Want more onexones

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  1. I've mainly done group rps, but want to do some more onexones.
    I haven't got any plots in mind so post if you have any.
    I love fantasy rps, but am open to any ideas/preferences. :)
    (But beforehand, I hate it when people try to control my characters or control what you're meant to say so please don't post if you're going to do that)
  2. :p okie. Hmm... Pm me. I don't have much ideas, but we could always brainstorm.
  3. I'm interested. :)
  4. Ok :)
    Do you have any ideas in mind you want to do?
  5. I'm looking to do a oneXone if interested :D
    I like free flowing rp, bouncing off what the other person says and seeing were it goes with out planning everything out.
  6. I think we could get along! I love fantasy roleplays also and have several ideas I would like to try =)

    - A great evil has resurfaced in the world, and the seal to the weapon that can defeat it is hidden in shards across the country, our characters must collect, unlock, and defeat.

    - Magical crossfire in an alternate dimension creates fissures between worlds, our characters mission is to end the war and mend them before it destroys our world, too

    - A magician resurrects a hero from the past with necromancy in hopes that he/she can defeat the present evil, however history gets twisted and the "hero" was really just an average Joe (or Joanne, whatever), now the two must work together to make something of nothing as the world's last hope

    and the list goes on! IM me

  7. Good good. I prefer free flowing rps too- they give me much more freedom. If you pm me we can begin to discuss ideas.
  8. I have no idea what im is but anyway I'd love to do the third iead. The first two remind me of Raymond E Feist's books. I'm not sure whtehr this is because everything I see reminds me of one book or another I like but yeah I'd love to do that.
  9. I don't think I've read any of his particular books, but if he writes about wizards dragons pirates and swordfights I'm probably a fan of them anyway.

    IM stands for Instant Message btw; it used to be a common internet acronym for using a service like AIM or MSN or a Private Messaging service hosted on a website, but its becoming outdated, I guess people say "PM" more now

    I'm glad you're down for a roleplay though! Was there any kind of particular concept or plot idea that interested you?
  10. Well, the first idea. Um..we could actually kinda base it on one of Feist's books- it involves a city that was destroyed by a Moderhel army (Dark Elves)but they were killed by another amrmy- men- but before the men did the Modherel killed a golden dragon. The magician helping the men found the dragon and with the help of a Valheru- Dragon Lord- put this oracle into the dragon's dead body because the oracle had helped them before but has to live in people's minds else it will die but it drives the people mad- a dragon's body didn't need to be alive because it is magicial, etc. Anyway, the reason they were all fighting was because of the Lifestone. This is a stone that contains the Dragon's Lords consciences before they destroyed themselves by chosing chaos over order.
    We could do a plot where darker forces wish to use the Lifestone for evil and we are trying to stop it or one of us could play good and the evil bad and be opposing each other? Anyway, the Lifestone has got to not be activated because whoever does will believe hhe can control the D. Lords but really they'll kill everything.
    (The Dragon Lords are the most powerful species known except for the Gods and control great powers. They killed man universes, liking pain, but they trusted another D. Lord to rule them, they normally were sole creatures who had no contact with each other apart from mating or food, but this D. Lord managed to drive them completely insane and they'll still be insane if the Lifestone is unlocked and they come back to life).