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So I'm really starting to narrow my Rp experience down to 1x1, as groups get really indecisive about commitment to an rp or story, so it's better to focus on one person you know can just bounce and feed off of your posts and story, and typically ends in richer stories and interactions in my experiences. This is the Libertine part of my interest check/ request section. I don't really believe in sub vs dom or anything like that, I'm more of a character driven/personality type of person involving libertine that causes the characters to do or not do something. If you're interested, check out my plots below! I don't mind doing smut and am willing to write vivid and detailed, but I also don't believe in pure smut without story drive or progression. I'm also open to RpXpairings and other plots too!

- Antrho/Animal stuff
- Extreme grotesque things
- Pure Smut


Curriculum ~ MC just transferred to a new college after moving great distances away from her home state for untold reasons. When she delves into a new city and society she comes across YC who can be a number of things. Her mild and reserved nature draws YC to her as she's really secretive and cold towards people trying to get close to her. But when her past follows her there, she has no choice but to let someone in, or pay a dear price.

Same Old ~ MC and YC could have either been best friends before or currently, as their apparent feelings for each other has gotten to the point where it's become unstable. She talks or gets attracted to someone he goes crazy inside, soon as he looks at another girl or dates someone she's just miserable, is Pride the only thing that's keeping them from admitting their love for each other? Or is it something underneath the surface that the two have yet to reveal...?

Binary ~ MC was a bright and stunning individual. She never harmed anyone, was one of the smartest in her class, and even had a track scholarship to a number of schools, but she carried an underlying secret with her that was slowly revealed to her community. MPD: Multiple Personality Disorder. Ever since she was a kid she's had blackouts and unexplained mannerisms. It was only until her senior year in high school that it became severe enough to manifest into an entirely different state altogether. After graduation her world was crushed to see that she would have to be institutionalized and admitted into a facility, tarnishing her dreams of college and a chance to be a normal teen, garnering many rumors and gossip about her from her town. But YC was the one that knew who she really was, the sweet pure girl she always was. YC can be a crush, a boyfriend, or best friend that always loved her. But when she gets released, how will she adapt back into the world? Will she really move forward? Or is there something...or someone else lurking underneath?

Aevum ~ The gods. They left. Zeus gathered his legion of the divine and abandoned the world behind. No one knows why, but they left the human and beasts race to die. The eight provinces destroyed by fire, by wind, by ice, by force, by rage. Droves of lives lost, for a cause that will never be known again. Now leadership and the provincial Dukes struggle to maintain the ways of the old world. They ways of civilization, but out amongst the outskirts lies total survival and savagery. The elven, the imps, feral, etc. They all along with humans fight to preserve themselves as divine intervention is forever gone. MC is a respected member of a jungle province, known for her alchemy and healing properties. When the Duke requests her to his kingdom, YC comes across her either as a wandering mercenary or survivor that catches an attempt on her life and rush to her rescue, little does he know he just jumped into a fate not even the gods could've released him from. This is a Fantasy Apocalyptic Survival, and will be full of epic action, adventure, and gore.

Blank ~ MC is a girl with no memory, no speech, no recognition of where she is. She comes across YC after he finds her on the beach of his home land. The beauty of this one is YC picks how the universe will shape out, the time period, the technology (if any), the location, etc. Can be real or fictional. MC will have her identity shelled to her as the rp progresses, and when the truth is revealed it will set along a chain of events that will unfurl the very universe built. MC grows fond and close to YC, who in turn gets real protective of her. Will he fight for her? Or will she realize that who she is isn't worth fighting for at all?

Essence ~ This is a sci-fi that features a relatively modern world where six orbs fall from outer space and land in random various parts of the Earth. These six orbs contain six essences of the universes' elements: Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, Electricity, and Cosmic. MC and YC could either be friends or a couple that comes across an orb (that orb would give that elemental power to whoever touches it) or be two completely different areas which both of us find an orb and cross paths eventually to find the meaning of the orbs. This would spark (depending on choices made) a war / chase for the orbs or their wielders by governments and interests from around the world, with their destiny being more than just gaining elemental powers to control. Something is coming.

R1FT ~ This sci-fi is a paradox organization rp based on a sect of people from throughout time and universe to maintain and control the outcomes and events of all possible timelines through the multiverse. This organization has existed since who knows, but they recruit only the "right" people who were destined for the job. Not the smartest, or the strongest, not even the most skilled, but somehow they are "right". MC and YC would be members of R1FT, jumping across timelines to various events and streams. They could either be partners of good standing or hate each other (while holding inner feelings for each other for some reason). This is sort of Doctor Who meets the Green Lantern Corps as it focuses on different corps of R1FT members and each has a control over a set theory of the universe as they travel across time and space. (Time Corps, Space Corps, Gravity Corps, Solar Corps, Stellar Corps, Stream Corps)
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