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  1. W A N D E R L U S T

    this is how it once was done  ( ♛ )  all the dreamers on the run !

    It had been little more than a few months when the protagonists of our story first acknowledged each other's existence. Despite the fact that they attended the same high school, each of them ran in different social circles, and with the school's huge population it did not seem likely that these very diverse teenagers would ever cross paths, much less become friends.

    But all it took was some vandalism on a desk at school--their first means of communication. They all shared the same table, either by pure coincidence or fate. The first message was a rambling. The next were some sarcastic responses, and then another, and then another--each one written by a different student, at a different time in the day. Friendships were forged and before long, they began to see each other at school, and then outside of it. They talked about what they could never share with anyone else. They shared their hopes, dreams, and secrets; and while some of them might have had clashing personalities or were not particularly taken with each other, the bond of the group as a whole was strong.

    Not long after they came across a feature article in a magazine about a strip of land nestled in the countryside. It was called Paradise. Talks of a road trip began and preparations were made. Their goal? Find paradise. It didn't matter that it was a vague concept. It didn't matter that they had no real destination. What they truly wanted, deep inside their hearts, was escape from city life. An escape from obligations and reality... if only for a little while. They decided to run away, knowing their parents or guardians would never endorse the journey, supervised or not.

    There will be some bumps on the road, there will be tears, there will be pain. All they can hope for is to reach their destination before the life they are trying so hard to run away from eventually catches up to them.

    Posting expectations: Adept
    Posting speed: Weekly

    We value dedication, creativity, and friendly role-player relations. The role-play has just started, so there's really not much to catch up on and you can easily jump in should you decide to join.

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  2. Hello! Are you still accepting Ocs? I am new to the site and want to get my few wet on a new roleplay!
  3. Hey there, welcome to Iwaku! I'm glad Wanderlust caught your interest!

    And yep, we're still accepting. :D Here's the sign-up thread where you can read up on the information and post your character sheet. Let me know if you have any other questions!
  4. I'd just like to know, I'm not sure what a banner is or how to make one, and The Cast link isn't working, I'd like to know what other characters are already made so I can add someone original
  5. By cast list link, do you mean the tab? It seems to be working fine on my end. What were you having trouble with?

    As for the banner, that's not really necessary, but we'd prefer if you post a face-claim for your character (as in a picture representation of your character to show their appearance) along with your character sheet. In the link I sent you, multiple character sheets have already been posted which you can use as a reference. You can check them to see what character types have already been made but I can also give you a brief rundown: there's Joan (my character), who is a sort of hot-headed, rather excitable individual. She swears a lot and may come off a little too aggressive. Saige is a social butterfly, probably the most popular out of all the group (or the only popular one). Emrys is socially awkward and mute struggling with a less than stellar financial situation. Heather is a creative and rather stubborn individual, something of a rebel especially now that she is free from the influence and control of her parents. Asher is something of a playboy but is secretly still pining for an old flame. Then we have the NPCS, Allen (typical spoiled brat), Jordan (someone who has a lot of potential but is easily whisked away by temptation), and Nova (a free-spirited individual who sees the world in rose-coloured glasses).
  6. Alrighty, I'll post my Character sheet momentarily then, and when I click on Cast tab it transports me to the home page of iwaku each time i try i'm not sure why
  7. Ahh. A friend told me just now that apparently you have to wait for the entire page to load in completely before clicking on the tabs. Otherwise, it takes you to the homepage.

    So there's that. The more you know. XD And I'm looking forward to your character sheet!
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