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  1. You went from nothing- a child on the street- with no life at all, to something far more interesting... An experiment I assume. I take my catchphrase from that popular horror movie that was quite popular at one point, Saw, I think- now,
    I want to play a game, and your going to be in it.

    Call me Mayhem! I will be your loony, crazy, nutcase of a GM! Now this is a RP inspired to me in the middle of the night while I was painting a picture of Freddie Krueger on the wall! What can I say? My best inspiration seems to come from painting walls! So this was for the horror festival and I thought, what the hell!
    Anyways, you will be a kid I guess was walking the streets at night, and BOOM, You are found locked in a tiled room with other people you have never met before...and heck, the place was covered in blood!
    okay, I'll be honest I know the plot- but I think I want to reveal it to you as we go!
    Surprises are good! Are they not?

    here you have it, the Character sheet!

    Name: (Full name, any nicknames also please!)
    Age: (young please, age limit is 10-16, because hell, too old and I'm not gonna be able to kill ya! MWAHAHA!)
    Gender: (you know the drill...no cats...or aliens please!)
    Race: (American, Finnish, You know, Martian...)

    Personality: (no one liners you guys! Put a bit of detail on how they act, and what kind of things they do...)
    Hobbies: (well, they obviously don't do it anymore- but hell, gives us more of a feel of who they are!)

    Appearance: (Scruffy dress? Jeans? Hamster costume? Oh, and all your possessions have been stripped! NO EXCEPTIONS! XD)
    Bio: (history! My favourite subject! SPREAD THE LOVE)

  2. This okay?

    Name: Elettra Cesarina. Nickname is Elly.
    Age: 13
    Gender: Female
    Race: Italian
    Personality: Elettra is a shy, reserved girl. She isn't used to interacting with other people much, as she rarely left her families house. She is inappropriately polite. She has a soft heart, and is very kind but easily persuaded. She is always hard working and helpful. Unfortunately she doesn't have much confidence in her self, and can be oblivious to the world around her.
    Hobbies: Cooking, drawing, reading, cleaning and swimming.
    Bio: She was born in Florence, Italy. Her dad is an architect, and her mother is a nurse. Elettra was often left to look after the house and younger brother, Nevio, alone as a child. This was how she got into cooking and cleaning. She was home schooled, and rarely left her families house. Her teachers soon just let her learn for herself though, since she learnt best from the books in the families massive library. She was rather lonely in her families beautiful mansion over looking the cities river. To pass her spare time, by day she drew landscapes from different windows in the mansion. By night she secretly swam in the river, attracted by how cool it was, and how it glittered.
  3. Name: Lucian Ravenborn
    Age: 15
    Gender: Male
    Race: British

    Personality: A complete pervert, he loves to flirt around with girls and boys. Most of the time he's a little cruel and sadistic, but only when he's bored. It's hard to tray and tell him what to do, he's a lot more stubborn than most people would think him to be. When he first meets people, they think he's extremely kind and friendly. He loves to play mind games with people and confuse them. Naturally he tends to act more coldly to people he doesn't like even a little bit.
    Hobbies: Music, Collecting Insects (favorite part is pinning them) and Art (mostly sketching)

    Bio: Lucian had always been a strange child, ever since he was two. He grew up in Great Britain with his parents and older sister, he didn't really like any of them. Only when he turned about seven did he start acting 'evil' towards people. His family and psychiatrist thought his love of pinning bugs and collecting them was weird. It wasn't long before he was sent to an orphanage and forced to behave like a good child. Once he turned thirteen, he left the orphanage and started living with his uncle. His uncle wasn't exactly all there in the mind, so Lucian took care of himself for the most part. He had lived a great life with his uncle, having no real rules and teaching himself everything he should have learned in school, which was considered homeschooling for him. The two things he really got addicted to though, was art and music, he loved to sketch things and to sing and play instruments. Lucian had always enjoyed being alone, but it was fun to go to cafés and flirt with the workers as well as the customers, both male and female, because he could have cared less, he didn't have any real rules.
  4. He looks like Bel from khr!
  5. Name: Juliana Jepson or JJ
    Age: 10
    Gender: Female
    Race: American
    Personality: She is very sweet and kind. She will always help someone if needed but is still very young and can be pretty emotional. She rarely (if ever) gets angry and is mostly just happy or shy. She will always try to look on the bright side of things. She is honestly one of the sweetest kids ever. She is also very innocent and childish in the way she acts. She is also very curious about just about everything
    Hobbies: learning, reading, exploring
    Appearance: The majority of her clothes as too big for her or hand-me-downs. She is also never without her locket
    Bio: She lived in a small apartment with her mom, dad and brother and they never had much money. Her brother left them to live on his own because he didn't want his parents to have to pay for his things anymore. He hasn't really been heard from since. She loved every minute of school, unlike many other children, and adored learning. She would often spend many hours in the library after school just reading and always got good grades because of her love for learning. Both of her parents had to work long hours so she had to care for herself after her brother left. Before then her brother would care for her and be very protective.

  6. Reserved for profile. :) Parts will be finished once on my computer.

    Name: Kadri Levert
    Age: 15
    Gender: Female
    Race: American

    Personality: (no one liners you guys! Put a bit of detail on how they act, and what kind of things they do...)
    Hobbies: Loved to play video games, sing in the shower, and sketch a bit.



  7. Name: Die Verloren (I don't even know...)
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Race: American
    Personality: She was raised on the streets and knows how it goes. She acts tough and looks mean. She often just huffs a reply, unless you get her really mad, then she'll just stab you. She often keeps to herself and don't even try to ask her to share. Glares at everyone, and sees everything, but hardly no one sees her, she tends to like to hide in corners, like mold.
    Hobbies: Stalking prey, stealing, stabbing, drugs. You know, all the good stuff.
    Appearance: (Scruffy dress? Jeans? Hamster costume? Oh, and all your possessions have been stripped! NO EXCEPTIONS! XD)
    Bio: She was abandoned at birth practically, but she's cool with it. She lived some how, her younger days as a dumpster baby are kinda fuzzy. But what is remembered is her life of crime. She wasn't the type for a gang, she was a "lone wolf." Nothing too great has happened to her and the only recognition shes ever received was for the death of a man, and it was all out of self defense, or so she says. "Manslaughter" is that they called it, but who knows how it went down.

    Over used and full of what I call chesses! Let's see if I can pull it off. (Will edit laterrr)