wanted: 1x1 partner

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  1. lιĸe вrυн, do yoυ even ѕee тнιѕ?
    Hehe, so did you see it? No? Oh... Pfft I know you did! Anyways back on to le topic on hand. I have no serious bone in my body.
    I never will have a serious bone in my body, but anyways like my title states, you can just call me MewMew.
    I'm looking for a roleplaying partner that won't leave me without notice and they're actually active.
    I'm on everyday, I don't have a certain time though. I get on when I have the chance, but anyways I've been rping for 3 or 4 years now.
    I'm new to IwakuRoleplay though. I would say that I'm purr-fect at rping, heh get it? Purr-fect. Mew Mew? No? Oh... Ok.
    I'm not perfect at roleplaying, but I do like to do it. I would say its a passion of mine, but I only do anime rp unless it's Fantasy!
    Types of Roleplay, yah ask?
    Well I like all types of Rp!
    Yaoi... I. Love. Yaoi.
    Yuri, never really tried it.
    Fantasy, talking dragons :)
    Smut, oh yeah.
    Horror... BOO!
    Fandoms... Yas!
    Supernatural, meh heh.
    Comedy, is that a genre?
    Mystery, get my pipe!
    Yaoi... heh.
    Le Yaoi has made me a hermit...

    Fandoms... What Fandoms...
    Kuroko No Basuke. Mah Bae's in it ;)

    DRAMAtical Murder. YASSS!
    Uta No Prince-Sama
    Blue Exorcist
    Devils and Realists... My life in three words.
    Love Stage!!
    Attack on Titan
    Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi
    JunJou Romantica
    Ideas? WHAA!?
    Nerdy boy x Jock
    Deity x Deity
    Angel x Demon
    superstar x commoner

    Mafia/Yakuza boss x regular guy (Boss is sorta like a sadist and treats the regular guy like a pet)
    I really wanna rp the last one xD, but if you also have any ideas then just tell meh cause I don't bite!!
    Or Maybe I do, hehe!
  2. Oh oh! The last one sounds amazing! xD I'd love to rp that :D
  3. What pairings from DMMd do you do?
  4. Im interested wanna try a Yuri rp?
  5. I love DRRR!! Do you ship Shizaya? ^.^