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Wanted: Long-Term Partner for Yaa-chan~

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Tomatoe, Apr 28, 2015.

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  1. み ん な 、よ う こ そ!

    Hey, everybody~ [BCOLOR=transparent]Thanks for stopping by my ad![/BCOLOR] ☆

    A bit about myself: I'm a 20 year-old fanfiction writer/roleplayer disguised as a nursing student. I have many loves; food being #1 behind my dog and my muse, but the most enduring of these loves has been the relationship I have with my writing. I've been writing with other people since I first hit puberty! So I guess it's sort of a part of me.

    I have a couple of fandoms as well as plot ideas open to your choosing.
    I will discuss any plot cravings or original ideas that you may have in mind.

    {FANDOMS} - must be open to play Cannon characters.
    Naruto Shippuden
    AU Naruto Shippuden/Pre-Shippuden
    AU craving: Modern Marriage (involving love triangles?)
    AU craving: Naruto Universe Post-War
    AU Hetalia!


    The Keeper of Time

    When she first met the keeper of time, she was sure he was some kind of creep. Claiming to be some inhuman immortal piece of nothing. He wanders around a lot. All day, on stand-by. Just passing time and watching time pass... It bothers her how he knows where she lives. What she does for fun. All the time, he's disappearing and reappearing -- following her.

    He can't help that his existence is as a keeper. He was created to watch out for things, especially the things he cherished. Indeed, he follows her. Through ages and dimensions. Wherever her clumsiness lands her, he provides a cushion, constantly adjusting time to suit her. To keep her alive, and all the while remaining a stranger to her ever-compromised memory. This century, her favorite place is the college, where she's certain to obtain her degree in journalism. The keeper of time is irritatingly supportive; almost patronizing, but she tolerates his presence.

    Everything changes when she begins to develop feelings for the disheveled genius boy. Pieces of memories hit her like Deja Vu. A fatal train crash avoids her presence by mere minutes. Could he really be...?


    He was never really that familiar with her; only friends in passing, when no one was around. But when her best friends turned on her, she disappeared. He hadn't paid much mind to any of the rumors they had spread, though the one's he'd heard were bad. It isn't until she pays a visit to his doorstep, desperate for a place to hide, that he finds the chance to inquire.

    She wants to disappear completely. To cut and dye her hair. Burn her memories. Change her name and start over. He isn't that sure who she was in the first place, but he offers her his help.

    Meanwhile, she finds comfort in his uncomplicated presence. He has a clean home and a warm soul that calms her in her state of panic. She doesn't know much, but she knows that she wants to melt into the background where no one can find her.

    He'll protect her. Here, in this world made just for the two of them.

    Turning Blue (younger friend x older friend.. sort of)

    They've both suffered great losses. His ex-girlfriend meant everything to him, despite her mistreatment and self-harm. He'd intended to fix her somehow, but before he'd found the chance it was too late.

    That was years ago. He'd learned to manage himself well enough by now, but the hurt and fear he felt inside hadn't gone away to the degree that he'd hoped. Honestly despite his effortless demeanor, he had been destroyed by it.

    On the other hand, she was used to being happy. All her life she'd exuded positivity beyond her years. But when her only living relative, her father, passed away she was plunged into a depression that sent her spiraling into a level of negativity that welcomed danger.

    It's as if they're both holding their breath, turning blue with all these boiled over emotions. This relationship is destructive for the both of them. Drinking at all hours of the night. Partying with strange people. Their 'no strings attached' attitude toward sex... It's bound to catch up to them sooner or later.

    ** For all three of these plots, I am willing to play male or female sides.




    If you're requesting a fandom, I will require you to play a Cannon character. In return, I am always willing to play Cannon.
    Unless you're requesting any of the original plots listed above, I will require doubling.
    Third Person. Paragraph format. 300-400 words preferred -- or 1-2 paragraphs. Please, no one liners. Much detail.
    If I feel that your OC is a sue, I will politely let you know. This is all a learning experience, and I encourage you to do the same to me. For the sake of your comfort, I will welcome constructive criticism at any time.
    Unless you want to end the roleplay, please inform me of any extended break periods. I don't mind if you want to withdraw; Just let me know, so I don't wait around for ya~
    Honestly I can't prove how old you all are, nor will I inquire. But If I feel that our chemistry isn't.. right, I don't think that I'll feel comfortable roleplaying any sexual scenes. This being said, the majority of my roleplays involve smut. In fact they're often very smutty, so don't forget to run your limits by me so I don't accidentally try to initiate something that you don't feel comfortable with. That would be a little awkward, I think.
    My limits are the following: no to furries, necrophilia, pedophilia, beastiality, bodily fluid excretions, graphic details of rape, Yuri, Yaoi, mobster plots, fantasy plots involving fairies (just not my thing, lol). yes to swearing, gore, violence, smut (lemons and limes), etc.
    No godmodding, please.
    I prefer to roleplay over e-mail, but I am open to thread and/or instant messaging systems at the very least.
    Reply time varies, and I hope it's not a deal-breaker for any of you. You might only receive 2-3 replies per week, especially if I have multiple partners. BUT NEVER FEAR, I will never forget about you! All I expect in return is to hear from you once a week, whether you have a reply ready or not. Then, I'll be satisfied.

    If you're interested, send me a PM! Be sure to include some things about yourself, your writing style, limits, and what you're interested in roleplaying. I don't want to sound rude in any way, but my first impression of you will tell me a lot. I'm looking for intermediate to adept level writers to hopefully challenge my own writing. Right now I'm looking for some stimulating partners, so messages like 'wanna rp _____' will probably be declined. ( •᷄⌓•᷅ ) If you choose to reply via thread, be sure to include the same information.

    This being said, thanks for reading through this. I hope to hear from you all soon!
  2. Hello. If you are specifically looking for smut in your roleplays, this thread should be posted in the Libertine section. This is to keep 18+ and 17- members from roleplaying sex scenes together. Would you like me to move it for you?
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