Wanderers of magic (need female partner)

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  1. Hello im looking for a female partner for this fantasy, romance role play.

    Basic plot:
    In a world with mages and sorcerers the world is being conquered by humanoid beasts, the two of us will be in a secret rebellion against the beasts and will be forced out of there hq and will have to walk around the world and try to survive. (This is a basic idea things can be added and it will start before their forced out of hiding)

    1. No 18+ content
    2. They have to be around the same age
    3. Have fun :D

    Character requirements:
    Magic style (element, tool, etc..)
    Other info

    Other things like history and such can be added but are not required and stuff can be added to characters during rp depending on events in the rp.

    I thank any one who wants to volunteer for this i hope we can have fun with it :D.
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  2. I think I could have fun with this. I volunteer!
  3. Ok thanks. Sorry i didnt respond sooner.
  4. Im very interested if youre still looking
  5. No problem. ^_^ So, do you want to continue this in pms?
  6. @Shadow629 fancysockdragon got here first but i think we could do 2 of this rp one with fancysockfragon one with you though it may be a bit strange for me.

    @FancySockDragon lets just keep talking here i will make a separate thread to rp on.
  7. Gotcha, Should I post my characters bio then?
  8. Ya i need to think of one but i think ill use the same character for both rps.
  9. (M'kay.)

    Name: Rockelle Brownsale
    Age: 22
    Personality: She's serious most of the time. She's kinda Ditzy without realizing it. She has a soft spot for people who can make her laugh. She gets frustrated easily.
    Magic style: Mental powers (Telekenesis, can give people gigantic migranes, etc.)
    Other info: If forced to fight with a weapon she'd choose something like a pipe or a crowbar.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.