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  1. Okay. Soooooooo, I have some pairings I'd like to do. So you know I only play submissive characters, but the sub can be male or female. If prefer to RP through PM, but I'm open to a thread also. I'm cool with femdom or male dom on all of these
    1. Your character knows mine is submissive and is determined to prove to my character that they are submissive and should be a slave to yours. ((MxM, FxF)) ((open))
    2. My character is headed to the doctor and gets an interesting physical. ((MxM, MxF)) ((open))


    Please suggest other pairings or plots you have in mind! If your interested shoot me a PM or reply to the thread ^-^
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  2. I like the First Idea CX
  3. Yay!! ^-^~ Ill PM you!
  4. Ohh~ I like the second idea xD
  5. Yay ^^ Send me a PM?
  6. Alright :3
  7. I have a few ideas (some furry if you aren't opposed) Here's some pairings @April.
    Mx F Angel
    M Demon x F Priestess
    M Human x Inu F
    M Werewolf x F Human
    F Werewolf x M Human
    M Freshman x F Freshman (College)
    M Senior x F Senior (College)
  8. I really like the idea of the demon x priestess
  9. Cool. Does it matter if it's a furry?
  10. No, I don't mind
  11. Although actually, could we do a furry siblings RP?
  12. Certainly, could you send me a PM so we can talk a bit more in depth?
  13. Hey. PM me! I have some pretty cool ideas involving furries if you don't mind.
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Not open for further replies.