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  1. So I'm losing my mind in boredom, and looking for a new RP group or site to build/start. I'm very creative and very flexible so the ideas below aren't exactly set in stone, just a jump start idea. But I would like to say this the only way I will commit to beginning a new RP is if i get at Least 3 interested people to join me in starting this. That way if we end up being the only five interested, we can still Rp it through here on Iwaku.

    --In Short whatever idea is chosen in the end it will begin here on Iwaku, and then if we end up with 15 members/characters then we will begin construction of the site while continuing to RP here until the forum is finished. --

    x. #.1. New Type of Pokemon RP, instead of battling with Pokemon, your character transforms into a battle form of a Pokemon. Or and Anthro form, we could call this new type like PKMN Spirits or PKMN Armors. Then like to catch or obtain a new armor you would have to battle the PKMN spirit itself ^.^ I think we could make lots of interesting tweaks to this idea.

    x.2. Outlaw Star/ Cowboy Bebop styled rp. 1 Ship filled with outlaws who run around and F' up stuff in the universe. This idea is sorta open ended but I would like them to remain pirate-outlaw styled, maybe they find out some huge secret that the Empire is running or maybe they messed with another gang of pirates, lots of battle and action with Sci-Fi settings and crazy aliens in this one.

    So If your interested in either of these ideas drop a reply below! Also i wanna hear feedback! If you want to help me out lets here some suggestions. Of course if more than 3 people decide to join/help out they are gladly welcome! Also if this ends up moving off Iwaku I can build the site all by my lonesome but help is ALWAYS appreciated so if you have backgrounds in site building let me know, you don't have to worry about showing me examples of your work.

    So lets begin! Anyone interested in either of the ideas above?
  2. I will join and love the PKMN armour idea
  3. YAY! I was hoping someone would want to do the PKMN one, I've been addicted to the 3DS lately lol. I wonder though if anyone else is interested to? If not maybe we'll just rp and thread ourselves.
  4. I'm good with that. And I do admit I was thinking along those same lines. But as for moves can we be a little creative with them? Like for a lucario move I thought combining aura sphere with the bone attack it has to make blade like aura extensions from its palms.
  5. That is what I was thinking too, just as long as we don't use moves PKMN can't use of course ^.^
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.