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  1. Hello Everybody! Boy has it been quite a while. I took a long hiatus, longer than I expected, due to my senior year being such an emotional rollercoaster. To anyone seeing this who I happened to disappear on or told I was busy and you're still willing to continue, hit me up because I'm sorry T^T. Anywho, moving on from the explanations and apologies, I am looking for people to create stories with since I've recently acquired more free time than I want.

    [BCOLOR=#00ccff]What I'm looking for in partners:[/BCOLOR]​
    Grammar, Length & Content: Nothing fancy really. Just keep it interesting. It doesn't need to be a whole book but it shouldn't be one liners. As for myself, I usually write around two solid paragraphs unless I'm feeling more inclined to write more. I don't expect anyone to be a poetic genius but I'm a strong believe in quality over quantity so I'll say it again. Make it interesting. Details about surroundings, inner thoughts, and anything else you feel are necessary are all welcome here. We should both be able to enjoy ourselves and not find it to be an obligated chore to one another. I'm not a mom so I'm not going to correct you about it on the fly unless you personally ask me.

    Communication & Activity: If something is wrong just say it. I'm not going to get offended I promise. My online times vary depending on my day. Sometimes I go outside, sometimes I sleep in, sometimes I work, and sometimes I'm just busy. I'm usually always online on late nights or mid-day.

    Romance & Adventure: Now I love a good romance novel or an action packed drama but it shouldn't be forced. Let it flow naturally as the course of the story goes. The best romances are the ones that take time to work up not ones that were quick and unready. Although, if the plot calls for such situations then I am all for it. I'm not particularly a huge fan of extreme action and fights but if it's there I'll participate.

    Preferences: I usually do MxF or MxM stories. As a female myself doing FxF makes me uncomfortable for some reason, not that I'm against others doing it. I just can't bring myself to do it without wanting to second guess my life. So if we could stick to MxF or MxM that would be lovely. I personally don't mind playing a male role or a female role in stories so I would appreciate if my partner felt the same. If not then it's still fine either way. I must say that I usually play the female role but that doesn't mean I always will. Also, I'm open to doubling characters if it'll make things more interesting.

    That wasn't too painful was it? Sorry if it was ^^'. Now we can move on to the more important part. I'm not limited to these ideas so if you have suggestions just say so!
    [BCOLOR=#00ccff]Pairings & Genres:[/BCOLOR]
    Things that are in italics I have premade plots for. Bolded means I would prefer to play that character but won't if requested.
    Sci-Fi | Futuristic | Dystopian
    Post Apocalyptic | Several years from apocalypse
    Modern day
    Celebrity x Civilian
    Royalty x Commoner
    Athlete x Athlete
    Detective x Civilian/Someone else in the force
    For now this is all I can think of but don't let it discourage you.
    ♥ Thank you ♥
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  2. I have a scifi based idea if you'd like to PM me ^^
  3. Still searching~♥
  4. Hi there :) I'd be interested in an athlete rp
  5. *touches your face* Your alliiiveee
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