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So, while catching up on animes and checking out new ones the ending of one of them inspired me to write a small story.

This is the ending:

And this is what I wrote~
[BCOLOR=transparent]Again there was a full moon night, again was her power at it’s height and yet again she unfurled her wings. Feathers fell to the ground as the broken state of her wings was revealed yet braving the pain she flapped her wings and flew. Reaching the barrier holding her trapped she banged against it hoping that this time she would succeed. Trying to at least make a crack she used all her power, all her force but she couldn’t even make a dent.[/BCOLOR]

[BCOLOR=transparent]As the morning broke her power waned and despair filled her heart once more. Crumbling up she wept mournfully and her heart ached for freedom. The tears had stilled by the time her captors had brought the morning meal. Looking at them with an empty gaze only the faint marks of tears was visible on her face.[/BCOLOR]

[BCOLOR=transparent]The moonlight fae was trapped in a gilded cage, a beautiful garden with an open sky above, yet her freedom was impossible as cold iron and barriers kept her inside. Broken, alone and in despair the fae only dreamed about flying the starry sky once more.[/BCOLOR]

So, now I wanna turn it into a 1x1 RP!
If you're genuinely interested, like plotting and have the time for posting a couple of times in the week that would be great. Just let me know ^^
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