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  1. Hiya~!

    I live in South Korea and so my time online is a little different than most people in the Western Hemisphere but I am looking to RP with someone on a regular basis! I might not be on EVERY day, but I am on for a few hours at a time on MOST days. ^_^

    Below are some RP themes or genres I am really craving as of late.

    **NOTE: AU means Alternate Universe. So, I like the idea of the world the story takes place in but want to use OCs.

    1. Hunter x hunter AU
    2. FMA AU
    3. Harry Potter Next Gen
    4. Seer x Warlord
    5. Fallen God x Priest/Priestess of said God
    6. Jack Frost made human
  2. I must say, Fallen God x Priest/Priestess is a fantastic idea for a pairing!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.