Wanting to rp.

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  1. I'm new to this site, so I don't know anybody at all. I'm looking for someone to rp with.
    I maybe new to this site, but I'm not new to rping.
    I'll rp about anything, except romance.
    Most of my characters are male and I only play as male characters- which range from demons to vampires.
    But I can usually create one on the spot if need be and I'm chalk full of ideas.
    I just need help finding someone to rp with.
  2. YO! I'd love to RP with you. I'm probably overextending myself with all the RP's I'm in lol. Do you have any genre/story/Ihavetohavethis/Ihatethis preferences?
  3. Well when it comes to story plots, I really don't care at long as it has Lots of action(and occasional explosions), street fights, guns, bombs, car chases, ect. I hate doing romance rps. My favorite genre/ I love this is Scifi, fantasy, horror, adventure, action.
    I usually play Sometimes evil, but mostly mentally unstable/ ill, volatile, chaotic and hyper characters.
  4. Cooooool. I've yet to do a horror RP and I think that could be bloody awesome (hehe ;)) we could do a time loop Scenario or survival or village werewolf (figure of speech) or whatever! Look forward to continuing this and I'm going to go get some sleep lol.
  5. lol ok, I'm a major insomniac, so who knows when I'll get some sleep lol.
    But anyways, I also love love love plot twists.
    And another thing, most of my characters are male.
    They range from demons to vampires (but mostly vampires lol)
  6. Plot twists are sweet hehe. Do you want to have them incorporated or improv? Okay, yeah I've been playing females a lot recently hehe. So your chars are usually supernatural?
  7. They can be incorp or inprov doesn't matter to me. Yep they're all mainly supernatural. I do have a few humans, but not too many, so what kind of characters do you play?
  8. I usually play humans but I've been in Rp's with vampires recently (I am one in one). I'm in a bit more Rp's then I should be hehe. Did you have any plot in mind?
  9. ok, eh not really. I have one bouncing around inside my head based on a computer game called Cursery: The Crooked Man and The Crooked Cat. Here is the jest of it.

    For over a century girls of a certain age have been disappearing, been taking by the crooked man, whos's actual name is blaise. He travels around with his servant, Pern (the crooked cat).

    Bliase had lost(meaning died) his fiancé, Cheryl (who he chased off a cliff). He was basically drove mad by grief, but what makes him go even more mad, was that he met the so called Mother Goose, who gives him, a enchanted cane, to have magical powers, a enchanted cat bell, that allows Pern the shape shift into a humanoid form and a wedding ring that will unlock his fiancé's memories, for she has been reincarnated.

    Each girl who was kidnapped, he tried the ring on their finger and if they weren't Cheryl's reincarnated form, they got turned into a puppet.

    A young girl, by the name of Rene is kidnapped by him, and its up to her brother to save her. But she just so happens to be Cheryl.

    If that doesn't work than I can think of something else.
  10. Whoaaaa that's trippy awesome.
  11. So I take it, you like the idea?
  12. oh and the brother has to stop the crooked man (blaise) and end the cursery.
  13. Yeah I do :). Okay. When we're you thinking of starting?
  14. umm...pretty soon, I'm cleaning my grandmas house, so it will be some time after, hopefully.
  15. Okey smokes!
  16. ok, I'll probably get the plot and character stuff up later, I haven't had sleep for like three days, so my brain is totally fried right now, I think. xD I'm racking my brain to simply create a character for another/different rp xD
  17. Lol go and get some sleep XD.
  18. I will eventually xD
  19. Oh before I create the sign up sheet and all that other stuff, I need to know what character or characters you are going to play. I was thinking maybe you could play Rene and her brother, While I play Blaise and Parn, I mean if that is ok with you.