Wanting To Do This!





Name: Mina Morton
Age: 17
History: Mina comes from a very wealthy family and lives well, though her parents are gone most of the time and she it taken care of by servants and her governess. She is sweet but can be a fighter when need to be.

Mina has been having these reacquiring nightmares someone is chasing her and she find her self on a rooftop. She has two choices to go with the person chasing her or jump and she selects the later. She always wakes up right when she jumps. She can't shake the dream and has a creeping feeling that it is a warning.

Now what she doesn't know is that is not just a dream, it really happened, it is really her and this is from a past life of hers. Not only is it real but the man inside the dream is real as well and he has been searching for her for a few centuries and has found his beloved once more and will stop at nothing to have her.

So need someone to play the guy from her dream, needing someone who can be aggressive, a bit crazy, very dominate and a tad obsessed with her...So P.M if interested.