Wanna Tango With The Man In Red? ( Edited)

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  1. Looking for some action? Looking for a laid back partner? Looking for some extremely long replies?! Well then, you might be in the wrong place. I've got the action but I'm kind of a pain in the ass sometimes. Also, I dislike writing long replies. I'm more of a paragraph person. I might write more, seriously don't count on it.

    So which man in red am I talking about? Ant-man? Iron Man? Nah, try the man with the horns. That's right! I'm searchin' this planet for a Daredevil role play. Which leads me into my next point that I would like to talk about. I'm not looking for anyone who has only seen the Netflix series. I've read quite a few of the daredevil comics so I would like to do something based more around those than the TV show.

    Edit: Okay, so I feel like I have been a bit mean to those who have only seen the TV show. Therefore, I will also be taking partners who have only seen the show. Also, I do not expect anyone to play a canon character. In fact, I would love to see some cool OCs. If you want to play a canon character that's cool too. I've also realized not everyone likes playing female character. If you want to play a male character please do understand that the relationship is only friendship. Not really looking to write any yaoi RPs with Matt. Sorry. :(

    Canon Character I'm looking for:
    Typhoid Mary
    Black Widow

    Possible cross overs:
    Jessica Jones

    Next thing I would like to talk about, is being tolerant. Dude, let's face it, there's a shit ton of comics around with daredevil. I can't be expected to have read them all. There is going to be some that I haven't read. Just be chill about it, ya know?

    Some comics I have read:
    Pretty much the stuff that came out recently. I haven't completely read all the stuff from 2016.
    The ones by Mark Waid
    The one the pisses me off the most: Daredevil: Guardian devil
    Daredevil: The Man Without Fear ( 1993)
    Daredevil: Redemption
    Daredevil: Born Again
    Touch of Typhoid ( I will be finishing this one soon. )
    ( oh yeah, I feel like I should include this one because it has DD in it.)
    Daredevil ( #163, #164, #179)
    Daredevil: Noir
    Daredevil: Reborn
    Daredevil: Shadowlands
    Daredevil/punisher: Seventh Circle Infinite

    Daredevil vs Punisher
    Batman and daredevil

    Okay if you've read any of these, that's cool. This is what I will be reading next. Meaning if there is something on this list that you want to do, tell me and I'll make it my mission to finish it first before the others.
    Daredevil: Yellow ( 2009 )
    Daredevil: Dark nights

    ** NOTICE: I call play Matt Murdock as I feel I don't play female characters very well.


    Look forward to finding some new partners and I hope my introduction didn't scare you away. Please, send me a PM if you would like to role play with me.​
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  2. Oh yeah, forgot to mention, I'm also willing to play other marvel characters. Please do note I haven't read a lot of comics that doesn't deal with DD. I have a problem, okay? Okay. :)
  3. I've never written a female character but willing to try one. I'm a huge fan of the show.
  4. Fine by me. As long as you are comfortable playing as a girl.
  5. I've never played a female character so it's really a question of whether I am competent.

    Can I send you a PM?
  6. Needing more partners. I'm also looking for other Marvel related stuff as well.
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