Wanted: MORE RPS!

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Dia Thames

The Beast lingers just beneath the surface~
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Dark Subject Matter, Post Apocalyptic, Apocalyptic, Romance, Fantasy (usually Urban fantasy, but I've done high fantasy before too), Horror
I have an idea for a classic, demon falls for angel whole forbidden love concept.Will accept any other idea though as well~ =3

Idea Number 2: There is a demon, the prince of demons who is sent from hell, more like kicked out, until he can bring back a woman, a woman from earth to be his bride. Little does he know how difficult this will turn out to be. Hope he dosn't have any plans to go home any time soon!
...why must you tempt me? XD

I know we already have one RP but if you can't find anyone for this I am totally up for it!

Okie! Thanks for bein' a good RP buddy, I owe ya! So we'll definitly figure out something for an RP.