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Want to draw your character in these poses! [Tempo

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by LunarLavendula, May 6, 2015.

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    So, I guess this is a reverse request, but here goes!

    In an effort to improve my understanding of posture and movement, I've been drawing poses from stock images. The problem is, I have some rough bases, but... well, that's it!

    If you have a character that would fit the personality of these poses, please let me draw them so I can improve!! Some of these poses are more realistic and others animesque, please note that most of my drawings end up kind of animuu so don't be put off if the initial pose is realistic!

    Expressions can change and some props can be added ;3 I just drew the hair of the models in the stock but obviously that will change in your character's case xD

    VERY rough pose 1
    Pose 2
    Pose 3



    If you'd like your character drawn, please give a description of your character and which pose you'd like used :3 Work in progress images will be sent through PM, I may also PM you if I need more details about a specific thing or if I need to check whether what I'm drawing is accurate to what you imagine :D
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  2. Ooh, I'll watch this thread for any future male poses~
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  3. I'm planning on doing some soon :D
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  4. I'll be waiting for the male pose my dear, but i will make a request soon.
  5. @Lady Amalthea I'd like pose 1 for a girl

    Appearance: Tan skin, black pupils and with a bright line circling the iris (light blue line), black long wavy hair with a streak of aquamarine blue in her hair, black square glasses, big oversized black and any color blue hoodie, long denim jeans, headphone on her head with a smirk on her face, also a little bit chubby.

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  6. @Sandra

    sounds good! just one question, how long is her hair roughly? also do you want herh olding something or just holding up her hand?
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  7. Her hair a bit roughly below her breasts. The headphones could be connecting to the phone in her hand. So yeah, a phone in her hand. Thanks!
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  8. @Lady Amalthea Um, sorry but, uh almost finished...? Not to be rude i was just saying. Sorry
    ! ^^::
  9. Currently the laptop I do all my art on is broken. It wont boot up. I am trying to get it fixed or at least salvage the files that are on there.
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