Wanna try your wills against mine? ^^

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  1. Okay, so I'm ShadowOfAGirl but I better go by Creeper.

    What am I doing? Well..was creeping around like normal, looking at things and decided to post here for a role play. I'm not really wanting anything certain. Just no boring real life humans please, or animals. I don't like either of them, thanks.

    Anything else? Yeah, send me a pm or post here. I'm pretty open to anything else ^^

    So, wanna try and take me on?
  2. http://www.iwakuroleplay.com/entry.php?b=2928

    Avriano profile.

    Plot: It is thirty years after the bloody revolution, most have forgotten that decade long era of decay. The current government is corrupt, but the people still find peace, though many question if the right side had won. In this era of peace and financial prosperity a ghost from the war has arisen. Building an army of warriors to sow seeds of sorrow with the hope of creating a new society. Avriano is a kitsune, a hero of the current government, a slayer who is known as one of the deadliest warriors of that time. In this current world he wanders, seeking peace and a chance to undo the damage the war had done to his soul. Though few suspect him as the soldier of legend.

    But those who have entered the fray are a magnet for death, and though he wishes to stay out of political affairs the war finds him. Peace is shattered as the town is attacked, gathering what few warriors he can the Kitsune must become the one things he fears, the demon of war once more.

    Your character can be anything from a policeman, soldier, recruiter, local mercenary, bouty hunter, demon slayer, member of the evil group ect ect. Who ends up discovering the identity of Avriano, though even when faced with facts you still find it hard to accept the truth. For he works for meagar pay as a school teacher and physician. The rp will start simple enough, the fires of war will not occur right off the bat obviously.

    I tend to keep my plots brief to allow more freedom for the other player to work with. Let me know if this itnerest you at all.
  3. Hey,

    Sorry, but war related things fail to hold my interest. I don't really like them and truthfully, my brain can't be bothered with figuring everything complicated out down to certain details. Lol. Thanks for the offer though ^^
  4. I MIGHT be interested. Shoot me a pm, we can brainstorm. :-)