Want to get serious and weird?

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  1. https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/threads/he-spoke-with-his-eyes-open.142021/

    Hey there ! I've got a rather scandalous thread linked up above that I think someone should give a whack at.

    Its set in modern time at a small town gas station where a girl about twenty-one in age works. She's got a crush on a guy (I listed him around twenty-eight) who comes in and gives her a hard time. He's only being playful and she takes it as he's interested in her. She's unaware of his age and basically knows nothing about him other than he's tall, has a beard and brown eyes. And that she thinks he's handsome and his playful asshole persona sorta makes her motor run in a weird way.
    One night she gets stuck staying late and leaves the door unlocked even though the station is closed. He "breaks" in and they have a little confrontation that gets a little aggressive and he eventually kidnaps her, taking her back to his house. Maybe he's got some issues, but he sure enjoys sexually torturing her and maybe even some mental/emotional abuse that stems from mommy issues or something, idk get creative. In some sick way, she finds herself attracted to it the things he does to her and eventually she realizes he's just crying out for help. They're gonna fall in love at some point and live happily ever after, but I don't care about that right now. I just wanna focus on some serious smut. Like shit you shouldn't be fantasizing about lol

    Get at me with ideas and questions if you have any. PM THEM TO ME PLEASE.
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