wanting to do a werewolf kinda rp...?

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  1. Hey everyone!

    So I'm rather interested in doing some kind of werewolfish kind of rp to do. But nothing like the normal its a full moon transform and be all scary and destroy things kind of werewolf. I'm thinking more of a person with wolf genes and can transform at will, lives in a pack or has a pack that protects a village from threats and rivals from things like immortal beings, vampires, etc.
    So here is my main plot idea:

    Young Renee had always had something rather unique about her, or at least her father always believed so. She grew up as the only daughter of the pack leader of her village and the sister of seven older brothers. They all believed that one day she would become one of the rare she-wolves that existed. Their only concern was a she-wolf never lasted to long in life, nor was one able to become pregnant and live long enough to have to baby. They were always targeted and seen as a threat to other creatures and races who rivalled against the wolves. Renee's family however were supported and believed that their daughter would be the first she-wolf to surpass the others in history.

    One day when Renee was still young her village was attacked and destroyed over night. She watched as her family and friends were murdered and she barely escaped. She was rescued and taken into another wolf village, and after recovering from her injuries she hoped to continue to follow her father's dreams to be a she-wolf. At first the new pack she hoped to be a part of laughed and told her she was only fooling herself, that is until the day of her 16th birthday when she transformed for the first time by accident. Now every wolf has taken interest in her. She really was a she-wolf and they let her be a part of the pack, with many hoping to win her affection and mate, hoping to create a pure blood wolf child. The pack leader however has strong desire for this she-wolf, and doesn't want to take no for an answer.


    so that's basically what I'm thinking. I'm looking for somebody to play as this pack leader male character. If you're interested at all comment below or PM me. Oh and so you know don't worry if the position has been filled once, twice or multiple times. I love to play different scenarios and different versions of one storyline. It's just a storyline. What actually happens between the two people rping together is always new and exciting so I'm always up for the adventure :)
  2. -jumps in the air waving my arms around- oooh me! Pick me! xD

    that's a very interesting idea you got there would love to rp with you c:
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