Wanting a small group, plot heavy group rp!

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  1. Hey there again, Iwaku!

    So I got more than enough onexone roleplay already, but I admit to missing the slower pace yet excitement of an involved small group rp. The thing I seek here is about three to five other people to craft a plot with me. It don't have to be mindblowing at first, but we must all be sufficiently excited by it for it to grow and develop post by post. I'm seeking some slower but bigger posters here, as my rp schedule will be pretty full as it is, yet I'm also looking for plenty of chatter in the OOC thread.

    As for the plot itself, I'm looking for something light and happy at the surface but disturbing and menacing underneath the veneer of harmless fun. Heck, we can even start with a well worn cliche and make it our own, if we get to agree on it, I don't mind, I just want plenty of double take after we reread each other's post after a plot twist, like a cheery smile announcing a body in the basement or a careless wave the dawn of a catastrophe.

    Do you feel like doing something like this with me? If so, I'll be waitin', partner!
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  2. What kind of RP? Adventure? Romance? Fantasy? You should post a detailed character sheet and have all of the participants fill them out. It'll help get people who like to go in depth with their characters join. I'd definitely join.
  3. I'm really liking the idea of the plot being happy on the outside but be menacing on the inside. Now all we'll need is a rough draft of a plot, depending on what genre everyone likes and what we can agree on.
  4. Alright!

    Thanks, I'll post the CS here, and the we'll further talk shop, as the genre itself is unknown in my head at the moment, hence why this is a group plotting, not an interest check.

    Characteristic Quirk or Mark:
    Most Treasured Memory:

    Darkest Secret:
    Sexual Orientation:
    Greatest Fear:
    Most Beloved Dream:
    Here we go, how's that? I think we must find a setting to help us create, too!
  5. I'd might join depending on the genre!
  6. I concur.

    From what was said about the "...plot being happy on the outside but be menacing on the inside..." I was thinking Fantasy..? Like a adventure type fantasy with a bit of action..?
  7. There can be a lot of genres, depending on what we choose, perhaps we should start to decide if we want this to be on Earth, and alternate of it or even another world entirely?
  8. Sounds interesting! I'll be happy to join if you have enough room left, considering about 5 other people are already interested in this.
  9. Nothing is set in stone yet, so ideas and interests are definitely welcome! :)
  10. Sounds like a fun time! If you'd have me, I'd be happy to get involved with this!
  11. Sure thing!

    Let us all plot and plan, everyone! *_*
  12. Of course while I'm gone the there are lots of replies... and I had forgotten to watch this thread. My brain hasn't been all there this week ;~;
    But now it's somewhat there and can possibly think of ideas.
  13. We've got a ton of inspirations and ideas to pull and tug away from! Given the 'Happy on the outside, morbid on the inside...' Things like Higurashi; We'd have to create the morbid environment before we created the happy one, right? (Ha, I forgot to watch it too ;w;)
  14. Sounds good to me!

    Should we go with supernatural elements or the Cruelty of Man for the darker undertone? Both are viable, and both make an entirely different feel, with the former giving way to cooperation and the later to rivalry and distrust.
  15. If it's not too full already this sounds right up my alley. ^_^<3
  16. Same, I'd also like to join if you guys aren't full :)
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