Wanna play? (Females)

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  1. I'm new here and would like to try a sexy role play. I am bisexual but prefer a female right now. Men are free to join anyhow. Feel free to messege me. ;)
  2. I like one on one sexy role play. But I can do more. I just need a female to role play with. ;)
  3. Hey, Im new to the site too. I would love to chat about setting up a roleplay <3
  4. Ill play a female with you in a rp
  5. Sure! Just message me!
  6. Haha, cute. But I mean a real female. Sorry hun.
  7. Just want to point out that sort of attitude wont get ya far around here. Besides, lots of people here can play the other gender just as well as their own.
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  8. I love sexy role play and need a girl who does as
    much as I do. Your apapplication is to message me a really dirty and sexy text. Have fun. ;)
  9. @HellianMilina

    Please don't create multiple partner request threads unless you need to. You are allowed to bump this thread if it falls off the front page.

    Also, just to make sure you know: This isn't a hookup site. Please be careful and conscientious about how you approach RPing with other members.
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  10. OK, I understand. :) Sorry about that.
  11. If your still looking I'll rp with you