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  1. In a world in which magic and steam punk collide. Wizardry is a common are, and, although not many possess the gift, the ones that do, don't have much power at all. They can cast a few illumination spells or cause a spark at their fingertips, but that's about it. A few teenagers, however, are particularly gifted, and the tyrannical government has gotten wind of them. In order to escape the grasp of assassins dispatched to wipe them out, the teenagers must scramble across a steam punk, post-apocalyptic world in search of freedom, liberty, and justice.

    All I ask of you guys and gals is that your picture be around the setting of the role-play and to have fun! :)

    Character sheet:

    Looks:(Picture please ^^)
    Power(Limited to two)
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  2. Oh my Lord, this looks amazing! But one question, what do you mean "got wind of". Do they keep them in a specific place, like a boarding house? Or do they just wander about the city, keeping them in and not allowing them to leave. Anyway, here's my sheet:

    Character sheet:
    Name: Elena Rothbury
    Age:(13-19) 18
    Race: Human? Are there any other races?
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    Power: The power to know how things fit. (if she needs to fix something, she can see how all the parts fit in to make it work)
    Personality:She's a friendly girl with a deep voice. She's patient and likes to listen to others as opposed to talking. She spends a lot of time with her machines. Often, her friends ask her for advice since she's so open but she never knows how to fix their issues. She wishes people's lives were like machines, easily fixable.
    Bio: She was orphaned at the age of two and grew up in one of the government's orphanages. She never knew her parent but had some slight memory of them. She showed her talent of fixing things at the age of six when her friend broke a porcelain doll into hundreds of little pieces. She easily fixed all the pieces back together and when the heads of the orphanage asked how she knew how all the pieces, she explained that she saw how all the pieces worked like it was magic. The government tested her (asking her to fix watches and automatons) before deeming her gifted and taking her in.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.