Wanna join me on an adventure!?

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  1. Okay, okay, I know you want to know where this adventure is to and all, but honest...
    I have no clue...
    I still think you should come with me though! We will find something eventually, right?


    My name is Haylee, and I can be a bit of an oddball. An immature sweet little spaz with a tragic past. I won't get too deep into that as I mostly aim to make people HAPPY!!! I say mostly because, well, there are plenty of A-holes out there, you know? I can't let them take advantage of a sweet generous lil thing like me, right!?

    So yea, all I can really say is that if you treat me nice, I will do the same. Treat me poorly, you'll be lucky if I even respond. Of course, I can take my fair share of abuse in a roleplay, but that is left for the partners I can feel comfortable with. I hope to meet some of those kind of partners! Think you're one? Try me!

    I'll be looking forward to any and all messages you guys (and gals!) message me! I'll try my bestestestest to reply to them all, but no promises.

    PS! To add a bit of fun to those of you who read this, feel free to comment with what kind of adventure you would take me on! Best answer gets... uhmm... let's see... OH! I'll bake you one of my super duper awesome special cupcakes! ;D
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  2. My head was tilting more and more the further I was reading.

    You sound positively adorable, though! Welcome to the site! I'm a (shy) newbie, too, still working on making myself feel right at home here. People have been really friendly everywhere I've looked, though. :D

    And I'd rather not go on any adventures at the moment. I have enough of those anyway, rofl.
  3. Welcome to Iwaku!

    I'm Logic the crazy person of Iwaku. If you need anything just ask!
  4. Welcome, you may address me as Valentine, and I'll take you on an adventure under the sheets. I'm only joking. Perhaps going on an adventure through wonderland?
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  5. Climb aboard, get ready to explore! Zooming through the sky, Little Einstein!! xD

    Welcome Haylee!! I hope you have many wonderful adventures here on Iwaku~ <3
  6. I can swing through Brooklyn with you hanging from my body as we battle evil doers!-

    Hi im Lochlan!
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