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  1. Hey there everyone!
    So I've been MIA recently due to school and my personal life but I want to get back into writing again!

    I'd prefer to play female in the following scenarios:
    - young women in visiting for school from France, and is a vet student. She meets a male (your character) who she befriends and begins to like. However, a tragic accident leaves her in a wheelchair. The male helps her through the tragedy
    - blind women goes looking for work at a nearby ranch. At first the owner, your male character, doesn't like the idea thinking it will be too much work... however, his father convinces him to do it. They begin to fall in love, despite her disability.
    - (Historical - don't need much knowledge of late 1800s) Young woman has run away from home and runs into a tribe of Native Americans. They are hostile and take her hostage - she escapes and stumbles onto the ranch of a Native outcast, who was shunned from the tribe for being half-white. He takes her in, despite her fear she will hurt him.

    Please PM me, or reply here!
  2. OMG welcome back! o/
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.