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    Art by http://andreasrocha.deviantart.com/

    You wake up in a mystifying forest, drenched in strange clear liquid beside a shallow thin river, without nothing covering your naked body. Who are you? What are you? You feel like a newborn in an adult sapient body. Nothing is clear except that you have no memories of yourself or anything at all. But you do speak the local language fluently.

    The liquid that drenched you seemed thicker and stickier than the clear water in the river. For sensitive noses, the substance has the odour similar to the leaves on the trees nearby. The place seems dark, only lighted up by the little sunshine that shone through the opening between the thick layers of leaves above. As you open your eyes, other than trees, you see other sapients. They are strangers to you. How will you act? Where will you go? What will you do?
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  2. Water trickled across small stone terraces before dropping a few inches into the moving pool below it. The gentle noise was enough to rouse a curled ball of bright blue scales striped with black. From the center rose a human shaped torso with patches of matching scales to the length of muscular coils that slowly began unfurling. Supple brown skin stretched as lips parted, breaking a dry layer of something with a quiet tearing sound, fangs were flashed before the maw was snapped shut and a hand lazily scratched somewhere along her coils. A brief look of disgust crossed purely feminine features.

    The first thoughts that arose were of basic needs, to clean this slime that made everything from tiny stones and leaves stick to them, and to seek a patch of sunlight nearby to warm up. Hunger would arise later, despite an empty stomach a metabolism that was only beginning to warm up suppressed that need.

    A slide through the cool washing waters was supposed to help. But the chill of the water only made the lamia seek an open pile of sunlight at it's bank. Coils rolled and muscles turned, trying to bring every inch of herself into it's heating gaze. Concerns of identity, naming, memories they didn't have, even companionship, was all pushed aside as basic instincts held their sway rather gently.

    Golden eyes scanned the area now that they had no immediate need to move. Slowly growing curious to what was around.
  3. When she awoke, the first thing the dog girl noticed was not the sight of the river, nor was it the rather mysterious forest. In fact, she did not see anything, as her eyes were still closed. Her ears twitched however, hearing the sound of the trickling water, the rustling of the leaves... and then another not so familiar sound. Then there were the scents that were hitting her nose. New and exciting, dangerous and inviting? They piqued her interest in any case, the scent of the water, the air, the earth...

    She opened her eyes, slowly at first, almost timidly. Blinking, she took in the sight of her surroundings even as she lay there on the forest floor. Her eyes only confirmed what her ears and nose had already told her before. Now she could see the green of the leaves, the clear water... the sticky liquid that made her smell like the plant life she could see. She reached a hand up, touching her floppy dog ears that were so unusual on her humanoid form. A look of surprise and revulsion came upon her face; she didn't like the liquid on her. Further inspection of her body informed her that she was drenched in this sticky liquid substance.

    She sat up, trying to rub the liquid off of herself without much success; it seemed as if she was spreading it further on herself rather than the opposite. She let out a breath and stopped her futile actions, warm brown eyes looking toward the water once more. Behind her, her tail started to wag a little. She liked water it seemed, perhaps even more than just drinking it. She slowly stood up, a little wobbly on her legs as she balanced on her dog feet. That was when she noticed she was not alone. She paused for a moment before heading toward a tree instead of the water, cautious. She did not know what to expect, but hiding seemed like a good idea for the moment,
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  4. The rays of sunlight penetrated the gaps between the verdant leaves, only to momentarily blind a certain half elf as he cracked open his eyes. The morning grogginess set upon him, and he felt a gross, viscous liquid coat his entire body. He managed to sit up on the grass and enable himself to look around the unfamiliar place. There were several other beings near him... who were similarly also starting to stir as well. However, it was obvious that these beings were different from him in numerous aspects, and he was worried. He cautiously got onto his feet and quietly backed away a little from the group by going up stream. He had his guard up, and was keeping his eyes on the others. He didn't know who they were and what temperaments they had. For all he knew, they could be feral and hostile.

    So, he gave himself some distance from the others. He didn't know why he was here with these beings. Actually, he didn't remember or know much. However, for some reason he could think in coherent words. He had to have learned this language at some point, but he couldn't remember when that actually was. Maybe they were capable of communicating. It was worth trying. He cleared his throat and spoke "Uhh, hello everyone. I don't suppose that any of you know why we're here? This is a... strange place to be." The half elf then looked at the stream beside him, and then he suddenly remembered how he was covered in some strange goo. Thus, he began to cup some water with his hands and wash off the goop that was on his body.
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  5. The ambient sounds of the forest finally stirred him from his slumber. His eyes strained to focus from the rays of sunlight piercing the forest canopy which caused him to shield them with his forearm only to notice the sticky goo over his flesh. The cool air pierced his lungs as he took his first breath when he gasped at the sounds of other beings nearby. As much as he wanted to sit up to see his surroundings his inner survival instincts kicked in and simply rolled off his back and onto his belly then began to crawl. The wet invitation of water trickling nearby urged him to come forward to see the river itself with the temptation to have a drink all too strong to resist. With caution he pulled himself closer to the river's edge to cup the cool glistening water to his lips until he heard a voice dangerously close by.

    His first thought from then was to forget the water and the icky stuff on his skin, he needed to hide.
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  6. The water cleansed her body of the sticky substance. She is still drenched, but no longer in mucus, but clean water of the stream. Other than the other sapients and trees close by, there were two paths on the ground. Two paths that seemed to be unused for a long while. One path seemed darker, seemingly leading up and deeper into the forest. The other path seemed lighter, following the stream leading down. Both filled with dead leaves, but both leading to different place.
  7. The dog girl remained behind the tree, watching, head tilted slightly, forgetting about sticky substance as her nose started picking up even more scents. She stared as she watched a humanoid male step out in the open. She instantly moved back once more, hiding just in case he saw her. Her ears twitched as he spoke, however, and she was surprised to see that she understood what he was saying. He didn't seem like he would hurt anyone.

    She waited, however, still unsure, tail pressed against her legs, almost in between. Only once he was by the stream and busy with washing himself did she step out from behind the tree, cautious, nose sniffing as if that would help her understand things better. However, she wasn't really receiving any new information. If she wanted to know more, she would have to venture forward. Well... further than that she had already ventured.

    She took tentative steps toward the stream, eyes moving about, wary but curious. She paused when she saw the two paths, unsure which way would be the right way to go. Unable to decide, she stepped closer to the stream, peeking at the male before she scuttled a little to the side, where she crouched down and reached a hand toward the water. "Cold," she said, blinking as the word escaped her. She didn't mind, however, and hurriedly started washing herself.
  8. Only when the coiled lamia began to notice her surroundings better did she come to a brief realization; she was the first awake and active.

    It caused her to experience a new sensation. That of pride in her chest and stomach. Knowing she had been active first made her feel a little more assertive, at least enough to sit up and watch the other three nearby. Her position beside the stream was open and obvious, only adding to her feelings of superiority that she wasn't quite sure of.

    Two were similar. They both walked on two legs and weren't the easiest to tell apart from any real distance. Except that one was making some odd noises as he looked between the others while the other remained silent. A piece of flesh dangling between their legs marked them as well.

    While the other that had quickly hid as soon as they arose was fairly close to the lamia, at least her upper form. Odd ears and something that could pathetically be called a tail hung from her rear. It made the lamia even more proud to know her tail was so large and strong compared to the other.

    The paths beyond weren't of any real significance just yet. Though if she moved to leave first it could be another thing she could claim as her own idea, and not just the following of another. Still as the thoughts swirled in her still waking mind she couldn't help herself but stare at each of the others gathered in no real order.
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  9. Wakey wakey!


    A small noise. Perhaps small enough, the rustle of leaves covered it. Yet with that noise, a movement of chest, a body covered in fur, scales... quills sticking out from its curled form's shoulders. Limbs tucked. Muzzle almost to chest. Tail curled between ears. Looking for all the world like a hibernating, road-killed squirrel. Only it didn't look anything like a squirrel. And it wasn't dead. Ohhh, yes! It wasn't dead!

    Indeed, within its waking mind, yes, confusion. But then a rising joy as it became aware of its breathing. All four nostrils flared! Heartbeat. That wonderful sensation of blood-flow! Sensation of muzzle, ears, forelimbs, legs, tail and... ummm... Hrrrrrrr.... It started to stir then, this animalistic form, ears now a-twitch as sound... no, not just sound, but words! Yes, words! A series of meaningful sounds. Lang... language? This auditory stimulation, not to mention all the scent as well, all this evidence of Life Within and Without rushing through flesh and blood and bone caused this form's body to twitch. To stretch. To fold quills against back and roll over, limbs splayed and belly exposed to leaves and sky. Ahhh... him, not "it." His "ummm" now evident. Furry Chest heaving as he took deep breath after deep breath, even reveling in the leafy-scented slime plastering down his fur.

    His lack of memory not interfering with his joy to just be in the here and now, with all body parts apparently present and accounted for. So, yesss... all was good. Deal with everything as it came. Like that voice. Eyes opened, another flood of sensation. Had his fur been dry, he'd be all fluffed up with curiosity. But as it was...

    ... "Here?" He lifted a forelimb and waved a clawed hand in the air... "If here is where I am, I don't care about the why. Or the strange." From his vantage, all splayed out on his back before God and everybody, he took in what he could of the surrounding scene, then... "Gurrrgle." His stomach spoke. With a toothy grimace, clawed hands clutched his belly...

    ... "Ow... so hungry I could..."

    Without finishing his thought or his words, he rose up onto his haunches and started licking off the slime.
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  10. Much to his surprise, the half elf saw, what appeared to be a female human, but with several canine features, emerge from a nearby tree and cautiously approach the stream in order to wash herself of a sticky goo as well. She had maintained a safe distance away from him. This was a bit reassuring to him. First was the fact that the canine girl did not suddenly bolt at him. Second, she was not showing any outwardly hostile signs or intention to harm him. Perhaps this was a prime opportunity to see if she knew anything about what was going on seeing how the canine girl also seemed to know the same language that he spoke. So, the half elf responded "Yes, it is a bit chilly, but better than being sticky. Do you know where we are and how we ended up like this? I don't seem to remember much."

    The half elf then shook his head. He then continued "I'm sorry. It's a bit rude to suddenly ask you like that. Anyways, my name is..." The half elf then paused as he drew blank. "Hmm, this is not good... I don't remember my name for some odd reason." Releasing a loud sigh, the half elf then spoke in a somewhat resigned tone "May I ask what your name is?
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  11. At first the girl was wary when she heard the male speak once more. She paused in washing herself and looked at him with her big brown eyes, ears twitching and her nose sniffing once more, taking in his rather odd scent. His voice sounded friendly enough however that she soon relaxed a little bit, tail wagging for a second before stopping at his questions. She didn't understand what he meant. Once more she looked around, where she spotted two others. Her eyes widened. She had never seen anything like them before. It made her cautious yet again. Would they strike and hurt her?

    She looked to the male yet again, the one with the confused questions. Name... name? She thought a moment before she realized that she didn't know, or perhaps she never had a name? "I... don't know," she finally replied, looking down to the water as if it would tell her the answers that were being sought. Of course, that was not the case. She shuddered once more, the water making her feel cold as she started washing up again. Soon enough the goop was off and she stood up, her tail wagging once more. She tilted her head slightly as she looked at the male. "You look different."
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  12. The slime tasted sweet, but different from sugar. In no time, all the slimes were off of his skin and into his stomach.
  13. "They have to be close by." He thought.

    Steadily he crawled closer to the river's edge, trying to get as far up river as possible. He popped his head up from the grass occasionally to see if it was safe to move closer. At last he was within arm's reach of that savory water then pulled himself up to see part of his reflection. Gradually he cupped his hands to bring the water to his mouth then after a few gulps he could not resist the need to dunk his head into the cool water anymore. He paused a moment to see if anyone was watching then immersed his head into the river the slime off his face.

    A smile lit up on his face, the feeling of relief was almost euphoric. The need to cleanse the ick off his skin was interrupted when he heard a rustle beside him too close for comfort. Without a second thought, he plunged himself entirely into the river to submerge himself out of sight with hopes he can hold his breath long enough to escape discovery.
  14. The half-elf noticed how the dog girl locked her eye at something as she looked around. They were far from alone and the others around them were definitely up and about. In fact, he thought that he could hear someone or something talking in the proximity. "I could say the same to you as well." He replied to the female's comment. Unfortunately, the dog girl couldn't remember much either. The situation was all too strange, and he was suspecting that most if not all the people here were victim to whatever happened to them. Perhaps it was some sort of magic that wiped their memories? Either way, their pasts didn't matter much right now. For starters, they were in the middle of some sort of forest with no equipment much less warm clothes. Who knew what kind of animals, beasts or monsters lived around here. A pack of wolves would be terrible news right now.

    Thus, he walked away from the river and began to search for a sizeable stick. It would be better than nothing. It wouldn't stop a lunging bear, but he could protect himself somewhat better. Worst case scenario, he would have a decent walking stick. After his search, the half elf began to notice the other nearby beings. Some he only caught a glimpse of a limb or a single body part as they were taking obvious measures to hide. Near the stream, the half elf came across what looked like two paths. He looked at the dog girl and motioned to the two paths. They had to leave the forest as some point, but there was safety in numbers. So, seeing how despite all this time that passed and how no one was outwardly hostile. The half elf made a decision. It was a bit rash, but he believed that no one here was here on purpose especially when they were all cautious. He loudly said "I don't know who you all are. I don't where we are. But, I'm willing to bet that none of you, like myself, know why you're here. That said, we can't stay here forever and I doubt any of us will survive in the wild alone. So, if any of you are willing, then come with me. I plan to take one of these paths out of the forest."
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  15. Bath Time!

    From first lick, a sweet surprise. From the smell, he'd expected a "leafy" taste... though he truthfully had no idea what leaves tasted like. Or what anything tasted like! He'd started with his forelimbs, distracted and not at all concerned over the lack of reply to his earlier words. With what they all presently experienced, distractions could be forgiven. Well... yes... his forelimbs. Specifically, his hands. Four "fingers" and a "thumb." Fascinating! He spat out bits of leaf-litter, shifted on his haunches, looked down and... heh... started licking his not so "private" privates, a display of remarkable flexibility. And... well, this seemed a place where this tasty slime felt most uncomfortable.


    *Lick lick lick.......*

    However... Hrrrr!... didn't take long for him to realize not just how time consuming this activity was, but the quite understandable fact, flexible as he seemed, his tongue just couldn't reach every square inch of his body. Not to mention his quills. Very sharp! So...

    ... to the river!

    A patch of underbrush got in his way, a rustle of sound. Yes, he could smell and hear the antics of another being very close, but he had his goal. Made his own plunge without care for noise. Indeed, he made a big "production" out of his bath, facing upstream, head under so water sluiced over his body. Then face downstream, tail, butt and then entire body immersed... turn around again, rinse, repeat. Only when he felt completely clean and fresh did he haul his dripping form out of the cold river...

    ... nearly tripping on the human.......
  16. The shock of cold water over his naked body nearly overrode his sense of caution on top of holding his breath under water did not make him realize he careened into the path of a strange feathered creature. Startled by the sudden contact his first reaction was to grab a stone at the bottom of the river bed.

    "Grraaaaah!" He shouted as he burst forth from the water with a stone in hand.

    The first thing that went through his mind he was now exposed and had only a stone in his hand to defend himself with. Standing knee deep in the water, wet and naked, he stared the creature down, poised to throw the stone as his only means of defense.

    "What are you?" He asked.
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  17. The one with a point in his ears talked far too much for the lamia's liking. Perhaps it was the way his mouth moved when he spoke or the way he carried a fallen stick as though it would provide protection from anything short of a small flying animal. Brief flickers of instinct made her coils shift beneath her as hunger began to creep it's way back into the forefront of her mind.

    With the desire to feed back on her mind she couldn't help herself but watch the strange creature lick itself incessantly. Why it didn't use the water like the rest of them was beyond her, far beyond if one remembered they had all literally just awoken with no memory of self or surrounding.

    Still did she find herself distracted by it's beak and claws. More base instinct told her to fear such things and a desire to strike, bite, and strangle the life from it.

    Only when one of the two-legged things with the thing between his legs let out a great cry did she react. Going from a brightly colored pile of scales and sun-touched flesh to standing up well over any of the others with golden eyes locked upon what was unfolding. He had a rock and was muttering something to the thing she wasn't quite sure was 'alive' in the same sense as the rest of them. Though it's bathing routine was a good sign she didn't want it dead so suddenly.
  18. A muscular white deer slowly appeared from behind a bush. Green leaves were visible on its long and slender pair of antlers. Its emerald pair of eyes accessing the mysterious characters closeby to see whether they were threats or allies. Its hooves moved gently, taking slow steps around the characters upon him, across the grasses beneath him. He took in their appearances and he took in their smell. Then it blinked. It slowly turned away from the sapient he was gazing at and pranced away into the path heading deeper into the forest.

  19. The dog girl looked down at herself for a moment, taking note of her body before she looked at the half elf, blinking a moment before she cracked a smile. She guessed it was true after all. Strange she didn't seem too worried about the differences now than she was before, nor did she seem too worried about being completely bare. Her tail continued wagging as she cupped her hands and took hold of some water, drinking it thirstily before she stood up, looking at the rest of the people who were by the stream. Did she know them once? Did they know her?

    The half elf had walked away as she had been busy with her observation of the others. She found that most of them had bodies that were somewhat the same, at least the upper halves, except for one who looked like... well, she didn't quite know. her ears twitched when the male spoke up. She tilted her head, wondering whether to follow along. Before she could decide, however, she heard the sounds of a yell. Her eyes widened and she hastily moved, tripping and falling on her rump in the stream. She hadn't noticed the other humanoid while she had been looking at the four legged strange one. She quickly moved out of the stream, once more wet, only to notice the lamia once more. All she knew was that snakes were scary, and that person was part snake. The first thought that came to her mind was hoping the creature wasn't hungry.

    She was more than relieved when the deer like creature showed up, because it distracted her, and she was sure others would be distracted as well.
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  20. Rock and Deer...

    With his head under water, he hadn't heard the half-elf speak, this time. But ohhh, yesss! He heard that "Grraaaaah!" from the nearby human loud and clear! And... heh... the cold water had indeed been a shock, even to him, through fur and scales both. Enough "shock" to cause his nads to retreat in a cold-water "neutering." This further shock of shouted word so close to sensitive ears lead him to rear up, ears back, clawed hands clamped to said ears as he winced. Then slipped and fell... Sploosh!... rewetted thoroughly. But it didn't take him long to recover, dripping and panting, sitting on his haunches with quills at alert, up to his waist in river-flow, ears still back, head down and muzzle up, bright, intelligent, inquisitive, intense green eyes on the rock. Mind on the question...
    ... "I'm wet... and my ears are sore...."
    His eyes and his voice seemed to accuse, as if the soreness and rewetting had been the rock-wielders fault. Yet his eyes also seemed to hold complete innocence. And a sudden spark of overwhelming curiosity, as the strange "deer" creature's arrival, its careful "examination," for just a moment, locked its own green eyes with his.
    Yes, quite a distraction, that.......

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