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  1. So I have been wanting to do a kidnapping roleplay for a while and I have had a few idea floating around.

    First Idea:

    Kallie is a normal, popular teenager who is about to turn eighteen. She has her whole life before her and she thinks every thing is perfect. But there is something that isn’t, for a while now there has been gifts left at her door step and Kallie has felt as if someone has been watching her. Though she has just shrugged it off as one of her many friends doing it. Though it wasn’t, she had a secret admirer and he was watching her.

    I was thinking that he is someone from her school, a dark and shy guy who has always cared for Kallie and he is about to make his feelings known. Maybe he isn’t human, he could even be an angel who is supposed to ‘perfect’ her or just a plain demon. We can talk about this further, just P.M me.

    Second Idea:

    There is a small town, on the edge of a kingdom who is at war with the neighboring country. One day amongst a festival the small town is raided by the enemy and a girl is captured by the enemy. Not just any enemy knight but the prince of the enemy kingdom.

    I was thinking that at first the Prince just wants her as a toy, but slowly he finds himself falling for her sweetness and her kind heart. Also I was thinking that she might have special power to see into the feature.

    Third Idea:

    For this I was thinking that there are two gang families and they are warring and there is a lot of fighting going on between them. I was thinking that the son of one of the leaders decides he is going to kidnap the daughter of the other leader and hold her for ransom. The daughter wants nothing to do with her fathers gang actives and so when she is kidnapped she gets very upset.

    I was thinking that he finds himself attracted to her and soon she feels the same and before they know it they are in love and he finds he cant return her. For if he does that means they can no longer be together and so they have to find a way to be together.

    So there are my ideas! If you like any just P.M and we can go from there!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.