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  1. It was a day like any other as the traveling gypsies finally made it over the mountain side just after the sun had broken away from the horizon. While the mountain path was not steep it was winding, and they were all glad to be off of the mountain. Two older women sat on wagon pulled by a large mule named Ker who silently trucked along as the older women busied themselves weaving bracelets. There were also three younger, pretty young women who walked along with the wagon instead of riding so Ker would not tire. Among the younger girls was Azalea, the second youngest of the whole mix-match family. Keza was the oldest of the three dancers, and Papina the youngest. The two older women were named Natalina and Vorza.

    Azalea breathed deeply as the wind picked up and brushed fresh air gently into her lungs, and a smile grew across her face. Today would be a good day, she had a good feeling! The five nomads made their way to the city, smiling and waving to people as they made their way to the market where they could set up shop. The sun was high in the sky when they finished setting up their wagon where Vorza would sit and sell their handcrafted items and potions. Natalina would then take the girls through the market and buy groceries and let them try on clothes or buy a small souvenir. Azalea eyed a gorgeous necklace with a phoenix design. "Oh, Papina, look how lovely!" Azalea called to her sister, who seemed absent when Azalea looked up. Her hazel eyes scanned the crowd and she found her sister across the way flirting with some man. Azalea scuffed, but smiled, this was typical Papina activity. Keza was the one who walked around like she was too good for everyone, her nose in a book whenever she could or making spells if she wasn't dancing.

    After the customary rounds of the marketplace the gypsies made their way back to the wagon with foods but no souvenirs, the ingredients Vorza needed were too expensive for the girls to get anything. "Okay, ladies, it is time to dance." Natalina announced. It was then that the girls changed into their dancing outfits, exposed midriffs and charms all over the fabrics to make them jiggle and they moved to draw attention. Natalina went about clearing a circle in the crowd. "The famous gypsy dancers, Keza and Papina!" The older woman called into the crowd, shooing those who were too close as the youngest and eldest would preform together and Azalea would sit and watch next to Vorza who played the drums for rhythm.

    Keza had straight, elegant brown hair and piercing emerald eyes. Her movements were very elegant and royal, she was always popular with the more wealthy man looking for something regal. Papina had short, very very curly blonde hair with soft hazel eyes. Her dancing was sexy and seductive, popular among the younger men and just men in general. After the two were finished dancing the crowd was already rather warmed up, it was Azalea's turn.

    Azalea had beautiful, wavy black hair with feathers and beads, lovely blue eyes and a face full of cute freckles. She smiled with confidence as she moved to the center of the circle alone, preparing to preform. Vorza provided the steady rhythm as Azalea held her ribbons. With a flick of her wrists both ribbons unraveled gracefully and the dance began, moving the ribbons along with her it made a spectacular show. When the finished the crowd cheered and Azalea let off a shy chuckle, and invited her sisters back into the circle for a bow as Natalina went around with a hat, collecting money. A few men approached her sisters, conversing or flirting she wasn't sure but it didn't matter. She felt a small tug at her skirt and looked down to find a little girl with sparkling brown eyes and a huge smile. "Hello, sweetie." Azalea smiled to the girl and placed her hand gently on her head. "Your ribbons were so pretty!" The girl squealed, dancing around. Azalea chuckled, "Not at pretty as you, my dear." The young woman smiled and plucked a feather from her hair and placed it in the little girl's hair.
  2. The young prince sighed, sitting back in his mock throne. As the oldest he was expected to inherit the real throne as king over these people. To tell the truth...he didn't want it. And he didn't want to be here. This was a mock trial for a tratior to the kingdom and one little mistake caused the whole trial to start over again. This was the sixth time that it had restarted and if he didn't get it right this time they would stop and restart tomorrow. He looked out across the room and crossed his legs at the knees as the "victim" was brought before him. The prince stood and looked at the man wearily. He pointed the mock septor at him drew an imaginary cut across his throat.

    "Sir-Sire...Sir George You are sentanced to death..."

    His words were less than entusiastic and he knew that the words were not right. His father stood up and waved for the people to leave then looked at Gabriel in disapproval.

    "Gabriel...It is Condemed and say it with confidance! The rest of the trial went just fine! I do not understand why you keep not getting it right. It is so simple!"

    In frustration he turned and left the room. Prince Gaberial fell back into the seat, his shaggy reddish brown hair fell into his face. Slowly he reached up and rubbed at his own temples. The stress of taking over the throne was going to be the death of him. All his life he had barely been outside the castle and sas trained to become king one day. As a child it seemed a bit boring but cool. Now...he would rather drown in a mote then take his fathers place. To tell the truth there was someone more suited for the job....

    "Gabriel! My Big Brother, how did it go?"

    Ivan walked into the room, a smile on his face. Ivan was pretty popular amungst the ladies, he had the bluest of blue eyes and bright blonde hair. He...? He had his father's deep but some said striking and all knowing green eyes. Sure he still got some attention but Ivan was clearly the faveorite son. Even still him and his brother were close. Even though his brother was only his half brother...a son from one of his fathers Mistresses. There was no resonse so Ivan came over to him and perched on the arm of the throne, looking down at his brother.

    "Gabe...Come on. It will be fine...I know this is stressful for you but I found something out. Those Gypsies...they are going to be in the city preforming. Come with me and lets watch them!"

    Gabriel looked up at him and saw the adorable smile on his baby brothers face. He sighed, trying to let go of the stress. The green eyed prince nodded, agreeing to come with him. And with that he slipped off into the city. After making thier way though the crowd they arrived as the dance began. Ivan watched in awe as the girl with short blonde hair and soft hazel eyes dance for the crowd. Her dance was seductive...sexy. She was pretty but that wasn't what attacted him. After all the other dancers the last woman stepped out. The drums provided a steady beat as she danced. She had gorgeous wavy, black hair adorned with feathers, beads and her eyes an entrancing blue...very beautiful. Gabriel also noticed adorable freackles on her face. This woman moved with grace and confidance. He didn't watch the ribbons...only her. As the dance ended he and his brother both went and put a tip in the hat totaling up to 1,500 dollars...a huge amount comparing to the other people around them. Both of them both pulled thier hoods of theiir clokes up, hoping they wouldn't be regonized. He looked over in time to see the young woman who had just danced take a feather from her hair and tucked it carefully and gently into the child's hair. A small smile tugged at his lips...It was nice to see people were still kind now a days. All he heard was negitive things from his father but this was good. Slowly he approached her, hoping that she wouldn't recognize him. He stopped and looked up at her, his deep green eyes and tufts of his shaggy reddish brown hair visible.

    "Miss...This is just for you. Your dancing was stunning. Divine."

    With that he dropped 3 silver coins equally one hundred dollars into her hand. With a quick smile he turned on his heel to his brother who was Flirting with the one girl he was enthralled with.
  3. The crowd was beginning to disperse and all the tips had been collected into Natalina's hat that would be counted later because for now there would be a line of people waiting to buy merchandise. That was usually how it worked, that the girls would dance and gather attention and then they would receive good business. It was all an elaborate marketing strategy according to Natalina and Keza, but for Azalea the dancing was just plain fun.

    The little girl twirled off to her mother who was speaking to Vorza about some sort of fertility bread recipe, Azalea watching to make sure the little girl was with someone. She didn't notice the tall, cloaked man approached her until she heard his voice. She turned to him, smiling as she always did to a fan, but something made her smile fade a bit. It wasn't the cloak or the hood, it was his emerald eyes that could be seen even though he was wearing a hood. Tufts of his almost auburn hair sneaked out past his hood. He complimented her, and held out a hand. Azalea turned her palm up to accept whatever he was trying to give her, not realizing what it was at first. She stared for a few moments until it finally clicked about just how much he had given her.

    "Sir!" Azalea looked up to see he had turned away from her, but the girl caught up to him and stood before him once more. "Thank you very much, but I couldn't possibly accept this, it is far too much." She insisted, holding her hand open to him to take it back. Azalea's attention left him after a moment, though, as she noticed something going on near her sister Papina. There was another cloaked figure who was making her smile, he was wearing the same kind of cloak as the gentleman who tipped her. Azalea looked at the man with a look of confusion. "Who are you two?" She asked quietly.

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  4. Gabriel's heart fluttered a little bit as he turned away after handing off 3 silver coins to the beautiful Gypsy. Her smiled before it faded was friendly and warm...pretty. He thought back to her dance and smiled a bit. The dancer was prettier than any other girl who's fathers seemed all too willing to give away their daughters to royalty. It didn't matter weather his daughter wanted it or not cause he had, had plenty of grumpy, unintrested girls whos fathers just wanted in on the royal family. Fathers who just wanted to proudly announce, to fullfill thier selfish needs, that thier daughter was married or engaged to the prince who would become king one day. It sickend him that people would do this.

    But often times more than the unwilling suitor was the willing one. One who had been convinced by thiers fathers that they could and would be the Prince's betrothed and eventully his wife. Suitor upon suitor came to try and impress Gabriel but most often times they failed. Most of the time they were whiny, needy, were overdressed or underdressed, and wore too much jewlery. If there was anything beautiful too see in these woman they hid it with the jewlery, fake personalities, and over dressing. He wasn't intreasted in girls who pretended to be someone they wern't...hiding their potential true beauty.

    But they seemed to be the only type of girls coming to him...so the green-eyed prince had doomed himself to a life of misery in which he would be forced to be king and be married to one of these fake girls who in the end just wanted to be there for the title of queen and not for any affections he might offer. It's not that he didn't want to marry...he just wanted it to be the woman he fell in love with not one forced upon him. Gabriel seriously doubted that either of the pair would be happy...not at all. When he snapped back to attention the Gypsy girl was infront of him again. She told him that the amount he had given her was far too much and that she couldn't possibly accept it.

    The young prince stood up strait, allowing the woman to see his entire face. He smiled softly and looked down at her hand. Gabriel reached inside his pocket and pulled out another silver coin, gently pressing it into the young woman's soft palm with the other coins and, closed her fingers around them. Slowly he looked back up at her, meeting her gorgeous blue eyes. He spoke to her, his voice warm and refined, but smooth. Before she looked away he said to her:

    "M'Lady...I have more money than I know what to do with. This is small change for me...pocket change. It is also a gift for a talented woman...I insist you keep it."

    Then both of them looked over at the situation. Not too far away Ivan was flirting with one of the dancers, more than likely this woman's sister. After a few moments the woman looked back over at him, a confused expression on her face. In a soft voice she asked who they were. Gabriel chuckled softly.

    "That is my younger brother. He heard rumors about gypsies being in the city today and he wanted to come see if it was really true. Of course I couldn't let him come alone. I do apologize though...he has his way with the women. As for where we came from it isn't really important at all. We are just some brothers who were trying to get away from a stress filled situation. Much thanks again you-"

    Suddenly Ivan appeared at his side, looking at Gabriel.

    "Gabriel! I found out-"

    The prince reached over and covered his brothers mouth. Ivan had just revealed his real name out in public. If they were caught in public it would be very troublesome to return home again. They they would be lectured by thier father, the king. Ivan just stood there, looking suprised. The green-eyed prince spoke, his tone apologitic.

    "I'm sorry M'Lady...but we have to go now. Please do keep all the money. I hope it benefits you in whatever you desire to use it for."

    With that he turned on his heel and started to pull Ivan back towards the castle.
  5. Even as Azalea confronted the man about this sum of money he didn't seem fazed. Instead he straightened out his back, revealing his face to her. He had a strong jawline that would have made him look rather intimidating except for his... extremely charming smile. While she was busy studying his features she felt another coin hit her palm. "What, I just said no," Azalea protested even as the gentleman closed her fingers around the money. The mysterious man looked up at her, his brilliant emerald eyes meeting her blue ones, and spoke to her calmly and smoothly. He explained to her that what he had given her was merely pocket change for him and insisted that she kept it. The mention of his wealth was just another reason she wanted to know who he was. Usually men of wealth would be flaunting it with everything they had, instead he wore a cloak and avoided as many eyes as possible.

    The green-eyed, cloaked gentleman explained to her that the one flirting with Pipina was, in fact, his younger brother who heard they were in town and that he was merely accompanying him. He went on to say that where they were from was not important, and this statement only made the mystery, and Azalea's curiosity, deepen. A smirk graced her lips as he withheld information, his whole mystery man facade only making her more interested in cracking the code. "My name is Azalea, and it was a pleasure meeting you, good sir." She smiled warmly to him before the younger man who the gentleman had made clear was his brother appeared. He referred to the man as Gabriel.

    Suddenly the green-eyed man quickly slapped a hand over his younger brother's mouth, and she wondered if he let his real name into the open air and hit her ears, something he obviously didn't want. The younger man stood there with a look of surprise on his face as Gabriel looked to her and said a brief farewell. "We'll be here for a few days, I.. hope I see you again." Azalea shot the man a charming smile before he turned and began tugging his little brother along with him.

    Papina hopped over to Azalea, a great big grin on her face. "Oh, I just met the most wonderful man! So handsome and charming." The girl breathed and airy sigh and Azalea giggled. "Yes, and I met his mysterious older brother, also handsome and charming." The girls giggled girlishly to themselves and realized they had both received a very hefty tip from the men, and they had no idea how much they actually put into the hat. "Imagine what it would be like to marry someone with such full pockets," Papina grinned, Azalea scuffed but smiled. "Money is not all that's important. I would much rather be in love and poor than unhappy and rich." Azalea said, playing with the silver coins in her hand. "Aww, Azalea, you're such a romantic! You might actually get a decent guy if you weren't as stubborn as a mule!" Papina teased only to receive a playful punch from Azalea in the arm.
  6. As the prince dragged his younger brother away he couldn't get that girls face out of his head. Her blue eyes, freckles, and long dark hair one pretty portrait in his head. She said her name was Azalea. Names like hers were not common in this region so he had never heard it before. Her words, telling him that she was going to be here for a couple of days were also imprinted in his mind along with that smile she offered to him before he dragged Ivan away. Gabriel had already made up his mind that he would go back and watch Azalea preform again...tomorrow. His father was also going to kill him but this Gypsy woman right now caught his intrest more so than anytime he had been offered the throne and crown. He wasn't about to sit though some boring court stuff before going down to see her once again. Then once they were far enough away he stopped, letting go of Ivan. Gabriel looked him strait in the eyes.

    "I'm going to go 'missing' for a couple of days, okay Ivan? Don't tell anyone about any of this. As far as you know you have not seen me since Dinner last night. I'm going back to see these gypsies...I can't get her out of my head."

    Ivan frowned, looking at him like her had just commited a great sin.

    "Now..that isn't a bit fair. I want to go back to see Papina again...when will that happen? Hn? I'm not getting the raw end of the deal here again Gabe..."

    "Raw end? I'm stuck at the palace for the rest of my life and will probably marry A woman I don't love. You'll get a chance at that. So don't tell me this isn't fair. I'm trusting you not to rat me out. You my little brother...I trust you with my life. Just let me have mine before I loose it to a life I don't want..."

    Gabriel looked at him pleadingly then his brother offered a small smile.

    "Okay...but only because I think you deserve it. I won't let anyone find out..."

    He hugged his brother quickly then sent him off on his way. Slowly The young prince made his way back around to where they had set up shop. After locating that he went and grabbed dinner. It consisted of fruit from street venders. Once night rolled around he found himself exasuted from the days events. The man didn't realize it because by the time he did he was too tierd to get back up. He was right near the Gypsies shop area. Now out in the open he prayed that no one found him and knew who he was or he wasn't going to sleep well at all...Slowly Gabriel, propped up against a near by wall drifted off into sleep.

  7. The two younger sisters decided to take their tips and go shopping, Azalea wasn't sure what she would spend it all on but Papina's mind was already made up on clothes and new rings. Azalea followed her sister around the market slowly, looking over things but not buying things. As Papina was trying on dresses, Azalea was looking over materials needed for charmed bracelets that they could sell at the shop. Azalea decided on a few beautiful beads that were not required but would make it a bit more popular with the women. Papina bought herself a lovely dress, and was now ready for more shopping. The blonde stopped at a shop to look at shoes while Azalea wandered toward the produce stands, picking fruits like dragon fruit and passion fruit that Vorza could make into potions, also picking up a watermelon and a pomegranate, her personal favorite.

    The girls met up again as Papina was looking for a ring to spend her last silver piece on when they came across the shop from earlier where Azalea had found the gorgeous phoenix necklace. She now had plenty of money to buy it, but Azalea was never one to spend a lot of money on herself. She held the necklace, trying to decide what to do. "Come on, Aza, buy it for yourself!" Papina told her with a grin. Azalea sighed and handed the shop owner the money and received the necklace. Even after all of her purchases Azalea still had two silver coins left while Papina had spent everything, but was happier than could be.

    When the sisters returned the women had discovered the enormous tip within the hat and were chatting about having a celebration. Papina helped Azalea put on her new necklace and then helped her with putting their new things away, Azalea giving her gifts to Vorza. "We can have a bonfire and dance and sing, and have ourselves a feast." Natalina said, her hands running over the coins again. Keza was sitting in the corner, unimpressed as usual. Keza was the one with the most money, always attracting the wealthier men and they all knew she had a stash of money hidden somewhere that she would occasionally use to buy more expensive, luxurious fabrics. Azalea sat down in the wagon, taking a few strings of hemp from Vorza's spread and began weaving it into a more masculine pattern with fewer beads than those for women. "We cannot make a fire tonight," Vorza spoke up, "The moon shall be full tomorrow, we can have our celebration then. We should celebrate for the moon, and not for riches." The old woman made Azalea smile with her old gypsy roots, Vorza had raised her well.

    Natalina and Keza sighed quietly, but did not argue with the woman's decision. Vorza was the one who found them all, after all. They all referred to themselves as sisters, but truly the three girls were orphans that Vorza found and raised. Natalina had been a runaway that traveled with Vorza when they were both younger, and now Natalina was more of an aunt than a sister. Night settled in and the girls all lined up along the floor of the wagon, excited for the next day.

    The next morning was beautiful, not a cloud in the sky and Azalea smiled as Vorza was right once again. Tonight would be clear and the moon would be full, she had a good feeling about the day ahead. There was a constant stream of customers in the morning, and today the square was packed with people. Today the girls would pull out all the stops and Azalea would no longer be the star of the show, but that wasn't what mattered. When it was noon Natalina went about clearing out a larger space for the ladies, which was a bit more difficult with the rather large crowd. Keza was the first to preform, sitting in the middle of the circle with her fancy string instrument that Azalea had no idea what it was called. She played and sang, Keza had a very lovely singing voice. Papina was next to preform while Keza played background music, Azalea helping with a tambourine as her young blonde sister danced while twirling batons. Azalea went last, preforming a much more intricate dance than yesterdays with her ribbons. While her sisters had other talents, Azalea's passion was dancing and she stuck to it, concentrating as her body flowed, looking effortless and graceful with the ribbons. She took her bow at the end of the show, her sisters joining her to bow as Natalina once again began making her rounds with the tip hat. Today Keza was flooded with fans of her singing and Azalea smiled, playing with her necklace. She wondered if the man she met yesterday had caught the show. She looked to see Papina looking around hopefully for the man's brother.
  8. The man woke the next morning with the loud morning crowds of the city. He groaned a bit standing up. The prince's body was stiff but it was to be expceted sleeping like he did. Gabriel wadered into the streets as the morning venders were opening. There he bought some more fruits before going out into the shops, looking around. Since he was stuck in the Castle most of the time not often did he get to see the bustling streets or what they offered. As he walked about he saw everything from jewlery to dresses. To quacks offereing a love potion to medicinal herbs to cure everything from headaches to heart problems. He chuckled as he looked around. The people were intresting and the places...needless to say were intresting too. It definitly wasn't as luxerious as the castle but people looked happy. It suprised him that with so little they were so happy. He wished they could be that way. Right now he was happier than he was in the castle. It wasn't where the money was...because he had alot of money now and he was miserible. RIght now amungst the people...he was happier.

    Around noon he wandered back towards where the gypsies where. A big area was cleared for where he guessed the girls would be preforming. He pushed his way to where he was near the front of the crowd. The Prince had a good view of the preformance. First to preform was a woman, pretty as well but not like Azalea. She had a lovely singing voice and her instrament was beautiful as well. Next was the girl with short blonde hair and she began to dance. The next thing he knew his brother was right next to him. His eyes bright in fasination and excitment as he watched her. A smile came across his face, his face fully visible though he had the hood pulled over his head. He looked over at him suprised but then looked back to see Azalea playing the tambourine for Papina.

    After Papina he watched as the girl he came here to see...preform. This time her dance was more beautiful than ever. The movements were more intricaate and precise. He just watched in silent amazement. When she finnished they bowed and again the brothers dropped a heafty tip into the hat. Immeditly Ivan took off towards Papina who was looking around for he guessed was his brother. Gabriel saw Azalea and went towards her, offering her a smile as he approached her.

    "Once again...what a preformance. I don't think I've seen such a talented woman."

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  9. As Azalea watched her sister search the crowd for the man she met yesterday, he sneaked up behind Papina and spooked her. Papina twirled around and when she saw who it was her entire face lit up. Azalea watched from afar, feeling happy for her sister, she had found someone who made her smile and she was sure right now her heart was beating wildly in her chest. Azalea wondered if she would ever meet anyone that she would have that effect on. She imagined herself with a special gentleman and being close enough to place a hand on his chest and feel his nervous heart. The daydream made her happy and sad all at once, it wasn't like that would ever really happen. Not to people like her.

    A familiar voice rang out, breaking Azalea away from her thoughts and when she looked it just happened to be the green-eyed gentleman from yesterday. Azalea instantly smiled, her blue eyes meeting his gentle gaze. This man had shown her much kindness and she was not the type of person who took it for granted and did not repay it. "I'm very glad you decided to come back." Azalea said, facing him as she tucked stray black hairs behind her ear. "I made you something," The girl almost sang, quickly digging into her pocket and pulled out a hemp bracelet she wove yesterday. It was a masculine weave with three glass beads in the center, unlike the more feminine ones that were riddled with beads. Azalea reached for his hand and tied it around his wrist. "Vorza charmed it, it will promote longevity and good health. It is the least I can do repay you for being so kind." Azalea explained to him and admired how it looked on his wrist before releasing his hand.

    The girl looked back as she heard her sister Papina laugh at something this man's brother said to her, and smiled softly as she watched her sister glow. She could tell Papina was falling for the lad already. "Do you," Azalea started slowly, turning back to the man before her. "Uh, I mean, we're having a feast to night in honor of the full moon. Would you and your brother like to join us? My sister seems quite taken, it would be a lovely surprise for her." Azalea offered the man a warm smile, hoping he would accept her invitation. Usually not many people joined them during the gypsy's parties but there were a few open-minded folk that would join them every now and then. A few of the shop owners in town would be joining them, for singing and dancing around a fire and perhaps some story telling and definitely eating too much.

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  10. When their eyes met his heart fluttered again. He couldn't help it...even just being around her like this made his heart do that. The prince supposed that this was what it was like to auctully have feelings forming for a girl he liked...a crush. She smiled happily as if she was just as glad to see him as he was to see her again. He was even happier when she told him she was glad that he came back and told him that she had something for him. She tucked strand of her beautiful hair behind her ears and also told him she had made him something.

    His deep green eye blinked in suprised. She dug though her pockets and produced a hemp bracelet. It looked as masculine as a bracelet could with three glass beads on it. She took his wrist with her soft hands and carefully tied the bracelet around his wrist. Azalea explained that someone named Vorza had charmed it and it was for longevity and good health. He chuckled a bit to himself. The prince was going to need it once he had to face his father again. The gypsy examined how it looked on his wrist before releasing his hand. He follwed her gaze over to Papina and Ivan.

    Ivan was talking with her, his charming bright smile across his lip. It almost made his entire being glow with how happy he looked. Then he made he laugh by something he told her and the girl glowed. Both of them seemed so happy. Gabriel envied his brother...he wished that he could be that way with women. Attract them to him and have the girl of his dreams. Be married to a woman he had feelings for and who had feelings for him in return. The green-eyed prince looked over at Azalea. Apperently he wasn't the only one who noticed the relationship between the two. A soft smile on her lips confirmed that they were both seeing the same thing. She then spoke again, telling him that they were feasting tonight in honor of the full moon and she invited him and Ivan. Gabriel nodded and looked at her.

    "Indeed it would...I do believe that my brother would like that as well. If I"m not mistaken we both seen the same thing. Thank you very much for your offer. It would be an honor to join you and the rest of your family."

    Gabriel looked on at her warm smiled and returned on himself.

    "If there is anything we can do to help please let us know. It would be rude to be invited to a feast and not help prepare it at all."
  11. Azalea's smile grew as he accepted her offer to join them, and chuckled at the mention of their siblings getting along so well. "I do admit I'm a tad envious, but it's wonderful to see her so happy." The girl chuckled slightly at the obvious attraction between the two, and even though she was slightly jealous of not having such a flirtatious encounter, Azalea would always put Papina's happiness over her own, even if that meant going out of her way to surprise her with her current love interest.

    Her attention returned to the man and his kind smile as he inquired her about helping to prepare in some way, to which Azalea laughed and shook her head. "You are the reason we are able to have the feast in the first place," She said taking a step closer to him, a sly, fox-like smile crawling across her face. "I know very well that you are the ones who left such an enormous tip." Azalea crossed her arms and stated. "Tall, handsome, mysterious," She looked into those piercing green eyes of him before circling in him like a wolf inspecting it's prey. "You better be careful, Keza would swoop down on you like a hawk even if she is older than you." Azalea circled back around him, facing him with a smile that would assure him she was simply teasing him.

    "I'll tell you what, I'll keep the fact that you're wealthy out of Keza's ears if you tell me your name, green-eyed mystery man." Azalea smiled playfully, and only just realized she was sort of... flirting with him. In a way. If Papina knew this was her way of showing affection towards men she would laugh and tell her no wonder she's not married. While Azalea was attractive she was never very good at romance, she would always get flustered and not be able to speak, so for a while she had avoided it completely. She wasn't sure what it was about this man, but something about him made her want to seem confident and cool around him. Azalea wasn't sure if she liked it or not, but she was sure as hell going to find out.
  12. "Your not the only one who is a bit envious...My brother has always had a way of attracting the women. Weather he means to or not. Me...I always seem to attract woman who do not want much more than my money. But to see him this happy is wonderful. It's been a long time..."

    A warm smile grew across his lips at the same time she chuckled. She must be a good sister...always seeming to look after her sisters happiness far beyond her own. He rememberd when Ivan was born, at the time he was only about four years old. His father had to explain to him that his little brother was only his half brother. His mother, the kings wife, was very much upset about the whole thing. Ivan's mother was a woman that his father kept as a mistress. It was a normal thing for royalty but it didn't change the fact he not only upset his wife but his son. For the longest time he never understood why his father would do that. Up until he was ten years old he hated Ivan as well. His mother remained queen but the Mistress's son Ivan became like Gabriel. His father treated him like his son and it didn't sit well with him or his mother. But things changed and once Ivan nearly died he came to appricate his little brother.

    When he mentioned being able to help she shook her head and laughed. Insisting that that he and his brother were the reasons they could hold a feast tonight. Then...she took a step closer to him and a sly smile crossed her face, she stated that she knew they were the ones who left such heafty tips. He chuckled a bit.

    "Okay...fine. You caught me."

    Then she crossed her arms and started to circle him like a predetor inspecting her prey. His heart rate began to increase a bit as she began flirting with him. She then called him tall, handsome, and mysterious all the while looking into his eyes. He couldn't take his eyes off her...right now her preasance was intoxicating. Azalea teasingly stated that if he wasn't careful her sister with a taste for rich men would swoop him up. He knew who it was because she often times wore more expensive cloths than her sisters. And then she told him she would keep his wealth a secret if only he told her his name. Azalea then smiled playfully at him and he swallowed a lump in his throat. Gabriel managed to keep his calm and cool exterior but he did seem a little flustered. The prince looked her in the eyes. He chuckled a bit, nervously.

    "I do believe my brother said it aloud yesterday...It's Gabriel...And my brother is Ivan. Just please don't go spreading our names about. For your ears only."

  13. Azalea listened as the man mentioned only being able to attract women who were only interested in him for his wealth. The girl chuckled lightly, the thought of her yesterday trying to get him to take back his money crossing her mind. He had unknowingly met probably the only traveling gypsy in the world who wasn't interested in money besides Vorza. "Most folks these days seem to think they need money to be truly happy. While it is true that it is nice to have it is really not what is important." Azalea spoke, her eyes scanning the crowds of people as she mindlessly played with her phoenix necklace.

    The man smiled and chuckled as Azalea brought up the issue of the hefty tip, and he was all too keen to confess. She smiled as she circled him, and by the end of it his usual calm and cool demeanor had a slight fluster to it, the nervous chuckle only confirmed her suspicion. Oh, did she make him nervous? Azalea wasn't sure what was getting into her, flirting with this man in this way, but it was certainly fun. She had to admit she liked this fellow, there was just something about him. Maybe it was his kind smile, or maybe it was because she knew he was wealthy but was not snooty.

    He finally introduced himself as Gabriel, and his brother was Ivan. He proceeded to tell her not to go spreading his name around, and that it was for her ears only. Azalea chuckled lightly. "You're just making the mystery deeper." Azalea smiled warmly, feeling just as curious as a cat. "Papina, Azalea, come! There is much to be done!" Natalina's voice broke Azalea's gaze away from Gabriel and she frowned slightly, her meeting with the man of mystery being cut short.

    The girl looked back to him, once again meeting his emerald eyes with her blue gaze, a lovely, genuine smile spreading across her freckled face. "Meet me here tonight with your brother. I will lead you to where we will have the party and we can surprise Papina." Azalea said in a hushed voice. Before she left she made a small motion with her finger, signaling for Gabriel to lean down. Azalea moved in close to whisper in his ear. "Papina's favorite flower is a sunflower." Azalea whispered sweetly into his ear before backing off, shooting his one last smile and a playful giggle before running off back to the wagon to begin cooking and preparing for tonight's festivities.
  14. What the woman said about the money was all too true. He had discoverd that yesterday as he travled around the town a bit. Looking at what it had to offer and the people it held. Some towns people were good people...just tying to make a living. Others were more questionable but Gabriel didn't judge...just assumed they had thier reasons. He looked down at her necklace. It was beautiful...and it suited her but he wouldn't say anything. After he had introduced himself and his brother, telling the girl not to tell anyone thier names she chuckled lightly and told him that he was only making the mystery deeper. As she got a warm smile on her pretty lips he smiled happily.

    "Is that so? Maybe sometime if you ever come back to the city I could tell you all my mysteries."

    He said jokingly and then after he said that a woman called for Azalea and Papina. They were told to come because there was much to be done to prepare for the feast that night. She frowned a bit, her gaze being torn from him. After a few moments she looked back, a lovely smile on her pretty face full of freckles. She told him to meet him here that night with Ivan so she could show them to where the party was going to be held. Azalea also seemed a excited to suprise her sister. Then she usherd him closer to her with a motion of her finger. He leaned in closer like she wanted and she whispered in his ear that Papina's faveorite flower was a Sunflower. The gypsy stood back up and shot him one last smile, a playful smile before darting off to prepare for tonight. He looked down at the ground and banished the slight blush he flet on his cheeks before looking up to where his brother was supposed to be. Ivan was telling her something before they split ways, almost unwillingly on Ivan's part. Gabriel could tell that he enjoyed every second he spent with the blonde haired woman. Ivan lingered as much as he could before coming back over to his brothers side, a sweet smile on his lips.

    "I can't believe a woman like her exsists. She is unbelieveable brother!"

    Gabriel smirked at his brother before grabbing him and leading him away from the wagon, away from anyone's ear shot. He looked at his brother who looked a bit confused but still had a goofy, happy look on his face.

    "Okay...so Azalea invited us to a full moon feast tonight. Papina dosn't know your coming so Azalea and I both thought it would be a good idea to suprise her with some of her faveorite flower...a Sunflower."

    A huge grin erupted on his brothers face as he grew excited.

    "Yeah that sounds great! Let's go! We need to find the best flowers the city has to offer!"

    With that Ivan dragged Gabriel around from shop to shop looking for the best flowers in the city. Finally they found a flowershop near the ouskirts of the city. It was small and a bit run down but the flowers growing around it were beautiful...fresh. More importantly they had to get back soon because the sun was starting to set and they were a good ten miles from the gypsies shop set up where they were supposed to meet Azalea. Ivan eagerly went up to the shop and went inside. Gabriel went inside looking around, behind his brother. Ivan was already conversing with the shopkeeper. A small, old woman. After a few more moments she lead them outside to the back of the house and exposed a whole patch of beautiful sunflowers. The entire patch was healthy looking, the petals a lovely yellow and the stems a healthy green. His brother asked her to cut the best she had and the old woman disappeard amungst the sunflowers. A little while later she emerged with twelve sunflowers all wrapped up and tied togeather in a beatiful matching ribbon. His brother carefully took them and paid the woman what they were worth plus double before the two thanked them and disappeared back into the city.

    The brothers arrived back at the wagon just as the sun had set, making it thought the city in record time. Ivan now looked excited but nervous. He chuckled softly at his brother. Gabriel didn't believe there would be anyneed. From the looks of it Ivan had already attracted the young woman. The flowers were just a gift. Both waited patiently there for their escort to the night of feasting and friends.
  15. The rest of the afternoon was dedicated to preparing foods and a few decorations and also picking out a spot just out of town near the woods were they would be able to host a party without disturbing too many people. Azalea just happened to be the one stuck with the duty of gathering fire wood from he nearby woods, which she didn't really mind but it ended up being all of the brute strength work. By the end of it all Azalea was tired and slightly sun burnt but the site was set up and she smiled to herself, happy with how her wood pile turned out to be.

    Azalea returned to town where Vorza scolded her for being careless and getting sun burnt and mixed up a bit of ointment for her shoulders, which was really the only place she got burnt. After that all the women began transporting the gypsy dishes to the camp site, along with a few different meats that they would prepare on the fire. Vorza would stay at the site until the rest of them all arrived, and when Azalea made it back to where the wagon was she watched as Keza was working with Papina's short hair, being able to braid it up and it made the girl look absolutely gorgeous. "Aza, let me do your hair!" Papina hopped up when Keza was done. The blond put Azalea's hair up into a messy bun and left it at that. Nothing fancy, especially since some of her hair wasn't long enough to fit and it fell in her face, but overall she looked very nice, really bringing out the blue of her eyes.

    The three girls returned to the camp site as the sun was beginning to set, seeing that a few others they had invited had arrived and were indulging in some of their strange food. The fire had been started, and Keza was setting up with her string instrument to begin warming up to play songs. Azalea knew she had to get back to the square to meet the brothers, so she told Papina that she had to go back and treat her sun burn and would return shortly.

    Azalea quickly made it to the square which was emptying, the two brothers already standing there waiting for her arrival. The girl smiled as she ran up to them, her eyes landing on the beautiful bouquet of sunflowers. "Wow! Papina will love this!" Was the first thing she said, smiling brightly, just imagining the girl's face. Azalea looked past the flowers and to Ivan and placed a hand on her chin, as if jokingly inspecting him, "My, no wonder she's so taken with you." Azalea smiled warmly to the younger man, giving him a playful pat on the shoulder. Azalea finally looked up to meet Gabe's gaze, smiling fondly to him before motioning her head toward the site. "Come, the fire has already started and the dancing will begin soon."

    The girl led the brothers a short distance to the site, slinking down as they approached and ushered the brothers to do the same as they sneaked up on her sister. Finally they were in position with Papina's back to them. Azalea motioned for them to stay up and Azalea took off running toward Papina, bringing her hands over her sister's eyes. "I have a surprise for you!~" Azalea sang and turned her around, keeping her eyes covered as she walked her toward Ivan. Papina's sight was returned to her and the first thing she saw were the flowers, and then to Ivan holding them out to her. The blond stared for a moment, before a grin spread across her face and she looked like she might cry. Happily, the blond jumped Ivan and pulled him into a tight embrace. Azalea smiled softly as she watched the scene unfold, happy to let them have their moment. "Aza, thank you! I love you so much!" Papina said to her sister, sniffling as she held back tears.
  16. It wasn't too long they were standing there waiting before she came. As she ran up to them smiling it in turn made Gabriel smile happily. He was auctully excited for the feast. A feast back at the Castle meant sufficating clothing and proper manners. Of course he would be proper but his mother took it to an extreme at the castle. Cause a Feast usually meant the duke was coming to visit from across the country. As the future king there was alot expected out of him. Ivan got away with alot more and though he was a prince he wasn't expected to be king. To him Ivan had always been pampred while he was pushed hard but tis was the life of the king to be.

    Azalea's eyes met the bouquet of sunflowers as she got closer to them. Then she exclaimed how much the girl would love the sunflowers and smiled brightly. Just by doing Papina a favor, Ivan had also done his brother a favor. Though the time Gabriel had known Azalea was short he had come to adore her smile. It was very much feminine and cute...pretty as well. As she stopped infront of them Azalea put a hand on her chin and jokingly inspected him. She told him that she wasn't suprised that her sister was taken with him and his brother's cheeks flushed a light red. He chuckled a bit as the gypsy patted him playfully on the shoulder. Her gaze came up to meet with his and there was something in her pretty eyes he just couldn't make out...it made him curious. She then motioned towards the direction they would be going in.

    The brothers followd her silently to the site and she motioned for them to crouch down, as to not be seen. After they were in posistion to suprise Papina Azalea motioned them up and she ran over to her sister. She covered Papina's eyes and told her she had a suprise for her, turning her around and bringing her to where the brothers were. She stopped Papina infront of Ivan who smiled charmingly as Papina's eyes were uncovered, holding the flowers out towards her. A huge grin came across the young woman's face and looked like she was on the verge of tears. Papina then wrapped her arms around Ivan tightly. Ivan's face was a bit red with blush but he smiled happily, hugging her back just as tightly, comforting the lady in his arms who thanked her sister and was trying to hold back tears.

    Gabriel was glad to let his little brother have this moment. He had, had to live in his shadow his entire life...his parents expecting almost but not nearly as much from him as they did from Gabriel. Ivan deserved happiness for all those years he had been hated by his elder brother who should have just accepted him. Gabriel walked around them and went over to Azalea.

    "They will be along as soon as their finnished here and I"m sure Papina will be all to eager to get him to the feast but for now how about we go? It's not often that we will get to have any fun."
  17. It was funny, for how much Gabriel mentioned he was jealous of Ivan and how well he did with the women he sure did blush a lot when it came to Papina. The younger couple looked very cute together, and it was all too obvious that they were quickly falling for each other. Silently Azalea back off a bit and just watched them, as if she was watching something straight out of a fairy tale book. She was happy at least Papina would know what it was like to love and be loved in return.

    After a few moments Gabriel approached her, suggesting the two of them let their younger siblings have their moment alone. Azalea nodded silently, smiling at the pair before leading the way toward the fire. It seemed as though Keza was still warming up with her instrument and her singing voice. The few others that had shown up apparently were fans of Keza's, as they were both men staring at her like lost puppies. Natalina was tending to the fire, Vorza sitting by the food and refreshments, indulging in her favorite dishes. Azalea lead Gabriel over to the refreshments, it wasn't a few big spread but for the gypsy's it was a feast, and they still hadn't cooked the meat yet. "Most gypsy cooking deals with a lot of herbs and some spices." Azalea said to Gabriel, smiling. "These rolls are made with clovers and dandelions, they are my favorite." The girl smiled warmly to him, taking one of the rolls and breaking off a small piece to give to him just to see if he liked it.

    It was then that Keza finally decided she was ready to play her music. The fire was going nice and steady and the moon was beginning to rise. Azalea grinned and left Gabriel's company for a moment to grab the tambourine, quickly returning to him. "Would you like to dance?" Azalea asked him before walking toward the fire. Natalina was already starting to dance a bit, and Azalea joined her, following the beat with the tambourine as she swayed her hips and spun.

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  18. After he approached her and suggested they leave Papina and Ivan alone togeather Azalea nodded silently and turned around. She Led them towards the blazing fire. The fire seemed warm, exciting, and inviting. Near the fire, Keza her sister was warming up. Surrounding her was a few of her fans who had also been invited. Gabriel recognized them as a couple of men who were rich...but not enough so to attract the Gypsy with high taste. They just stared at her complelty entraced. It seemed that whatever the woman asked them to do...he would do it. Another lady was attending the fire making sure it would stay full, big, and just as alluing and inviting.

    As they made there way over to the table it was filled with food and refreshments. It definitly wasn't a castle feast. Royalty feasts were huge events with lots of people...important people. Ususally there would be a long table and food would fill almost every inch of it. Royal feasts often times were a bit overwhelming because the sheer mass of food and people. Here it was cozy...but not overcrowded. It seemed like there was just enough food to go around...so people would go to bed tonight with full bellies. Alot of the food on the table looked different to him...but he was definitly willing to try anything. It would be rude not to...after all the work had been done this day and they took the trouble of inviting them. A warm smile came across his lips. This seemed like a true family...a warm and loving family. He didn't even remember the last time his mother or father told him how much they supposedly cared.

    He listened to her as she explained how alot of Gypsy food was made...with lots of herbs and spices. Gabriel stepped closer to her as she smiled, his arm brushing against hers. Then she picked up a food and told him what it was.The ingerediants were not normal to him but like he commited...he was willing to try the food. Azalea ripped off a piece for him to try and handed it to him. He took it and put it into his mouth. TO his suprise he liked it. It was different but it tasted great! He looked over at her and smiled, taking his hood off.

    "Very good, different but I definitly enjoy different if you couldnt tell by now."

    After he took another bite, Keza finnished warming up and began to play. As she did the moon was beginning to rise and the night was beautiful. He didn't even notice her leaving his side to get the Tambourine. Then to his suprise she asked him if he wanted to dance. She then went over to ther fire where Natalina was already dancing and began dancing beautifully like she always did. Well...it wasn't like he hadn't danced before but what dance he was taught was ballroom dance. He was good at that. But this was going to be different but it didn't matter to him. Gabriel took off his hooded cape, moving it out of peoples way and began to dance. It auctully wasn't a failure. It wasn't the best either but he was having fun dancing with the Azalea and her sister. It had been such a long time since he felt to light hearted and weightless...

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  19. As Azalea offered him a piece of the bread, Gabriel took his hood off for the first time. She could now see all of his features and his full head of hair, the almost rusty color of his hair only made his eyes brighter. She found herself staring, but thankfully it was while he was trying the gypsy dish and before he responded. He replied to her that he actually liked it and took another bite as Keza began to play.

    He hadn't even noticed when she went to get the instrument, but did seem a little surprised when she invited him to dance. Azalea wasn't really expecting him to come and dance with them. He was a man of wealth, after all, and often times the only dancing men of his stature would dance to was formal ballroom, which was all still and straight legged. This dancing was completely freestyle, just moving to the beat whichever way you body moved you. After a few moments, she actually spotted him as he made his way over to dance near the fire. She watched him with a grin on her face, noticing that he had removed his cape completely. She watched as he danced and couldn't help but giggle to herself. Azalea handed the tambourine to Natalina and made her way over to Gabriel, standing close to him.

    "You're not bad, but you could use some pointers."
    Azalea smiled to him, not stopping her own dancing. "Loosen up, you're as stiff as a tree." She teased him, and watched as he attempted to do as she said. Azalea laughed out loud and shook her head. "I said loosen up, not be a noodle!" Azalea continued to tease, but he still wasn't getting it. She didn't expect him to after most likely years of nothing but strict dancing lessons. Azalea moved to stand in front of him, and gently placed her hands on his hips. "Bend your knees and sway," She instructed, moving along with him. "That's it," Azalea smiled and they continued to dance until the song ended.

    Keza started up a different song with a much more formal feel. Azalea felt ballroom would be much more appropriate and she turned to Gabriel. "Perhaps you could teach me some formal ballroom?" Azalea asked with a smile.
  20. As he danced he noticed that Azalea handed off her instrement and came over to him, smiling. She told him he wasn't bad but something that he assumed he would need, and would be glad to put into the dance he was attempting. She told him he needed pointers so he listened to her, eyes focused upon her, trying to learn. She told him to loosen up because he was as stiff as a tree. So he did...to the best of his ability. But She shook her head laughing. It made him laugh too because he was enterained about how much he was failing at this. He knew she was teasing but he took her comments to heart, keeping them with his as long as he was able too.

    When he still didn't understand she came over and stood infront of him. Standing close to him she gently placed her soft hands on his hips. He tensed up for a moment in suprise, a light red blush coming over his cheeks. That and he noticed his heart rate slowly beginning to rise the longer her hands were against his hips. As she instructed him she moved with him. Finally he got it and she smiled...they danced togeather till the song ended. Then another song began to start...it had very much a ball room feel to it. Azalea looked at him and with that pretty smile asked him to teach her ballroom. He smiled a bit and then nodded, taking a step back.

    "Of course. It's only fair since You taught me how to dance properly."

    He stepped forwards once again and took her hand gently, placing it on his shoulder. He then in turn placed his hand on her side carefully. Then with the other hand reached over, lacing his fingers with hers. He then raised it to the proper level. At the right distance apart he looked down at her, a warm, happy smile on his face.

    "Alot of ladies who dance like this call themselves proper so the space between us is called on the fact that rich people think it's improper to dance so close togeather. I don't think too much of it though. And being as "stiff" as I was earlier comes from the years I was taught to properly ballroom dance. So unlike your dance your going to stand up strait, keeping your back strait and hold your head up. I must do the same. But if you see how my arm on the side I am touching your side with is underneath your arm you are touching my shoulder with it is that way for support. The man is supposed to lead."

    He kept correcting her until she got the stance right then he proceeded to teach her the steps with the feet. Several times she stepped on his feet but he didn't mind and just laughed lightheartedly before correcting her. Once she got a hang of that he told her that in ballroom they danced around in small circles. So carefully...slowly at first they danced around the fire pit carefully. Once she got the concept they moved a bit faster but not too much faster. As they danced he looked down at her, happiness in his eyes and a fondness for her. He didn't want this night to end as he wished that he would never have to return back to the castle. Back to the life he didn't want. After the music stopped he held the posistion of the dance a bit longer, just looking her in the eyes. Reluctantly he let her go before gracefully taking a perfect bow.

    "Thank you very much for the dance M'Lady, the pleasure was all mine."