hearts at ease, it's a group rp. haha. This would be a totally hard RP if it was onexone, dontcha think? xDD

    Anything about the world itself you've got questions though? or what not. Feel free to comment but if your shy, PM me. :) Would love to here your thoughts.

    @Lorchenne where are you?????

    Thanks again guys!!! have a heart :D

    [rainbow]AGEPOYO[/rainbow] :bananaman:
  9. This looks like a very interesting rp I love the originality of it, kinda reminds me of SAO lol. If your still open I'd like to join
  10. hey thanks for checking it out. I'm currently finalizing everything and in a few hours (or tom at latest) the sign ups will be posted. Don't worry, I'll link it here. :)

    haha. Thanks for taking a peek! :D
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  11. HAHAHAHA SAO. and that "kinda reminds me of SAO" line. Gawd it hurts.

    Meguuuu I'm here. That agepoyo banana man is mine. D:
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  12. C: Well if you put it up, then just link it and I'll go!
  13. I'll be tagging along as well.
  14. Super enthusiastic is awesome yah! :D And sure sure, nearly done. haha Patience my little impatient enthusiasts. Patience~~

    @Lorchenne dude, what? what SAO. what SAO???? and I don't see your name on the Agepoyo Bananaman! I call it Sho. Pm-ed it you crass.
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  15. Sword Art Online. It's an anime. One I'm really into right now, lol. XD
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  16. . . .should I be insulted or pleased?? . _.

    have not been into anime in years. xDD
  17. It's not exactly comparable in my opinion. Maybe vaguely, if that. It's a good anime though. I think it was a compliment.
  18. I shall now google it. O.e
  19. Wasn't there an anime that was kind of like SAO? Log Horizon? o:
  20. . . . I still have no idea what you're talking about. LOL