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  1. Life as an Anime Character

    A story of kids that are living their lives in reality. One day they are sent a message from an unknown individual in strange ways. The some kid of them except and others except in way they didn’t mean to. That same night, they have strange dreams, and wake up in a world that resembles that of an anime world.

    They notice that they look completely different. There looks, voices, and for some their gender. To make things even more awkward, they have to attend school in this anime world until, they meet the one who sent them here.

    This rp will have romance, action, drama, and comedy. If this rp looks great to you, please feel free to message that you are interested. This is just a brief summary of the rp. The story will be better formed as we rp it. Hope to rp with you folks.

    Also I'm looking for a partner at least 18 or over. I don't know how far this story will go so I'd like to be safe than sorry.
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  2. I would love to try this :) but i am new to role playing.
  3. I'm sorry, but I already have a partner now. I'll keep you in mind for my next rp if that's ok with you.
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