Want to help Iwaku keep on being awesome? Apply to join staff!

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  1. Greetings, people of Iwaku. I'm Jorick, and I'm the Security Admin for the site. Let's skip the rambling intro I would usually do and get right to business.

    Iwaku needs more staff people badly. We currently have around one third of the total staff people we would like to have to be able to run everything smoothly and efficiently. Right now we're basically scrambling around like a pack of monkeys trying to maintain an old battleship. There are leaks in the hull that our poor little monkey fingers can plug up for only so long, and the weapons systems are all sorts of messed up and probably don't work, but we're still afloat and we make a good show of things so pirates don't get all up in our business.

    That metaphor got away from me, but that's fine. The important point is that we are in severe need of new interns and staff members to help keep Iwaku all nice and shiny and operational. Read through the little Q&A below to see if you're interested and able to help out!

    What do staff members even do?

    There are three departments of staff, and they all do different things to help make Iwaku spiffy.

    Maintenance staff members do stuff like looking through the various forums sections to archive old threads and apply proper prefixes and tags where necessary. They also make sure the Gallery stays organized, search for rule breaking in roleplays, and send folks basic reminders of the rules. Interns, which is the starting position for everyone who is not a recently returning staff member, work with the Maintenance department to do most of those same things.

    Community staff members focus on making sure there's an actual community feel to Iwaku and do things to help keep the atmosphere all nice and relaxed. They greet newbies, they make sure General Chatting and the chat boxes stay chill, and they help run community events like the Newbie Care Package to make sure everyone feels all warm and welcome and such.

    Security staff members enforce the rules. They go looking for people who are using multiple accounts or lying about their age and handle those folks, they take reports about being being buttholes and handle them as necessary, and they generally make sure that anyone who is a terrible impact on the community fixes their behavior or gets removed in a timely fashion.

    If doing any of the above interests you, then you should apply!

    How much time does it take to be a staff member?

    Like two hours a week, maybe? Honestly it doesn't take much time at all. As long as you can put aside a little time each week to do staff things then you're fine, no need to look at it like some huge burden.

    What are the requirements to be a staff member?

    Be an active member of Iwaku for 4 months, don't have a record of major or repeated rules violations, and don't be an asshole.

    That obviously requires some explanation. You can apply before you've been active on Iwaku for 4 months, but we probably won't hire you until after that time has passed because we need to be confident that you won't just disappear from the site a few days after being hired. Single warnings for minor issues are probably fine, but if you've gotten many warnings or have been temporarily banned then you're not the kind of person we're looking for. That last part is obviously very subjective; it's my inelegant catch-all term for saying that some people may have problems with their attitude or past issues with other members or signs of being power-hungry or so on that make them someone we won't want to hire. We've got to try to make sure the people we hire are going to be good for Iwaku, and these basic requirements are our guidelines to make that happen.

    What if I was on staff once before? Do I have to apply again?

    Yep, even former staff people have to apply again! We're kind of anal retentive about record keeping, so we want everyone to apply so we have a record of it. Also, just because you were on staff before doesn't mean you have a guaranteed spot on staff again; we can't just let staff be a place with revolving door, and sometimes former staff members fail the above requirements despite being hired previously.

    What do I get for being on staff?

    A sense of pride and a pat on the head from the admin of your choosing! Being on staff is a fully voluntary position, not a paid one, so don't apply if you're expecting some kind of compensation. You do get the minor perks of being able to bring your own threads back from the graveyard and bump them, or dump them into the graveyard yourself when they die so nobody else sees your shame, but that's about it for bonuses. Aside from that it's just work you do because you love Iwaku and want to make sure it keeps on being fabulous.

    Alright, you've convinced me. How do I apply?

    Just click this link and fill out the form!
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  2. I think I applied. did you get it?
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  3. It feels good to get those head pats. :'D
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  4. You did, and we got it. You applied right after our previous round of hiring, actually. :)
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  5. i always seem to have that kind of timing. I just wanted to be sure you got it. I have been known to forget to hit enter. lol
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  7. It really does. *meow*

    My favourite part of this PSA. XD
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  8. I'm so interested! But, I think I have a bit to do before I apply. Hope you guys find who you need and I'd love to help any way possible, I quite like it here on the... S.S... Iwaku... :p
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  9. *Sets off into a rant about the problems of psychoanalysis at the mere reminder of Freud*
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  10. >isn't an asshole
    >probably gonna apply again
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  11. Hey, question - Can I post it here? If I were only in about two or three roleplays at the time of applying, but they were considered advanced/detailed, would that be alright or not active enough? Also, if I weren't as active before in terms of talking to everyone via forums, but upon applying and being accepted dove in and made my reputation, would that be alright? Just curious for the near future. I know a few people on here personally and quite well, but for the most part I guess the site would consider me a stranger

    Come to think of it I can't recall if I ever even introduced myself

    Thank you.
  12. o_o Advanced/detailed RP's are still RP's. I see no reason why those wouldn't count.
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  13. Well I meant in terms of they require more time & effort, but I am engaged in few of them, not a large amount of rps that are lacking in detail. Basically a question of activity. If that makes sense. If not we can all just nod at my lame questions. xD
  14. Yep, what @Kaga said. I think I only posted three rps I was in myself?

    The point is that since this is a roleplaying forum, those applying for staff should be active roleplayers as well. :D
  15. Oh, I'd like to help. I don't think I'm an asshole, and I've got a good two (or and a half?) years under my belt on this forum. Only in one RP as of now, and waiting for another to get people.

    Let me march under that proud banner of Iwaku.
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  16. Yeah, that's fine. We're not super strict about people being highly active in roleplays, honestly, so even if you were in only one casual roleplay then it would be fine. You don't need to be a social butterfly to be hired either, but if you make the effort to be more active in the chat boxes or General Chatting or whatnot then that would indeed show that you're making an effort and will be noted as a good thing. :D
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  17. I do have a quick question, since I've gotten to that point of the app: I've never used xenforo's mod options, so that would probably warrant some learning. Does that disqualify?
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  18. Nope, most people who join staff have never used them before, we teach people how to use them. :)
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  20. That's not candy, that's roofies. You can't fool me, Pahn.