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  1. As my current roleplays are going a bit slowly I am in need of more entertainment. Plot suggestions are welcomed, but first check out these hidden messages down below (and excuse me for writing a bit sloppy, it feels like my brain is half asleep)

    Important info (open)

    1. I'm Swedish so I might not have the best grammar all the time. I have a spell checking program so there should be no spelling mistakes. If I make the same mistake repeatedly then you can always hit me up with a message and tell me so I can learn
    2. I write around 2-5 paragraphs and I prefer it if my partner can provide the same amount. No one liners or one small paragraph of 3 sentences.
    3. I understand if you get a writers block, and during those circumstances one paragraph is acceptable. But don't make it into a habit.
    4. I roleplay in third person with past tense (Ex. He saw an owl). I prefer to roleplay with people using the same writing style since it becomes confusing if the other person writes in first person present tense. (Ex. I see an owl)
    5. No sexual rps, I'm not comfortable with sex scenes. Our character can have sex, but it will be behind the curtains.

    Plot ideas & Fandoms (open)

    1. Two teenagers wakes up in a djungle with no memories of who they are or what happened to them. They don’t know if they can trust the person they woke up with, but trying to survive alone might be fatal. They will have to find food, be careful of poisonous foods, escape wild animals, and eventually find out who the mysterious men that has been chasing them are. Slowly their memories will come back to them, and maybe they will be able to find their way home.
    (This is not a romance rp, and the characters can be any gender.)


    1. The evil saga (Aku no monogatari) (I WANT TO DO THIS, Pretty please)
    Based on the vocaloid serie aku no monogatari. We simply follow the storyline of the series and throw in our own personalities and extends the story with our own ideas. We would mainly focus on Rin and Len, but we could also play out stories with the other characters when Rin and Len aren't present in the story. If so then the lineup for character use would look like this:

    1. Len Kagamine (servant)
    2. Haku Yowane (Daughter of white)
    3. Kaito (King of the blue kingdom)

    1. Rin Kagamine (Princess of the yellow kingdom)
    2. Meiko (Swordswoman in red armor)
    3. Miku Hatsune (Woman from the kingdom of green)

    (This is because I rather play Len than Rin, and the others are simply put out after how much they talk with the other characters. Miku mainly talks to Len and Kaito. Meiko mainly talks to Kaito (and has one scene with Rin). Rin mainly talks to Kaito, Len, and Yowane. So in that line up there won't be much need for a long post where someone only interacts with their own characters.)

    If we only focuses on Len and Rin then after Lens death I would still start playing the daughter of white as she is the only one that interacts with Rin after the death scene. The rp would stop shortly after that if we don't decide to make a continuation on the evil saga.

    2. X-men
    Anything in the X-men world. The original characters can exist (and should even though they might only make a guest appearance in the rp), but our characters should preferably be OCs, though I'm not completely against you playing a role that already exists if you wants to. Our characters could be with the x-men, with the brotherhood, with some other group, or they can be the kind that just doesn't want to be in a group. They can also be from two different groups and thus making a bit of drama between them.

    (I have not read the comics. I have seen all the movies, watched the tv-series x-men evolution and wolverine and the x-men.)

    3. Rise of the guardians (LOVE ROTG RP'S)
    I don't ship any characters romantically and I prefer to play Jack Frost. I like to have a plot where Jack turns to Pitch's side and sees him as a friend or father figure after a while. (Not because he becomes evil, but because he questions the guardians and even the moons view of good and evil) Or an alternative universe where Pitch found Jack before the guardians did. It can also continue on after the movie ended, something new threatens the children and they might even need the nightmare kings help.
    (I mainly want us to use the already existing characters, new characters can be created if we for example wants to get a new villain or someone that will help them.)

    4. Jack Frost x Elsa
    I don't mind being either one of those two. I just love their pairing. Both are so lonely (when their movies starts) Having Pitch in the plot is also fun. (Elsa and Jack doesn't have to fall in love, they can be friends, or frenemies, or fall in love or brother/sister relationship etc.)

    Hit me up with your own ideas, my rp resume is filled in and awaits your arrival. I won't be home from tomorrow afternoon until the afternoon the day after, so don't be surprised if I don't answer you before Saturday.
  2. I'd love to do the first plot with you.
  3. For the 3rd plot, I've been DYING to do a OC romance with Jack Frost. I've seen the movie numerous times and practically know it by heart <3
  4. Wolves:
    Great :D
    Anything you want to discuss about the plot, or do you just want to start it?

    Yay ^^
    Did you have any plot in mind for them? Or should we just start of shortly after the movie ended and let the characters meet and see what happens?

    And what do you want to do with the other characters from the movie? Even if they aren't in the plot they will most likely appear a bit now and then. Should both of us have free reign to control all the other characters? (Though we don't use them at the same time ofc). Or should we choose from the beginning who controls which major characters from the movie in case we decide that they shall enter the story?
  5. Um, nope. You basically have the plot explained already? I was just wondering if our characters could have a progressing relationship and if it could be MxM. Im not aiming for romance to be the main plot as you said it wasn't a romance roleplay.
  6. YAY!!!!! ^-^

    Um, after the movie. Maybe Pitch comes back but in a different town (my character's)?

    yeah, we can be them whenever needed :P)
  7. Wolves:
    Yeah, their relationship could be progressing during the rp, and it can be MxM
    I'll start the first post in a little while then

    So something like this?
    "Pitch Black was defeated, crushed by the guardians. Deep within his castle he started to plot his revenge, and as fast as his powers started to return he started over again. Started to bring nightmares to the worlds children, though silently so the guardians wouldn't notice at first. Little by little, he built up his nightmare army again with the help of a few unknowing people. Their nightmares fueled his army. But one day Jack Frost meets one of those people, and eventually the nightmare kings plan unravels."

    Something like that maybe for a starting plot?
  8. yeah that's perfect! My OC could be one of the children of the town Pitch chooses to start his revenge on, Jack could come to that town/city noticing the children there weren't their normal selves. Maybe he can find my girl and tries to get her to help him and the Guardians defeat Pitch again. At first my girl doesn't believe in Jack but something happens that makes her believe, but she's never believed in Pitch. She can be the 'Jamie' of her town/city in a way.
  9. But in RoTG they only took help of the children because they didn't have much of a choice. The guardians didn't have any power so they needed the last believing children to help them out. If we do the plan that Pitch simply is building up his powers and there's still thousends of believing children, then they wouldn't need to help of children. And there would be no reason to try to get the help from a child that can't see him when he knows people that can.

    In that case there needs to be some kind of reason why they need that specific child's help if we are going to go with that idea. Otherwise it would be better if she already believed in Jack Frost and one day he happened to be seen by her and they started to talk, which led to him realizing what Pitch was doing and then somehow she got involved in it.
  10. true... um....

    Okay, so she will believe in Jack and everyone - even Pitch - already. What can happen that gets her involved though?
  11. Sorry for the late reply

    Well, it doesn't have to be something big, it could be something simple like she wants to help but Jack (and the guardians) said no because it was too dangerous, but she doesn't give up and follows Jack. One way could be that North and maybe Sandy comes to the town after getting the message from Jack that Pitch was doing something suspicious there. After some investigation they travel back to the north pole and by then the child could have either sneaked into North's sack in the sled, or when they open the portal she runs in after them just before it closes.
  12. it's ok

    oooo I love that second idea with her going into the portal after them. She can say no at first because of the danger and she doesn't think she could do anything to help. Jack could try making her believe in herself but she's still in denial. Jack leaves with North and Sandy to the pole and she jumps in the portal following them after thinking about what Jack told her?
  13. But we just said that the guardians were supposed to not let her help them because it was too dangerous and because they had no reason to ask a child to help this time when they had all their powers. That's why we needed to get her involved somehow. If both sides are on the no side, then no one will start the conversation to convince the other side to go with their idea. Thus never giving her anything to think about to follow through the portal.
  14. oooh sorry I misread it. >.< it was early when I replied :P
  15. Aha ok

    so from what we have so far it could go something like this:
    Jack is in a town he hasn't been in before (or not for many years at least), as he plays around he finds a child whom has been used by Pitch for some time together with other children. Maybe they play for some hours until it becomes nighttime and the child doesn't want to go to sleep. That's when Jack figures out that she has had nightmares, and when staying with her for the night to make her feel at ease he notices that nightmare sand appears as she starts to dream.

    He tells the other guardians that something is going on, and since the child believes in them, Sandy and North comes to the town to talk to the child and see if they can find out something more. Sandy also checks the sleeping children to see if he can do something immediately. When they're done talking to her, she might tell them that she wants to help, and they say no because it's too dangerous. They decide to get back to the North pole and talk to the other guardians before taking any actions, and that's when she jumps into the portal after them.

    Does that sound like a good start?
  16. yeah, that sounds great :D
  17. Should I start the first post or do you want to do it?
  18. can you please start it?
  19. Ok, I just need to reply to another rp first. I'll post a link when I'm done with it ^^
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