INTEREST CHECK Wanna kill some zombies??

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  1. Think you can take on the Undead?

    The Village of the East is under attack by revengeful Undead that seek nothing more than to destroy man. This village’s only hope is the Samurai, Ninjas and Taoist Monks who protect it.

    After the first war between China and Japan, the Village of the East was created on an island between the two countries, a place that was established as New Shangri La in hopes of union and peace. However, the pain, anger and vengeance of those died in battle refused to rest and began to wage a new war upon the people of New Shangri La.

    Roles :

    Samurai – Strong warriors equipped with weapons infused with magic.

    Ninja – Skilled assassins with stealth and dark arts/magic.

    Taoist Monk – Masters of exorcism and mysticism, they protect the inner land of the village.

    Villagers - They have unique powers that support those who protect the Village.

    This is loosely based off the concepts of the Samurai VS Zombies and Ghost Stories games. :3 I have lots planned for this! Interested???
  2. sako had lived alone in the caves for many years practiceing his arts .. He had come back to the .village just months before the undead began to wage war.. He quickly reclaimed his rank as second In comand of the ninjas. .. As he would hear of the undead rising he would pray and prepare going outside to see the boarders beinng thretened ... He heads to the center of town to recive his assignment ... Sako is dressed in traditiinal ninja outfit .
  3. Sounds like a fun character! :3 This is just the Interest Check thread, but I can make an OOC and IC if you're interested. ^_^
  4. when I posted this I used my phone and I forgot what I clicked on .. But yea you think u could make it a thread.. Id be totaly interested . In rping it. ?
  5. Lol! No prob! XD And sure! I'll try to post the threads soon! <33
  6. Lets do it! *Closes Visor and draws sword*
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