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  1. Hello everyone!
    As you can see in the title, I can make characters to your rp's and no pay BUT I'll of course put my name in the pictures for reasons like; "This is my art, I made it :DDDDD Not that girl over there :arrow: :blah:(<-Me)"

    Here are some pictures I've made. (I do for the most more sketchy pictures and on digital and I only do anime/manga pictures but I can try to do more realistic and cartoon)

    My drawings in digital (open)




    Here are some with whole body



    My drawings on paper (open)







    Now what do you have to do?


    • Do you want your picture in color or not?
    • What style do you want the picture in? Anime, cartoon, as realistic as possible or a mix?
    • Should it be clean and simple? Or a bit sketchy as my first pictures in "my drawings in digital"?
    • What gender is it? And what age?
    • What clothes should he or she wear? (You can show pictures as a big help for me!)
    • What pose? Standing- or sitting position? Close-up or whole body? Where should the character look? At the viewer, to the left or right? (Here would also be good if you could take some pictures or picture as an example)
    • What kind of character is it? A quiet and shy one? A happy, afraid, cool, etc?
    • A REALLY big help is if you have a song that you've listened to and find it fitting for this character.
    example (open)
    I want my character to have brown hair and eyes and pale skin, he should also look on his left as if a fire were going on and in the background there should be an orange sky filled with smoke. Here's a song I find fitting to the character/character's situation!
    And then in the end, looks like this;
    Of course you've to give more example and how the hair should look like and so on. (That's why it's good to show pictures!)

    If you want your picture very detailed I will asure you that it can take some time but a sketch only in black and white takes only for about 5 to 10 minutes depending on. Also, if you want I can show you a sketch of how the character will stand and look like so it'll be close enough to what you've thought of and then if you say, "change the leg position" or "that's fine!" I can start changing and drawing it! ^_^
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  2. Hello!

    I always wanted to become a parasite and leech art off of other people, but I have never been able to do it for free before. Well, I'm glad that you have proposed a system by which I can leech art off of you!

    Ahem. Now for details.

    1 - I would like the picture to be in color, focusing on green, black, white, and blue.

    2 - An anime portrait would be much preferable. An estimate would look sort of like this.

    3 - I would prefer that the drawing be digitally rendered and smooth as in the estimate above, with more natural lines rather than geometric.

    4 - The gender should be male, however if you still have nothing to do after making the first one and want to make me a female version afterwards, I would like that too.

    5 - Wireless, noise-cancelling headphones, a black wristwatch(no numbers) a black, unzipped hoodie, a blank, gray T-shirt, brown cargo shorts with a tan canvas belt, plain white socks(extend a few inches above shoe on heel), and green, low-heel hiking boots. No logos on any of the clothing.

    6 - Preferably standing in a manner similar to this position. Angle should be in front from the right, slightly more towards that character's left arm. He should be looking straight ahead of him, to the left of the viewer. The drawing should cover his entire body, with slightly more room above the character's head for a background in an alleyway, similar to this picture.

    7 - The character has an expression terror and shock, as if confronted by a monster, but isn't completely paralyzed with fear - he still has some glimmer of hope in his eyes. Think somewhere between this and this. He is about 5'4" tall, skinny, and his face looks similar to the picture from #2 - smooth features, kid-like, bleached hair, light brown eyes, pale and unmarred skin.

    8 - This represents the background theme a bit, and this better represents the character himself, especially as the song progresses through the middle to the end. This describes the scene as a whole.

    I know, lots of links. ^.^' I really want to see your take on the appearance of this character more than anything. Thanks for offering this opportunity, I hope I did everything you want for a proposition!
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  3. Dear God, I think I have found a new friend. I love your style and trust me, if you let me, I'll gets lovely pics for all of my favourite characters. But, I'll start with one of my favourites who definitely needs his own pic.

    I put his full RP bio down below and I reference it where needed. Fell free to read through it all to get a feel for him; there's also a bit at the end with more information on the kitsunes as a race.

    • Do you want your picture in color or not? Colour, please.
    • What style do you want the picture in? Anime, cartoon, as realistic as possible or a mix? Whichever style is the same as Digital #1 and #2
    • Should it be clean and simple? Or a bit sketchy as my first pictures in "my drawings in digital"? I'd prefer it clean, relatively speaking, but I'll leave it to you if you think a bit of sketchy would add to the flavour; I don't mind much either way.
    • What gender is it? He's Male.
    • What clothes should he or she wear? (You can show pictures as a big help for me!) There's a couple of paragraphs down in the bio. But I'll add a few pics as reference #1 (Tails, Sleeves, body type) #2 (Ear Style and placement; three loops in each) #3 (Hair style in front) #4 (Style of pants [including how formfitting] and boots, his do not have laces)
    • What pose? Standing- or sitting position? Close-up or whole body? Where should the character look? At the viewer, to the left or right? (Here would also be good if you could take some pictures or picture as an example) Whole body, looking at the viewer in mid-aerial-attack (perspective of viewer: looking up), his blades separated with the chain running between the hilts and both out to the side. Here's the base weapon design: BASE DESIGN. And here's a better look at how I want the blade: THE BLADE. And if you feel up to it, toss in a few firebolts or lightbolts around him.
    • What kind of character is it? A quiet and shy one? A happy, afraid, cool, etc? The bio gives a lot towards some of his nuances but in a few words: confident, insane, a touch of bloodlust, wild, and considering the pose, smirking.
    • A REALLY big help is if you have a song that you've listened to and find it fitting for this character. Here's one for him as a character, here's one for him for combat in reference to feeling, and here's one for atmosphere.

    Nogitsune Hibiki (open)

    Name: Nogitsune Hibiki

    Age: 26 (appears roughly about 21 by human standards)

    Race: Kitsune - A race of humanoid beings who make their home on the Asura continent of the planet Eritai. While they do have open border, a number of nations are loathe to trade with them as they have a thriving a slave trade consisting mostly of criminals and debtors of one sort or another. Despite this, they have a distinct honour system as a race in general with more specific ones within each House. More description below.

    Class: Twin-Sword Spellblade

    Title: Student Council

    Sect Study: Dominus - Black

    Appearance: Aside from a few small differences to the untrained eye, Hibiki looks relatively like a human, though much more lithe and with somewhat more feminine features though still decidedly male, especially considering he's a tall 6' 2" - several inches above even the tallest female kitsune. His shaggy black hair reaches just above his shoulders in the front and to the small of his back in behind, the bangs slightly obscuring his eyes and covering most of his pointed and pierced ears. His alabaster skin is unmarred by anything, even body hair, except for the smalls cars on his cheeks that look like whiskers. Marking him as non-human though are his almond-shaped, slitted, yellow eyes, sharp fangs, and his sharp, inch long, black nails. When seen, his tails are jet black with white tips.

    As a matter of cultural heritage, he prefers not to wear a shirt, preferring sleeves that cover from his shoulder to his wrist, gradually becoming longer, and form fitting white leather pants tucking into black leather boots. However, in the interest of common decency when attending class or taking a meal, he dons a sleeveless black high-collar tunic with white trim that remains open. Outside of such functions however, he maintains his shirtless state. Around his neck he wears a torc bearing the crest of his House: Nogitsune. He is never seen without this torc and it is enchanted against most destruction spells. Aside from being virtually indestructible itself, it confers nothing else.

    Personality: The loss of the Tail of Sanity makes Hibiki more prone to instability than most other Kitsunes. This is moderated by the presence of his other tails which in certain combinations can reduce the strain on his soul. He is prone to violent and warningless mood swings but these are rare outside of combat. His nature is highly vindictive but only if it crosses his Code of Honour.

    He speaks in anachronisms occasionally, using words and phrases that only make sense to him at the times he says them. This is assumed to simply be nonsense and a side effect of the loss of the Tail of Sanity. When anachronisms are not slipping from his mouth, he has a silver tongue worthy of a court provocateur, having also been taught court etiquette and political intrigue.

    Weapon(s): Hibiki's weapon of choice is a twinblade madu that can be detatched at two points to become a chained katana twinsword.


    Lunminakinesis - Manipulation of light and all properties at its core. Can also be weaponized into spells.

    Foxfire Manipulation - Complete and total control over the Foxfire (effectively a conjurable fire inherent only to kitsune and characterized by its azure colour). Can be weaponized into spells.

    Sword Style: Kaiten Haji - the art of using the twinblade madu which is a staff where the majority of both the top and bottom shafts have been replaced by identical blades. Unlike other staff styles, it is based on spinning the madu to create sweeping style attacks that can combine at different heights, turning close range combat into a gambit for the opponent. It also has more focus on defense than other staff styles with the weapon being able to parry from more angles than a normal staff and also because of the decreased potential range.

    Sword Style: Chienigu Futago - the art of using the chained twinswords which are identical blades which are chained at the pommel. It is a two sword style that has been modfied so that it has mid-range techniques. It is also difficult to disarm a wielder of this style and the wielder has a number of counterattacks available to them should his opponent try to. It also places focus on using the twinblades as a single unit.

    Sword Style: Superuburedo - the art of the spellblade which combines the Foxfire with sword arts and can be extended to other forms of magic. It is a one sword style that is usually taught with a longsword though the instructor is at liberty to decide the exact blade. While other styles only focus on using the Foxfire as an enhancement to their weapons (like setting the blade aflame), Superuburedo is based in using the Foxfire in an offensive and defensive capacity and in conjuction with the weapon of choice to create combination attacks with the pair (like a crescent of Foxfire coming from a slash of the sword to strike a more distant enemy). The style can also be modified to work with other forms of magic and weapons but it is left to the wielder to modify it - in most cases however it works best when paired with one handed weapons or those that can be wielded in one hand.

    History: Born into House Nogitsune, Hibiki was destined to be great. Nogitsune was the progenitor of more mages, scholars and weaponmasters than any other three Houses combined. Of course, this made them the envy of the other Houses but with the distribution of power in the central government, Nogitsune was great in name only. Old grudges die hard though. Before the Empire came, before the Kitsunes gathered under Houses, the four-tails and the seven-tails had always been at odds with the nine-tails. Though this bled over the founding of the Empire, the order that was imposed by the centralized government effectively halted the violence. With this ceasefire came barely contained, seething hatred; a hatred that festered for centuries more with little more than threats and quasi-violent fighting. Ten years ago it escalated beyond a simple inter-House conflict - the next heir to the leadership of House Nogitsune and that of Augur of the Empire was slain.

    Hibiki's brother Akira was perhaps his best friend and always his first choice for a sparring partner. Only a year older than Hibiki, Akira was already assured to become the next leader of House Nogitsune, a fact that made little difference to Hibiki other than that he hated that Akira couldn't spend as much time with him due to lessons on court politics and etiquette. The two shared a dream - to become weaponmasters like their father. Unfortunately for Akira, this dream was unlikely for he would soon be enveloped in the shroud that was politics. Hibiki held onto the dream for the two of them, working twice as hard for both of their sakes.

    It was impossible for anyone to tell that happened that fateful day. All anyone could see was that a globe of darkness had encapsulated the training village the brothers were at. When the darkness vanished just as quickly as it came, Akira was gone and blood was splattered across the ground and Hibiki. Hibiki himself had sustained some injuries and a shuriken still embedded in his shoulder and though bruised and bleeding, it was the mental trauma that was the worst. His eyes seemed blank and he spoke not a word for nearly three months - it was if life had left him and he were just an empty shell going through the motions.---

    Still in his developing stages, he had only grown five of his tails at the time of the attack and was in the process of growing his sixth, a growth that was violently halted. This was the Tail of Sanity and it's loss or rather its total separation from his soul shattered his ability for pure reason though it did give him a tremendous and permanent boost in power. It was only as what would've been his seventh tail began to form that life seemed to come back to him. Full recovery for him would never happen but with the event of Akira's presumed death it was required that he make as much a recovery as possible - he was to be the next heir as Clan Leader for House Nogitsune and as such, the next Augur of the Empire.

    Though most of his training was completed within the borders of Asura, Eureka Academy has served as a finishing school for those Kitsunes that have been groomed for leadership positions within the Empire or for those with enough connections outside the Empire. For this fact, there are few Kitsunes that attend Eureka Academy at any given time, though several weaponmasters do teach in the Arma Sect. This is Hibiki's fifth and final year in attendence, having completed most of his academic study and now being impressed to be in leadership roles on missions.

    Despite all appearances though, he is loathe to leave the academy as he sees it as the last real bastion of freedom he has. More than that, he harbours a hatred towards both House Kohaku and House Isamu as he believes they are responsible for Akira's death, despite the seeming evidence to the contrary.

    Kitsune (open)
    The Empire is divided into nine Houses: Iaido, Masumi, Yuzuki, Kohaku, Amaya, Sora, Isamu, Hiroyuki, and Nogitsune (one-tail, two-tail, three-tail, etc, Kitsunes respectively). Politically, the Augur of the Empire rotates every twenty-five years to the next highest House so that no House may hold full power. There has always been rivalry between the Houses and as such there are internal disputes that often work themselves out and never requiring outside attention from the Augur.

    While all Houses are in support of the internal slave trade - they see it as an effective punishment for those who would break their laws and also as a major economic pillar that if fallen would probably cause the collapse of the Empire. This being said, the members of House Nogitsune usually have few slaves - the idea of having someone do labour for you whilst you effectively lie about is dishonourable to them. This is not to say they do not have them - often any family within the House will have at least two to three slaves - one to assist in labour (there are jobs that require a second pair of arms after all) and one to two that are sparring partners, depending on the size of the family.

    Generally speaking, the more tails a Kitsune has, the more powerful they are, making House Nogitsune the most powerful. This is mainly because each tail represents an aspect that is more distant from the soul of the Kitsune than others - having this distance increases a Kitsune's power. The tails are sealed to keep the aspects close but they can be unsealed to unleash power - at the cost of the temporary loss of that aspect. For example, if a Kitsune were to unseal the Tail of Temperance, then they would gain power but would be unable to show restraint - in a combat situation this could mean obliterating an enemy who has already surrendered; in a diplomatic situation it could mean that tact is nowhere to be found. Less tails mean that the Kitsune is more in control for loss of power while the opposite is true for the many tailed. Not all Kitsunes are created equal - the number of tails does not mean they are limited only to those aspects; they can have different ones at loss than others - a two- tailed fox could have Tails of Wrath and Conviction while another has Tails of Sanity and Amelioration. The nine Tails possible are: Sanity, Discipline, Wrath, Conviction, Amelioration, Temperance, Intrepidity, Passion, and Reflection.

    Each family within a House is bearer of a different martial style. Some are better than others but likewise fall short to still others. Regardless of who you are, it is custom that the weapon style be taught to young Kitsunes to be passed on. Some Kitsunes choose to master more than their family style and once they have mastered five, they are considered weaponmasters and are allowed to train the initiates in their respective style.

    Kitsunes are also bearers of the Foxfire. This is a light blue flame that burns as the wielder desires but will always shed light. It can be used in offensive, defensive, and utility purposes but it's power varies among the Houses without any distinction of who would be better with it. With it comes minour pyrokinesis. The Foxfire can be gifted to another, increasing the power of the recipient's Foxfire if they had it already. It is incredibly rare that it be given to a human (the only race that can receive it) and thus far has only been done on the Kitsune's deathbed in repayment for a debt of honour.

    Some Kitsunes are also magically gifted beyond the Foxfire, though this is never in the realms of water, earth, or darkness. Their natural skills also interfere with them becoming academic mages preventing such a thing. They also have a natural glamour that hides their tails from non-magical races; mages can see past it as it is incredibly simple. When they unseal their tails though, it becomes visible for all to see making non-magical races able to see it but mages unable to see the unsealing as there is no visual change.

    Kitsune society places a great deal of importance on honour though the Code of Honour for each House is different and sometimes in conflict. It is your honour, or lack thereof that determines how you are seen and you carry with you both your House and family Honour.
    Kitsunes can live for up to 600 years and some over that. They stay vital and active until the last few decades of their lifespan though their martial skill decreases whist their magical skill increases in their later years. Hair colour can sometimes be latent in a family for generations before it shows again and it is uncommon but still possible to have odder colours like orange or green.

    And if you need more, I'm happy to help. -squees and runs off-
  4. @Icicle Maybe you've already seen the message but I'll send one here anyway.
    Niko? (open)

    Here is your picture all changed and stuff. ^^
    I did have a lighter brown to his eyes but perhaps it made it look like more yellow? Anyway, made it a bit darker now and also the same with the skin.
  5. Could you make these guys look like Avatar: Last Airbender/Legend of Korra Characters?


    Have them seem to be normal, but have a creepy and foreboding aura to them. They are both Airbenders, if that helps in the design.

    Their battle music, they assassinate people with songs.

    And if you don't mind watching a fight scene, here it is.
  6. @Salsacookies I could always try, should I draw them realistical like in the picture? but change their clothes and background? Or more of an cartoon-ish design like in the series?
    Like this?

    Show Spoiler


  7. Yeah, like the cartoon, but keep the clothes, and add the little airbender details, like the arrows, and others if I missed any.
  8. @Salsacookies Alright then! Just want to inform you that I've gotten some requests now and your might take some time in case you will wonder why it takes time. But I could probably start with it tonight or tomorrow. ^_^
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  9. I'm the most super patient person on the planet, so if you don't mind me getting in line here with my own request, I'll be happy to wait for however long you require. :)

    Do you want your picture in color or not?
    Yes, doesn't have to be too fancy or anything.

    What style do you want the picture in? Anime, cartoon, as realistic as possible or a mix?
    Whatever you feel fits best.

    Should it be clean and simple? Or a bit sketchy as my first pictures in "my drawings in digital"?
    I love the sketchy look, it adds more style in my personal opinion.

    What gender is it? And what age?
    Male, 19

    What clothes should he wear?
    Alright, here's my shoddy photoshop edit of what the outfit should look like. The tie could be a little longer, and loosened up along with the collar to make it look more casual and relaxed.

    What pose? Close-up or whole body? Where should the character look?
    whole body (at least to the knees), pretty much same pose or in a similar position to the references provided. Here's some more badly edited artwork where I was trying to work on what his face and hair should look like. Basically he's a pretty boy with red eyes and black hair, but his hair wasn't worked out yet; he's supposed to have cornrows/dreadlocks kind of like Kaname Tousen here. Also, just in case it wasn't obvious, he does have dark skin as well; he's part European and African-American.

    What kind of character is it? A quiet and shy one? A happy, afraid, cool, etc?
    Mature, knowledgeable, keeps a level head, approaches everything with an open mind, willing to give most things a try, his morality is a blurred line and he often adapts it depending upon the situation, outgoing, go-getter, charismatic, generally regarded as the leader of the group but he prefers to play the supporting role to someone else, he gets angry and very aggressive when he gets scared, when he was younger he was once possessed by a demon and had to have an exorcism performed on him, ever since then he no longer feels any fear when facing demons, however he's absolutely terrified of human ghosts and movies like The Grudge gives him nightmares.

    A REALLY big help is if you have a song that you've listened to and find it fitting for this character.
    Walk On Vanity Ruins
  10. If you can draw my Sean character like you did the first two examples (the close ups) I might just have a heart attack. I also feel bad requesting this and not paying so if there is anything I can do for you (even pay) just let me know.

    • Do you want your picture in color or not?
    Yes please, color.
    • What style do you want the picture in? Anime, cartoon, as realistic as possible or a mix?
    More on the realistic side.
    • Should it be clean and simple? Or a bit sketchy as my first pictures in "my drawings in digital"?
    The first two examples caught my eye the most so sketchy would be good.
    • What gender is it? And what age?
    Male, 17
    • What clothes should he or she wear? (You can show pictures as a big help for me!)
    • What pose? Standing- or sitting position? Close-up or whole body? Where should the character look? At the viewer, to the left or right? (Here would also be good if you could take some pictures or picture as an example)
    Close-up and the rest is up to you. The only thing is on he has snake scales on the right side of his face so he always tries to keep his hair covering it.
    • What kind of character is it? A quiet and shy one? A happy, afraid, cool, etc?
    Loner, Spiteful, Selfish, Romantic. My friend described his as a tortured soul. He was bullied all his life so he has come to expect only pain from others. Although I can't say his attitude helped with anything since he can be a jerk. His heart belongs to only one and he is quite possessive of her, but makes up for it with sexually romantic charm, which could be described as a bit dark.
    • A REALLY big help is if you have a song that you've listened to and find it fitting for this character
  11. Hello! I've been looking for help in a project and you might be interested. Would you like to try?

    I'll leave the Link to the thread where you can see more of what i'm looking for, and you're invited to join me in this challenge! Thank you for your time!

    ART REQUEST - Wonders of a Nascent World - Sardonya needs help!

    Would you like me to add something to the request? Send me a PM in any case so we can all improve.