Walls of Ice

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  1. It was another chilly day in late fall. The leaves had pretty much all stripped off the trees, and the skies of Seattle had been coated in the usual thick grey clouds. The wind nipped at Nai's face, even though the rest of her body was tightly bundled in layers of clothing. She had on her large jacket she had gotten years ago, which showed, and a sweater underneath.

    Nai didn't know why she was going ice skating. Maybe it was the curiosity, or maybe because some guy had just given her a ticker. She could have passed it on to a study buddy, but this was a chance to explore more of the city area, which she had yet to visit. She had just gotten off the bus, and the cold air made her cheeks flush. She was wearing her usual makeup, which was light if anything, all drugstore. She didn't have money for much else. She was trying to find a better place to live, a bigger one, so not just Jason could live with her. Jason was the closest in age to her, currently going to a local public high school. He was a smart kid, but getting him and his siblings through college wasn't easy. It was taking both her and her mom.

    Glancing up at the skating rink, which had been settled on top of a pond, Nai walked in through the entrance, passing her ticket by the person at front. She grabbed the right size of skates, and started lacing up, prepping to go out on the ice. Her headphones were plugged in, so she didn't have to talk to anyone.
  2. A soft wind blew around the glistening frostbite that was shaped as ice around the sloppy, egg shaped pond. Crudely it was surrounded by a half broken, dull gray, and overall boorish link fence, made souly for the purpose of greed.
    The pond itself was a sight for any eyes that longed for beauty. The snow fell with majesty upon the nearly see through ice, save the various scuff marks caused by the skate shoes. Dancing there lay Aqualinda, among various of her friends whom were the reason why she was even there in the first place. She glided over the ice daringly, despite her clothes showing anything but grace; a brown with little hue for a sweater, and huge sweat pants that shouted seattlite, from the huge "SEATTLE" slashed upon her pants in a bright violet comic sans to the sheer baggyness of them.
    Unfourtionatley, her size payed a toll on her during skating and her stamina fell short of acceptable. With a cheerful smile and a sheepish scratch to the back of her head, she excused herself from her friends for a short break on the bench near the entrance, which she reached skillfully, but messily. No twirls, and no dance. With exhaustion she plopped on the bench, trying to decide whether she was having to much fun to leave, or too fatigued to stay.
    Seeing as she couldn't decide. She turned to a random stranger with her headphones in and her sweater tight around her body, and decided to practice an extroverted action without hesitation or shame of any kind.
    "Hey!" She breathed heavily, notably trying to find fresh air for her lungs. "I've got a little problem I think you could help me with." She smiled casually, even refreshingly. It seemed this was very normal for her. "I'm kinda tired, but I'm having fun. Should I stay, or leave?" Aqualinda looked at her perhaps new acquaintance with a genuine interest, and a sparkle in her eyes.
  3. Nai was in the middle of lacing her skates when a girl sat down next to her. Staring slightly, Nai looked to her right, and then to her left, making sure that she wasn't talking to someone else. Then looking the girl dead in the eye, Nai shrugged. "Uh, you decide. Not my choice." She added, finishing up her right boot before standing up. It was clear that Nai had not been in skates for a long time, as her legs wobbled as soon as her weight shifted upwards.

    Arms out for balance, Nai started to half stumble half walk towards the ice rink, ignoring the girl from before. She was out of her damn mind. Taking a breath, Nai held onto the edge as she slowly eased herself onto the ice, still holding onto the edge. Her feet instantly slipped underneath her as soon as she tried to take a step, and her grip on the side became a death grip as she tried to regain her balance against the ice.
  4. The sight of the poor girl clinging on to the freezing metal vibrated a guilty chuckle across Aqualinda's face. Hoisting her weight up wit both hands, she sighed with content.

    "That's a sign to stay if I've ever seen one" she mumbled to herself, chuckling just a bit more, now with excitement bubbling at the end of her throat. With a small struggle, she slid back on the ice, hair once more flowing to the breeze of the cutting wind, and carefully, gently, she lay a hand for comfort on the not so stranger's back; a sign to show that Aqualinda wanted permission before doing anything extravagant.

    "Take it easy there," Aqua urged, truly wishing the best for the other. "Here, please let me help you..." she visibly suppressed a smile pushing up at her cheeks flushed with brittle air. "We wouldn't want you ushered to the hospital with broken bones, right?" As she spoke, gently, she gave her hand out as a peace offering to her inexperienced skater, and slowed way down to a beginner's speed in hopes of gaining enough trust now to maybe ask what the hell she was even doing there without a guide in the first place later.
  5. Nai was still trying to get the hang of the ice when someone touched her back. Screeching out of fright, Nai tried to run away and slipped directly onto her face and into the ice. She could feel the bruise forming already. Groaning, Nai tried to pull herself up, only to fall flat again. The last thing she needed was hurting herself again.

    Glaring up at the human, Nai huffed and grabbed the hand she offered her, slowly pulling herself off the ice. She still slipped slightly, but as soon as she was back on her feet, Nai moved straight back to the railing, clinging onto it. She did not want to talk with that girl, who had walked up to her with no motive. Nai did not need more trouble, even if she seemed harmless.
  6. A series of mixed emotions introduced confusions in Aqua's eyes. Of course, there was the initial guilt from being the cause of the new woman's fall, but also a sense of false confidence decided to take place when this girl's hands linked with aquas, even if just for a moment.

    Aqua pursed her lips, and punshed her long hair back to her ears where it belonged.
    No more fucking up, aqua, she determined to herself, and once again began to attempt contact.

    "Are you, y'know, ok and everything?" she began, noticing the bright red around the woman's face.
    "I didn't mean to startle you. It was only my intention to help." A light, slightly embarrassed smile accompanied her moving tongue.
    "It still is." Slowly, Aqua began to gain speed, and she moved just up in front of the girl who clung to the railing, and held out another hand. The snow began to fall a bit harder, and aqua's cheeks burned a brighter red due mostly to the cold. The white dust fell light on her hair, causing tangless, but she didn't mind. She didn't mind the snow or the cold or her hair, because her full attention was focused souly and give much needed aid to the girl now in front of her.

    "I can teach you how to skate properly if you want," she kept insisting, "and I can point things out to you." She looked down to the heels of the other, and curved her own fingers to get attention on them. "I can teach you things, like, the fact that your feet are inwards right now and that causes imbalance." Her vision now rose to gaze up at her new acquaintance's eyes. "Please? I don't bite." Her hand remained offered to the new woman as a small chuckle gave way in her throat, and a playful smile followed. "At least, for the most part."
  7. Nai refused to look back at the woman. Damn she was persistent. Nai hated people like that. Groaning, she snapped her attention to the woman in front of her. "Look, I know I don't know how to skate but I am probably never coming back here again, so it doesn't even matter." She stated harsly, still pulling herself across the ice. "Secondly, why do you keep talking to me? I clearly don't want your help." Nai grumbled, still pulling herself along. She was kind of done with this woman.

    Pulling off the railing, Nai tried to glide around her, only to wabble and fall back on her face on the ice. Her cheeks glowed red as the snow fell across her features. "Damn." Nai mumbled under her breath, trying to figure out how to get up again.
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