Wanted for blood

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  1. It was the end of her work day and she headed to the parking lot towards her car. She always parked a little ways off for the exerisce, and tonight was no different. She exitited the hospital into the cool night air, the lights lighting up the parking lot. She could see her car across from where she stood and started walking up to her car.

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    Lukas was watching her from his post on the hospital's rooftop. He had caught her scent from an entire city away and he knew he had to taste it. It was difficult to weed her out from the intense scent of the others' blood, because this was a hospital and there were many types of blood, but he had managed to keep her in his sights. He was almost drooling, just from her gorgeous scent. He decided to keep to his shadows and follow her home, to find out the schedule of his prey. It was worth the wait if he could just taste her.
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    She made it to her car and fished her keys from her purse. It had rained last night and there were still puddles here and there. She got out her keys and opened her car with a beep and opened the car door to the driver's seat, tossing her purse into the passenger side.
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    Lukas just sat there on the roof, waiting for the vehicle to carry her off so he could follow easily behind. He glanced up at the moon with his liquid crimson eyes then back to the car, listening to her heart beat beautifully.
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    She drove home on the same roads and turned onto her driveway and pulled up to her house. She cut the engine of her car and got out, walking the sidewalk path up to her house. She lived alone, not really having time for romance due to her job as a nurse. She didn't mind living alone. She unlocked her front door and entered, taking off her shoes and gave a toss of her wavy black hair, closing the door behind her.
  6. He was off the roof and on the ground with the ease of stepping from a stair the second her car began to inch forward. He stuck to the shadows, easily keeping track of the car. She didn't drive as fast as most people, he realized. She finally pulled into a driveway in front of a small house and got out. He made the bold decision to follow her all the way up to the front door where he waited in the shadows after she opened it and disappeared inside. He watched her kick off thos hideous sneakers and he tensed and groaned in want as she flipped her hair, sending her scent all the way to him. He needed her. And tonight, he would take her. He just had to be patient until she fell asleep...
  7. Once she slipped off her shoes she headed upstairs to her bathroom to shower and change out of her work clothes. She changed into some silky liliac colored pjs after showering and headed back downstairs and took a salad out of the fridge for dinner. She set the salad bowl on the counter and warmed up some cut chicken before tossing that onto the salad as well. Once she was satsfied with her meal she made her way into the living room and turned on the TV, putting in one of her favorite movies. Once finished with her dinner she turned off the TV and rinsed her bowl and put it in the dishwasher for later. She dried off her hands and once more headed back upstairs, locking up her door and turning off the lights for bed.
  8. Lukas watched her, growing more and more tense with every passing minute. She was taking so long to go to sleep! He perched in a shady tree across the road from her, basking in the moonlight that covered him. It felt so good. He sat in that tree, waiting for her to finally head to bed. When she began locking her doors he laughed a bit. A single locked door wouldn't keep him from his target. Nothing in nature or man-made ever could. He wanted her and he would do anything to get to her. She smelled so damned good it made him shake in anticipation. She finally laid in her bed and covered up. Just a bit longer. He focused his hearing on her breaths, waiting for them to even out and lat him know she was in a comfortable slumber.
  9. Once upstairs and showered and brushed her teeth, she finally headed into her bedroom, combing her hair before finally getting into bed and turning off the bedroom and upstairs light. Eventually she fell into dreamland, though she had always been a light sleeper.
  10. He jumped from the tree once he heard her breathing deepen and regulate. He landed gently on her roof and jumped down to the other side of the house, spotting a window near him. He approached it and lifted it until the lock snapped and it slid open silently. He snuck into the house and up the stairs, feet barely touching the floor beneath him.
  11. She continued to sleep, though a light breeze wafted in through the window, which made her wake. She sat up, confused. She could have sworn she had all the windows closed. She frowned and got up to close it, locking it and making sure it was shut before turning around to go back to bed.
  12. He froze, letting the shadows swallow him as she woke up. Not only did she smell gorgeous, she was. He found himself smiling as he watched her move gracefully to the window then back to bed. Once again he waited for her breathing to deepen before he moved silently to the side of her bed and he lifted her extremely carefully before blowing the window open quietly and he jumped out, landing on a branch high in a tall tree. He jumped from branch to brach with ease, heading to the South, to his own home.
  13. She woke the next morning but slowly came to realize that she wasn't in her own bedroom. She looked around, confused. How did I get here? She wondered, still in her pajamas from last night. Where is here? She thought. The room was dark and there were black curtains over the window so it was hard to make out any detail, but she was pretty sure she wasn't home.
  14. Lukas opened the door and filled the doorway, his pale skin glinting from the light behind him. He watched her with cold red eyes, ready to snap her if she made a bolt for it. He knew that if she was as observant as she was smart, though, she would make no sudden movements. He spoke, his inhumanly deep voice sending a slight rumble of both fear and intrigue through the human woman.

    "You are in my guest room, dear woman. What is your name?"
  15. She looked around the room again, trying to make out more detail but it was hard in the near dark. She glared up at Lukas, pulling the blankets up to cover herself. "Let me go." She demanded.
  16. Lukas rose a perfect dark eyebrow at her then stepped to the side of the door. If he was going to teach her who ran this show, he would teach her any way he felt was right. He gestured to the open door and bowed gently.

    "Alright, go then. The door is here and the front door is unlocked."
  17. She looked at him and then at the door. It seemed way to easy. Why would he kindapp her only to realese her just because she wanted to go. No. It was like he was daring her to. She angrilly folded her arms across her chest. At least he hadn't tied her up. Yet. She thought.

    "Why did you kidnapp me?" She asked instead, deciding she would wait for a better oppertinuty then one so easily offered time to escape.
  18. Lukas straightened up and smiled wickedly. Good girl. Smart girl. She knew when there was deceit. He leaned against the wall, the door still very open and unblocked and his eyes dulled to a deep brown to hide the red. He spoke, his voice even and empty as he explained her situation to her.

    "Your blood, of course, darling. I could smell your potency a city away. More probably. Have you any idea what you are? What your blood contains?"
  19. Her blood? What in the world was he talking about? Or was he just a raving mad lunitic? "M-my blood? What are you talking about?" She shuddered a little.
  20. He stepped forward, the moonlight shining through the window glinting in his eyes, making them flash blood red as he loomed over her, his lips twisted into a handsome yet borderling wicked smile. She honestly had no idea.

    "Your blood is different from any others. You are different in your entirety. Now, tell me your name or I shall force it from you."

    His voice was a demanding growl, his lips in a snarl, showing his fangs.