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  1. So, I have this half-idea of a plot based around this TEDtalk here so please watch it if you're interested:
    Love letters to strangers

    It's open to which characters that can be made, whatever your character would be struggling with is up to you. Personally I want to play the letter writer who writes to the person requested the letter, my character has earlier been a person who sought out the same initiative and that is how much I've planned as of now.

    Depending on induvidual posting paces I can probably manage 1-2 rps with this theme. I also lurk the site almost daily so I can manage from two and up to ten posts depending on timezones and my own schedule.
  2. *kicks it up to the top with added ideas*

    Right, so I've been thinking about this idea of mine and is expanding it: My main wish is for the characters to communicate mainly through the written word in some way or another (notes, letters). Examples:
    - They exchange notes regularly for some reason
    - It's difficult/impossible for them to speak to each other and/or use electronic communication
    - They can be a bit old-fashioned
    - One is playing along with the quirk of another

    In essence: I want the pen pal element the most in that (or those) RP(s)
  3. I like it! I'm willing to do one.
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  4. That's awesome ^^
    Just PM me so we can plot
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