INTEREST CHECK Wanting to do a tragic romance rp

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  1. So, I just got back on after a few months of being offline. I have a lot of RP ideas running through my head, but I have been wanting to do a romance RP for a long time now since I've never done one before. I've been in romance RPs that were 1x1, but I want to do a group of at least 5 people now.

    The basic idea around the RP is that the characters fall in love and there are tragedies with death, lies, cheating, sickness, family and anything else that would cause some major problems in relationships. I was hoping for this to be a yuri, yaoi, bi and straight RP, mostly because it's interesting that way. The reason that I want to have a group is because I want all the characters to have some form of relationship -whether it be dating, married, blood related, marriage related, etc.- with at least two other characters.

    I would like to keep it under 10 people due to how complicated that can get. Basically, it would be like people who know one another by knowing someone else. I of course encourage multiple characters as well, which is why I say to keep it under 10. Just so you know, I got this idea from listening to Love the Way You Lie by Skylar Grey (I love this version the best).

    Please post here if you're interested.
  2. I'm interested~
  3. This sounds awesome.

    I'm so in if you go through with this. <3
  4. Im interesting.
    Sign me in for a Yaoi relationship ;)
  5. Yay! I'm you're all interested. I am planning on starting it, probably need only one more person, but I'll get to work on the OOC to have it ready.
  6. Sounds cool. You have a plot or something for this rp? Just wanting to now more ;)