INTEREST CHECK Wanna be mine ❤ ? C; [ ραятєηєя ѕєαяcн ]

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  1. Hello there people I do not know ! : D
    or don't need to know for that matter... jk.

    Anyway, I am 'El Cartel' and I am currently looking for a roleplay partner who frankly has nothing else better to do I say this so that you have plenty or somewhat reasonable time to experiment many different genres and plot
    [ Especially Cliche's ]
    I'm good for a bout 1 - 2 partners
    cough, up for a threesome, dawg.

    So how a bout playing with moi ? C;

    Things to now:

    My time is -5 Central time so I'd like someone near that.
    I'm a student so I won't be on at ALL moments of the day.
    Ma' partner needs to be pretty sociable with me, in terms of coming up with new plots to try and trying genres that we are no accustomed to.
    Finally, I ask for my partner to able to post at least a paragraph, I like a good balance of dialogue and detail. But no worries I don't bite ! lies
    I am good/ can play both genders so I doubt there will be problems with that : )
    It needs/WILL be at all times played on the forums, I will not accept via any other terms. [ Skype, Messenger, Email ]


    Favorite Genres-- Romance, Yaoi, School Life, Fantasy, somewhat Horror, Supernaturals,
    The 'UHH NO' Genres [ genres I dislike or just never bothered/ never sparked my interest ]-- Mecha's, War Settings, Sci-Fi's, and many Fandoms.
    Genres I would Like to try-- Yuri, Tragedy and Victorian/ Past Era's.

    So how a bout it ? I will love chuu forevaa'
    yeaah.. Not really.

  2. Victorian era romance, MxM?
    I could totally be down for that. Just sayin'.
  3. Oh ? Actually I never though of that, seems pretty interesting.
    Perhaps a romance between a prince and a peasant, could also be a mere breadmaker who falls in love with a knight ? Hmm. I can think of a lot more pairups

    So you down, dawg ?
  4. I think you're confused about when the Victorian era was (around the 1830's) so there was no doubt bakers and urban poor, but no knights as we think of them in shining armor and what-have-you :D It's all very Wuthering Heights and Jane Eyre then, with gentlemen and such.
    As for your ideas, they'd be more suited for a medieval period or perhaps Renaissance? I'm down with medieval for sure, if that's what you want to go with. But do some research on the Victorian era and if you like the sound of it I can give you some pointers :)

    I'm down for sure in any case, brosef. PM me more ideas?
  5. Oh god, how dare you bring up my favorite novel ? ( Wuthering Heighs )<3 Lol.
    I remember reading that when I was a kid for english class, I still remember what I though about that book... ' First ten pages and already 3 people dead ? ... ' yeah good times, I did read the actually novel tho. [ Sigh, Nostalgia~ ]
    It's funny gentlemen.. The people we call gentleman in those ages married young girls, I rather call them pedo's ; )
    Hmm, I do know nothing of Victorian
    in exact detail other than the basics. Renaissance I am a bit familiar with, but as for the exact era, not sure.. However I'll just say I'll do my research and I hope I'll be in your capable hands.

    Medieval and Dark ages, I think I'd be much better at, actually. But I would like to try things I know nothing about [ Like Victorian, Lol. ]
    Something I strive for is doing a roleplay featuring indian tribes, mayas, incas, aztecs. A time traveler who falls into their time.
    PM me what you think of this post, I'll reply back soon.
  6. I love me some tragic romance, and it's been a while since I've gotten to roleplay it. Feel free to PM me with ideas, if you have them. <3 If not, PM me anyway and I'll see what my mind can come up with for us! That is, if you even want to play with me. :P
  7. <3<3<3
    I'll keep you in mind ! I don't want to bite of more than I can chew for now. (:
  8. So I heard you be looking for a partner~ ;3

    Well, I'm a student and worker but I usually can find some time to slip in some posts, usually after work or classes since most don't give me homework. I also have Sunday's completely free and can usually multitask with my school work and such. Anyway, just offering up myself as possible RP partner and will to throw some idea's around with you if you are willing. PM me if you have a change and we can talk! 8D