Wanting more things to build guys!

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  1. So I've decided to make it a hobby to build things for my lovely iwakuvians. I have an older thread with some examples of what I made other people, it will be listed below. As well as my blog entry on the subject. Feel free to suggest things for me to build!

    Old Thread-https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/threads/what-should-i-build.101328/

    Blog- https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/xfa-blog-entry/my-first-minecraft-builds-thread.8086/

    Completed Builds List- https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/xfa-blog-entry/completed-list-of-mineraft-builds.8087/
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  2. Build a monument to the late great Terry Pratchett in the form of the Discworld. In case you aren't familiar with it, Discworld is a world in the shape of a disc mounted on the backs of four huge elephants which are in turn standing on the back of a giant turtle. Here's an image for example.
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  3. I got nothing, maybe something to do with Dragons or something of the like?

    Either way, your complete builders list is the same link as your Blog. Thought you'd like to know C:
  4. Thanks for the error lol
  5. I don't think there are many machines that can build men. I mean, you're welcome to search, but-
    Oh, right, Minecraft.
    Never mind.
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  6. A ferret! I love ferrets.
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  7. @Jorick When you say in the form of the disc world, could you elaborate a little? I saw pic and such, but i'm not sure how you want me to connect the two.
  8. I was thinking it could just be a big statue type thing. Size-wise probably have each animal layer be, idk, 25 blocks tall? I don't do a lot of creative builds so I'm not sure how much space you'd need to build animal things. The top of the disc could just be a smattering of dirt and water to simulate a map look.

    So basically it'd be equivalent to building a globe, but in the form of the Discworld's odd setup instead. Just a turtle with 4 elephants on its back with a big disc balanced on their backs.
  9. [​IMG]

    Seconding this woman's proposition.
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  10. I thought the banners were used for roleplay advertisements not thread like these?
  11. Can be used for whatever. :)
  12. I want a giant statue of a tiny horse.
  13. I want you to create a

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  14. I'm disappointed.

    I thought this was some sexy Sims 4 hot guy thing, since you're "wanting more things to build guys." But you're actually "wanting more things to build, guys."

    Build the Eiffel Tower with the same proportions as the actual Eiffel tower.
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  15. 1x1 scale model of Minas Tirith.
  16. Suggestion #1: Build an exact replica of the moons Mundus and Secunda from the Elder Scrolls.
    Suggestion #2: Build a giant dragon with working redstone fire breath.
    Suggestion #3: Build the most overly complicated redstone TNT launcher that MUST involve kittens.
  17. A pagoda!
  18. Hey, so this is fairly out of place, but is there an Iwaku minecraft server? That would be awesome!
  19. I don't know if there is or not but if there was I would be on that bitch lol
  20. Well, @Desaecula has a Minecraft Realm. If that's what you're looking for.
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