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  1. We've all seen it, a hero is pulled from our world into another to save the day from a dark villain. However, what would happen if instead of being the hero, some was taken to be the bad guy?

    Well, we've all wondered about it, haven't we? Wondered what it would have been like to be evil, to be the one smashing skulls instead of having to solve puzzles to save an ungrateful princess. This RP is you chance to be that way! However, this RP is still designed to all be in good fun. It will be a fantasy comedy of sorts, based around the miss match group of evil doers that usually banned together though personal gain and other such evil things. However the plan is for this group to become like family, actually realize that it isn't just about power anymore, but the people that helped you get there as well. However, I still intend for them to be evil, even if they all become friends. Anyway, time for some details~

    *This RP will be for about 5-8 characters, possibly more depending on the situation*
    *It would be appreciated if posting could be done at least twice a week, though more is welcome!*
    *This will be rated R mostly because of violence and language though will not be in the mature section.*

    *Any species is welcome~ From Dragon to Dwarf!*

    Character Places
    The Main "Villain"
    The Other Villains/Allies to Main Villain
    Minions/ Servants to Main Villain
    The "Good Guys"

    Anyway, if you have any questions just let me know and I'll do my best to answer them!

  2. Interested
  3. Interested.
  4. Yay! thanks for showing an interest guys!
  5. Yay~ even more people!
  6. Gotta' get back in the game sometime. :D Count me in.
  7. Thanks for taking an interest guys! if you have any questions or want to start claiming positions in the RP, let me know!
  8. Why the hell not; as long as I get to bash a few skulls in.
  9. I'd like to show a dark side, lets do it.
  10. I am interested. >.>
  11. I guess I'll be the good guy. Thought Syn isn't good...perhaps more an antihero.
  12. Alright, it seems a lot of people have taken interest! I'll get to work on the OOC now! Just keep an eye on this forum, I'll post a link to the OOC here once it is done.