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    So, things are slowing down in real life, leaving me with extra inspiration with no outlet.
    I've been hesitant about getting back into roleplaying, but I decided I would get back into it
    after a long break.

    The things I ask of my roleplay partners are simple.

    Requirements (open)

    • Be my age or up. (17+)
    This sounds a bit odd, but I've found it a bit difficult writing with
    someone younger than myself because they're typical just starting out.

    • Be willing to plot and move story forward.
    Leaving the ideas and plotting up to me isn't fun, and I will run out of
    inspiration for the roleplay rather quickly if I feel like it isn't a two-person effort.
    Also, feel free to add some spontaneous plot points to move it forward --
    if it's appropriate.

    Don't expect me to reply once a day.
    Unless I run into any complications or am having a particularly
    busy week, then I will at least reply up to three times a week -- possibly
    once a day, but that all depends on my inspiration/schedule.

    Currently, I don't have any plots in mind nor are there many fandoms I'd like
    to do at the moment. (There are a couple, but it's only about two or
    three. I'm still debating whether or not I want to actually do them.) Regardless, I would
    love to think of something together and may recycle old plots to help,

    Favorite Genres:
    Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Modern, etc.

    If you're interested, feel free to PM or comment below and I'll send you a message. If you
    simply want to know a few extra things about myself or need some extra information, feel free
    to message me as well. I will not be offended if you wind up deciding against roleplaying with
    me! ♥

    There is a writing sample on my Roleplay Resume if you need a sample.

    For fluidity, if we officially decide that we're going to roleplay, I do have
    a non-personal Skype I'm willing to use for plotting or conversations.

  2. Hello there! I was just browsing, I've never actually posted on this site before, and I was curious if you were still looking for a partner. My resume has (hopefully) all the information necessary to decide if I am or am not a suitable partner, but if not, please message me, as I have not yet figured out that aspect of the site. ^^;
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.